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$20 Free McDonald's between 12AM-8AM (Delivery Applies) @ Uber Eats


$20 of free Maccas (delivery applies) from Uber Eats - Looks like you have to enter the code during the promo time of 12AM-8AM tonight. Enjoy Guys!

"The 3AM hunger pang is something to be seriously feared and Aussies have a high risk of catching this while viewing the Cricket World Cup. As a form of prevention, Uber Eats has partnered with McDonald's® to offer FREE McDonald’s between 12AM and 8AM AEST. Total value $20. Delivery fee applies"

How to redeem this offer:

Enter promo code SKIPPER to your Uber Eats account
Search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the Uber Eats app between 12AM and 8AM to see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you
Select a participating McDonald’s restaurant (if available)
Add your favourites to your cart and up to $20 will be deducted from your order!
Place order (delivery fee applies)

Limited to the first 50,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app. Limited to one promotion per user. Not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo code. Valid in Australia only. Operating hours may vary. Promotion expires 8:00am AEST on 02/06/2019

Mod Edit: Some restaurants are unavailable due to high demand. Note that for closed stores you can also pre-order (change delivery time from ASAP to a time the restaurant is open in the main screen).

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    • should consider moving across to the Eastern Seaboard.

    • +1

      Helps if you read the T&Cs in the OP.

      FREE McDonald’s between 12AM and 8AM AEST

      Based on that it presumably started at 10pm Perth time.

    • +1

      It started early for us though 👍
      Ordered mine at 10pm for 9am delivery.

      • +1

        Wish I had realised that haha oh well it's only Macca's

  • +9

    All melb cbd branches were unavailable from 12am. Magically available from 8:01am…

    • Stores were not told about the promotion so they didn't have enough staff to cook all the orders.
      The only choice was to close on the Uber app.

  • +1

    Good one. Ordered about 7.45 and delivered within 10 minutes. Thanks OP

    • In Brisbane it was also 10 minutes at midnight for me. Depends on location & any backlog of orders. Probably more drivers available in the morning.

  • -2

    Does anyone have contact details for Uber other than twitter? I’ve searched the app and their website with no luck. I’m hoping to get something out of them for screwing me around.

    • +1

      Best i can find after Googling…..

      Chat to an Uber Expert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 1300 091 272. In-app: Go to Account > Help and select your issue.

      • +1

        Hello Dud, I am your father.

    • We had to call them about an issue unrelated to this deal. Its 1800839152. The number from dud is for drivers.
      I dont think anyone should formally complain about a limited freebie that you missed out on, as disappointing it may be. It wasnt guaranteed to everyone. However if your issue is also unrelated to this deal, this is customer service.

      • +3

        It’s not ‘missing out’ when most maccas stores rig the system by banning orders from 12am-8am lol. It’s false advertising and/or deceptive conduct. Missing out is when the site gets slammed and you can’t get through, or all codes have been claimed and you’re too late. Its not like its the first time either of these global corps have had a large promo to deal with.

    • +4

      Promo period from 12am to 8am.

      My local store unavailable from 12am to 8am.

  • +5

    Massive fail by Uber Eats and McDonalds

  • My neighbor got his delivered and mine was cancelled eventually. Still a great promo nonetheless.

    • +2

      mine was cancelled

      a great promo nonetheless.

      That looks like inappropriate use of positive vote.

  • +1

    Worked for me! Ordered at 7:15AM & paid $8 :) Thanks OP

  • +1

    So I scheduled my order for 8:30 this morning from Molonglo Maccas 2611 - ETA kept getting pushed up so I drove out there and they let me picked up my two orders ( I live 2 mins away).

    They must not of marked my order as done, as uber eats then tried to deliver an order for JOSH , which sounds like my name, but isn't. I sent the driver back with the food, told him I'd give him 5 stars anyway.

    So Josh of 2611 - sorry, your food went back to the store with my driver.

    My neg was from last night when all the stores in ACT suddenly closed at midnight. I only found out how to schedule a delivery after playing with the app at 1am…lol
    Can a mod remove my neg? I got the deal in the end…

    • +2

      Scheduling delivery at stores that were currently unavailable was recommended a few times, & how to do it to avoid the predictable rush discussed from 9pm.

      • +1

        Tried this, but failed. Wouldn’t allow a scheduled order for any time whatsoever. Then magically started accepting orders again at 8:15am.

    • My ACT store was unavailable from just before 10pm, then "closed" from 12pm. Despite being 24hr.

      I also discovered pre-order at about 1am, I just got up so my breaky should be here soon.

  • +6

    Ordered a big brekky burger without the patty and recieved one with TWO quarter pound patties.. I feel bad for whoever ordered this one and received my order :/

  • +1

    I paid extra for patties and bacon on my angus burgers and didn't get either…plus the patties I did get were burnt.

    • +1

      I didn't get the extra patties I paid for either. The voucher part worked though (at 12:01am).

    • Macca's is known for that. If you subtract just one of two they will give you neither. Profit grab by the stores. Same as when you add.

  • Thanks . Wife and I Ordered at 7:59. Kids enjoyed their first Ubereats breakfast

  • Also ordered at 7:59 with no issues

    • Were these stores open at 8am or 24hours for Uber eats.
      Dam I didn't think to try on the last minute before 8am uber eats opening.

  • +2

    Well done to all the stores that pushed through and took orders all night.

    As for the stores who switched off their uber machines at 12.01 and switched them back on at 8.00, well what can I say?

    • +2

      They would have had no choice. Some of these stores only have 4 people rostered on overnight. Poor management from head office I say

      • Not poor management. Have to feel sorry for the businesses sometimes. Expensive to hire labour especially when only to serve a few walk-in customers.

      • Most Maccas are franchised, they want to spend the bare minimum on staff costs.

    • Why didn't you pre-order for later during the day when they had more staff.

  • Charlestown, Kotara amd Broadmedow in Newcastle all closed between 12pm and 8am for Uber eats. I even called each store and said I was ordering catering for the Champions league game at 5am and said could they turn the app on. They said no:(
    P.s two of them were open 24 hours and one opened at 6am.

  • +2

    Just took delivery of my pre-ordered delivery in the house right next to my local Maccas because my house was too far away, the delivery girl was super confused lol!

    Awesome deal but it sucks to hear about all the bad experiences everyone else had!

    • Haha i did this too.

    • Dude… I just delivered mine to the restaurant itself… Then I ate it!

  • +1

    Ordered for wife and I at midnight for a 9-930am delivery. Just got them.

    The delivery guys passed each other walking up/down our driveway 😂

  • Order cancelled after an hour of cumulative ten minute extensions in expected delivery time.

  • +1

    Order kept on getting pushed back. Then cancelled at 6am, disappointed.

  • +12

    Uber should re-run this deal to make up for their failure. Except the new code should be SCOMO cos they shat themselves at maccas.

  • +8

    Placed order at 7am as that's when my local McDonalds opens, order totalled to $20.45. Noticed order kept being pushed back several times. Eventually it cancelled around 8am right after the promo finished.

    Called the store said they had my order there but no drivers were picking it up. I offered to walk there and get it personally as the store is 2min walk away, but the attendant said they had drivers coming and told me to wait a bit longer and call back if it didn't arrive.

    Called back 20mins later and they referred me to the manager and I asked again if I could pick it up myself but told me if the order was cancelled I'd have to pay for it again. Wasted a lot of my time very disappointed.

  • +6

    Useless. Closed when offer was available. Mysteriously open after promotion over..

    • -2

      Because they were slammed with 30-50 pending orders…

  • +2

    Poor maccas. Props to the night crews who survived getting battered by 100s of orders.

  • +1

    All night unavailable
    What a absolute shame.

  • +1

    My late night order for breakfast was cancelled. Back on the hate bandwagon.

  • We had two successful orders for breakfast delivery this morning, can’t complain about free breakfast and coffee!

  • +1

    I already went to the gym and worked off the hotcakes and coffee I had this morning…

  • +3

    I've ordered a big brekkie burger meal for the next door neighbour who once called me "posh" and "up myself". He loved it and had the biggest smile on his face. You've made a grumpy old man's day and I got all the credits for it:) Thanks OP!

    • He doesn't sound like the nicest guy though, why go to the trouble?

      • He keeps an eye out for my kids who walk home from school every day and calls my wife if he doesn't see them at the usual time. We never asked him to do it but it is reassuring to know that if something were to happen to them , he would alert us.

  • +2

    It's no wonder Uber are yet to make a profit if they're throwing this kind of money about.

    • +1

      It's only 1mil.

      50,000 x $20.

      Pretty sure it's nothing to them.

      • +2

        Not even that. I doubt they fulfilled 50k orders. And I doubt everyone managed to get exactly $20. Part of the $20 you'd usually pay is taken as revenue for UE, I think it's 30%, so they're not really losing the full $20 anyway.
        I'd guess $200k tops.

    • I am sure this promo is funded by their recent listing :)

  • +1

    Terrible how the restaurant in my case the Vic Market store which made themselves “unavailable” all night. The rare periods they are accepting orders, it said too far for delivery, so I made pickup at the store itself and it still said too far for delivery. What a shame…

    • +1

      lol. It made me laugh that picking up at the store itself was still too far… Imagine if the Uber guy rocked up simply to pick up thew order and hand it to you. You missed out this time but let's hope you score another good deal on OZbargain that makes up for it. It does seem the inner city stores had the most issues…

  • Vote with your dollars just don't give them the business

  • +4

    Given the negs ill throw in my positive vote. If anyones knows the good ozb deals, a lot of it comes down to timing and luck.

    The luck part of this deal is where you’re delivering to - my maccas pushed through the ozb wave, it got turned off twice between 12am and 1am but i got my order in before 2am and half hour later had my food. Uber driver said he was so busy and why there was so many orders which i said there was free food code! Ge was happy though, good business for him.

  • +3

    Was actually a big marketing win for Uber they achieved many new signups and a flood of personal information.

  • +1

    Was able to preorder for lunch. Had to pick it up at the local shopping centre car park though which is 3 minutes away from my house 😏.

  • My lunch arrived, was perfect!

  • Code is useless for me. Tried to order using code at 12am last night, error saying the store is too far from my location despite it is only 2km away.

    However, it is mysteriously working when the code is expired and no longer applicable.

  • -1

    Well turns out a great deal for me, paid to pick up my own order plus the cost of delivery credited to my account for use on a future order.

    • Same, but no credit here

      • +1

        It's odd, I don't think Uber support understood what I meant when I picked up my own order. I can't complain though.

  • Couldn't even place an order because "unable to load cart, too far from the restaurant". Tried to place order at 12:05am

  • Thanks OP! Ordered clubhouse angus with extra patty and cheese. Was very bland but can't complain cause for free lol

  • just got an email with a promot code "for up to $20 off your next order from any McDonald’s store in Australia that’s available on Uber Eats. The code will be valid until 30th June, 2019."

    • +4

      So why are you still downvoting this?

      • -2

        Because it's an Uber deal.

  • +1

    Just rec'd this email:

    It looks like you tried to participate in our 'Macca's After Midnight' promotion this morning by adding the SKIPPER promo code to your account!

    We're sorry if you weren't able to redeem the promotion. We experienced higher than anticipated takeup, and unfortunately it meant that some users encountered issues.

    Enter the promo code eats20j to your Uber Eats account for up to $20 off your next order from any McDonald’s store in Australia that’s available on Uber Eats. The code will be valid until 30th June, 2019.

    We apologise again for any inconvenience caused

    • +4

      Same! Props to them for doing this!!

    • -2

      Tried all night and got nothing of this

  • +1

    I tried it but I'm not eligible lol

  • someone reported my comment saying it doesnt work after trying for many times during the nights. looks like they want to skew the already 80+ negs on this post. heh