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[PS4] 12 Month PlayStation Plus $55.96 @ PlayStation AU


Saw this deal on HUKD.

30% off the 12 month PS Plus price as part of the Days of Play promotion which will also be running in Australia.

A screenshot taken by Chanchi32 which has since been removed shows that the deal will be available for both new and existing users.

This deal is likely to proceed as Target will be running a similar offer on June 7.

Full credit to Chanchi32 on HUKD

Days of Play promotion

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    always good to top-up whenever these specials are on for PSN…

  • Can this be stacked up with my current PS Plus?

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      Yes, I think you can even stack a few years worth

      If you already have a subscription, and choose to purchase additional subscriptions, they will ‘stack’. This means that when your next payment is due, instead of taking payment, that subscription will end and the next subscription in your stack will begin. This will continue until there are no more stacked subscriptions, at which time the final one will continue until cancelled, subject to us being able to take successful payment each time payment is due.

      Source https://www.playstation.com/en-au/legal/playstation-plus-mem...

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        Awesome! Thanks a lot!

      • Is there a limit to the stacks?

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          If I recall it's 3 years.

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    • While yes you can stack the PSN subscription often the deal advertised on PS store will not stack at the discounted price if you have a current subscription but instead show the normal retail price. Buying the cards from a store though gives a code and will definitely be stackable.

  • My PS Plus ran out today, just need to hold out til Friday 😂

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    Congratulations dealbot on your 2000th post 👍

    Thanks for all the great deals!

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      Thanks adr8. Still a few short according to my stats.

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    Remember if you're in it for the games, PS plus only comes with 2 now instead of 6.

    • Still great value. But I miss the other games ☹️

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    Being the ozbargainer I am, I always renew around this time of year - cheapo annual subscription!

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      Black Friday / cyber Monday used to be the time to renew at best price.

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      Same hahah, my subscription ends June 11th lol, I did 1 year last year. Might stack it this year though in case of a yearly price increase.

  • good stuff as MHW Iceborne is coming soon.

  • How long do the cards last for? Would like to wait for my IDR subscription to run out before applying to my Aussie account.

    • in case you didnt know, they do stack…ive mine stacked atm ending 12/20…probably pick up another.

      • Yes I’m sure they stack, but I’m running two different PSN accounts for different regions. Indonesia and Australia.

  • damn it just renewed 2 days ago, any chance sony can match this for me ?

    • You might be able to get a refund for it. See what it says here and here under subscriptions.

    • Rounding down to nearest 5c?

      Technically the discount is 30% off $79.95:


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    They are probably only doing this because they are about to raise the price of ps+ again.
    Which is ridiculous considering they now offer less games (no more vita/ps3)

    • -2

      Easy fix. Stop playing Multiplayer Games.

  • Any word on of the US PSN is taking part in Days of Play too?

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    Time to stock up. Rumour is PlayStation Europe and Asia will be increasing their prices (I'm not sure why as its barely worth the price as it is with only 2 free games a month).

    • Hope that rumour is BS because it makes zero sense for what they give us

  • Is there an expiry date when buying PSN?
    I have 10 months remaining atm

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    This should be the price ongoing now.

  • End date for ps store one? wanting it be going still by 19th

    • The Days of Play promotion is between June 7-17.

      • Thank you OP. My subscription expires on the 10th.

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    Went to visit the deal today, but can confirm the deal doesn't work?

    Has anyone tried this?

    • I tried this

    • Playstation store deals "coming soon" according to the Days of Play website.

      Days of Play on PlayStation Store - Coming Soon
      Some of the biggest and best games are on sale on PlayStation Store soon: visit our digital store from your PS4, smartphone or desktop to start downloading an incredible deal to your console straight away.

      If you're keen to get it now, it's available through JB Hifi and Target.

    • It is working now.

      • I see it. Good dealbot.

  • -2

    Won't be renewing PS Plus at the end of my subscription. The free games have gone from bad to worse over the last couple of years

  • i hope you guys are getting this for MP and not the monthly games. The games are a joke.

  • I'm moving to the UK at the end of the year, will I be able to use my AUS account with PSN+ over there?

    • yes. It's not geolocked.

      I use US PS+ here.

  • Reference the free games with ps+, do subscribers get access to all the games that have gone free (during their active subscription ( or just the ones from this month?

    • +1

      You get to keep all the games they gave while you were subscribed. The ones given out before you joined the service you will never get.

      • Are the games automatically added to your library or do you have to manually go to the psn store and buy it for $0?
        What other benefits other than enabling MP games comes with PS subscription?

        • +2

          Not automatically added to your library. You have to “buy” them each month.

          • @brentobox: Thanks. Is the $55 worth it if I don't play a lot of MP? I don't have a lot of MP games.

            • @Blitzfx: imo, No.

              If you don't play MP, just go month by month and skip the month if there's nothing good. You might only end up buying 2 or 3 months in a year, which is cheaper than paying a year for 9 months of crap you will never play.

  • What other countries have cheap/cheaper subscriptions? I only use it for multiplayer on one game so it’s becoming harder to justify each year.

    Mine ends on 11 June so might just have to bite the bullet on this one.