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Telstra 12-Month SIM Only Plan $65/Mth 60GB Data + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card OR Several Handset Offers @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-in Offer)


Hi all,
Just ported in my number back into Telstra using this amazing offer from JB-HiFi.

Basically you get $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (with no expiry) when you sign on to JB Hi-Fi Telstra 12 Months Plan for $65/month which offers Unlimited Local calls and 60GB Data.

Update (20/06): As per latest reports from the comments, this has been revised to $300 Gift Card as of today i.e. $500 offer withdrawn a bit earlier.

For those who would rather buy a handset, there are several offers as listed below:
(I managed to have a quick glance at their internal email, so sharing the love)

Samsung Note 8 - $199 upfront
Oppo Find X 256GB - $199 upfront
Huawei Mate 20 - $199 upfront
Samsung S10e - $399 upfront
Samsung Note 9 128GB - $599 upfront
Google Pixel 3 64GB OR Huawei P30 - $199 upfront - Update (20/06)

From 13/06 to 16/06, instead of the $500 OR the Handset Offers already mentioned above, you can also choose to avail one of the following offers:
$0 Upfront: Hisense 43" 43R6 TV OR XBOX One X 1TB Console OR iPad 128GB 6th Gen (Wi-Fi model) - Update (16/06): This particular option is now extended to 19th June ans is also open to new customers

$49 Upfront: Apple Watch 42mm (Series 3)
$99 Upfront: iPhone 7 (32GB)
$799 Upfront: Oppo Reno 5G
Update (20/06): These options are now expired

All offers are for port-in customers only. [Having said that, I ported out of Telstra for couple of hours this morning and managed to port right back in using this offer without any issues - so worth a go!]

Note: From what I understand, this particular offer may not have any signage to promote it in the stores, so do try mentioning it to JB Hi-Fi staff in order to avail the offer. This offer expires on 23 June but if keen I would recommend getting it sooner than later (just in case it gets withdrawn earlier). Have a great day folks!

Edit: To answer a common query from comments - This Plan does not include Peace of Mind (POM) data OR $10 International Calling Pack

Edit 2: For those keen on scoring even higher bang for the bucks, for an extra $4/month you can easily upgrade this plan to Telstra’s $89 BYO plan (currently discounted to $69/month) via Online 24x7 chat, thereby giving you (hold your breath):

Extra 30GB data (total of 90GB data including Peace of Mind (POM) data)

Unlimited international talk & text to 15 selected countries (i.e. Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam)

International roaming - 2GB data roaming and unlimited talk & text in eligible countries (Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Rep, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, UK, USA, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Vietnam)

If you do international travel and/or make overseas calls to the above destinations this is the BEST VALUE mobile plan ever (in my humble opinion) as you'll be effectively paying just $27.3/month for all of the above! Update (20/06): Gift card has now been reduced from $500 to $300.

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                • @googoogaga: Checked my telstra account and nothing showing…i did have outstanding bill though so payed that now…on telstra chat now to see if they can ‘inactivate/delete’ my account altogether

                  • @Trebenista: Went to another jb today and had the same problem…looks like ill just have to wait 3 more weeks 🤦🏼‍♀️

                • @googoogaga: So i went to a third store today at broadway syd, guy didnt call anyone and started straight if processing everything. Had no isdues and ported numbers across - $700 gift card, $65 plan and $45 plan signed up today.

                  Went on telstra chat however only managed to get $59 plan (same as $65 jb hifi plan) except with $10 discount. Changed jb higi plan to $49 and then received $10 discount to bring down to $39 but did lose 20gb though but negotiated getting peace of mind data add in on this plan.

          • @Trebenista: Unless they have changed something since I worked there. They get no revenue from porting someone in within 39 days so they choose not to do it. If you get a consultant who doesn't check or doesn't care will generally do it out of generosity.

            • @Rochie: I recall last year when i first signed up they did it all on the pc…this guy was doing it via a phone call to someone??

              • @Trebenista: Maybe JB don't have the access to override or apply something and need to call telstra team to apply something or process it.

    • From my memory, the way the Telstra accounts exist are like:

      "Customer Account" -> "Billing Account/s" -> "Service/s"

      You can (should) only have one customer account. This is not the number on your bill, instead it represents a person, with their credit information, residential address, etc. Each "customer" can have as many billing accounts as they wish/desire/need, all with different account settings, debit arrangements etc, billing addresses, with different services on each. If you get multiple bills for different services for the same person, this is likely the reason why. These billing accounts are the 13 digit account number starting with 2000 (or shorter if there are still legacy business accounts around, I dunno they were phasing out when I left).

      If you port out to another carrier, the billing account that your service was previously associated with may still be active, showing all the activity that has taken place, service additions, modifications, credits applied etc. Anyone with access to Telstra systems and can be bothered to spend the 20sec to check can easily see that you were with Telstra previously, as the old billing account will still be active, and I don't blame them for checking, as Telstra will likely claw back any bonus payments claimed for "new" customers, as they weren't really new customers, and it's on the retailer to double check. Fair or not is another topic…

      What you really would need to do, if this is still the case, and still possible (Telstra are constantly in the process of limiting system access to their dealers), is to deactivate the old billing account altogether, after porting out. That used to be possible. Maybe still is? That way, when the average punter searches your number, it "shouldn't" come up as being associated with any accounts at all.

      YMMV, and my opinion is this is a morally ambiguous thing to do, as you are essentially tricking the retailer into giving you a bonus, which they will then claim from Telstra, and then likely still have the payment clawed back at a later date, leaving them at a loss. But I'm not your mum so do what you want.

      Edit: The 30 day thing is likely referring to a "billing cycle" which may automatically deactivate the billing account? I thought it was always 90 days as per the T&C anyway, so not sure where that number came from.

      • Thanks for the info…will check this.

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    Talked to a girl at JB Chadstone today. she mentioned and offered this deal to stack on top of the Google Pixel trade in deal.. potentially discounting $850 total (after porting to Telstra).

    • I don't see why it wouldn't stack. Get $500 gc from this deal then use gc to pay for the pixel

      • +4

        I think he means the any smart phone trade in deal ($350 off pixel 3 / $100 off 3a) + $500 gc stack. Essentially making a 3a cost $49

        • +3

          Yep. That one.

    • tell me more about this. Which google pixel?

    • Can confirm this works as i did it today $500 gift card plus trade in an a cheap phone from coles for another $350 credit

      • What was the cheap phone you bought mate? Ta.

        • Pixel 3 XL
          Pixel 3a or 3a XL would only qualify for $100 trade in value

          • @Kudge: Sorry mate, I meant what was the phone you bought for cheap, that you traded in.

            • +1

              @DukeNinja: Just check the Coles and Woolworths catalogues. There are many cheap smart android phones you can purchase ranging from $25-$50

      • Apparently the deal expired on 29/05, no?


  • Haven’t dealt with port in deals before and conveniently my current plan contract finishes up next week.

    I can walk into a JB; request their $65/m (60gb offer) - they’ll fix me up and give me a $500 gift card? Is that how this works? Keeping my current handset?

    • if your’e with telstra, boost or belong there may be a problem…see my post two posts up

      • dammit, what should I do I'm with belong ;/

    • +1

      as long as the offer is still valid and your not on Telstra, Boost and some other Telstra MVNO.

      • I’m with Optus so that would be clear sailing I guess?

        • +1

          yep. shouldnt be an issue

      • Noob here. If I'm with Telstra, how would I port to another provider?

  • Bugger. Got the $65pm 12 months + $400 gift card deal a couple of days ago. Is there a cooling off period? Lol

    • haha… sh1t.

      Nope. You approached them. They didnt approach you.

    • +1

      Just wondering…..


      Current $89 per month plan for 90Gig and Peace of Mind is discounted to $69.

      If you dont (potentially) mind paying an extra $4 for a total of 90 gig…. i wonder if you can go onto live chat and "upgrade" your plan.

      Also get calls to 15 countries and 2 gig of international roaming.

      There are $0 cost to upgrade contracts, as long as its a higher plan.

      • Yes you can upgrade for no cost. I managed to get the $10pm port in credit, but was told I might lose it if I changed plans. They couldn't be sure. Anyone know?

        • Wait, this $10 port in credit – I just (haven't got my first bill yet) ported from Optus to the $45 plan – am I eligible for $10 port in credit?

          Edit: Ahhh, damn it. Looks like I could have saved some cash by going for this $65 plan w/ $500 credit + $10 phone credit vs $45 plan w/ $200 credit when buying a $1200 handset.

          $113/month vs $128/month and an extra 10GB of data

          Edit again:

          People are reporting they got the $65 plan down to $49 – (1200-500)/12+49=$107 vs (1200-200)/12+35=$118 as I managed to live chat just now to get my $45 plan down to $35.

          This deal is incredible.

  • +1

    24m instead of 12m mate.

    • 24 month and 12 month plans are two very different offers. Like the post describes this one is for 12 months contract with $500 Gift Card not phone credit.

    • +1

      Oh… not 12m? Too bad

  • Deal says Minimum plan cost $1560 over 24 months. OP's description says 12 months. Is it 12 or 24 months.

    Phone credit can only be used in store and is received when you connect to the $65 JB plan over 24 months.

    Additionally the phone credit condition says To receive the $500 phone credit the handset purchase price must be a minimum value of $999. Phone credit can’t be used on any other items in store. handset must be purchased the same day the connection is made.

    The deal seems far more restrictive than initially described in post.

    • +1

      The deal seems to reflect that of the advertisement in the top banner by description.

    • +2

      The exact offer I have posted is not advertised on their website - please go through the post again and visit a store for sign-up, if keen :)

      • oops my Bad, was too excited and clicked through to the deal. Did not read through the note at the bottom of your post.

  • +3

    So basically your plan averages out at $23pm.

    • +2

      Expensive than boost

    • If you can't sell the gift card you would be forced to effectively spend that $500 saving at JB. I was considering to get this deal for work purposes, claim on tax.

  • Anyone know of a store in Melbourne they have had success getting a $500 voucher (not phone credit) on the $65 12mth BYO version? (Not the 24mth contract)

    • +1

      That's exactly what this deal is.

      $65 BYO over 12 months with a bonus $500 JB GC

  • +3

    Any deals for the p30?

  • +1

    I wonder if you could $10 port in credit from telstra for this deal? Just out of interest is this. Jb hifi plan or telstra plan?

  • +1

    Has anyone been successful to get $49 plan?

    • Yes - got it through the online chat.

  • Is there a chance they'll have a similar/better deal say in 6 months? Don't want to end my current contract early for a deal that will be available later.

    • +9

      Hold on, let me jump into my time machine mate ;) :D

    • With the way data allowances are being given, you are sure to get a better deal in 6 months with higher data allowance. Do watch out for offers around Thanksgiving and Boxing day.

  • Signing up to a 24 month plan now is suicide. What’s gonna happen when 5G comes next year and your stuck on a 4G plan bahahah

    • 5g is a paid addon sadly

      • +1

        first 12 months of 5G is free for now :)

    • …. that's not how this works.

  • JB have been giving out a quite number of good deals lately.

  • +1

    This means with JB's current old smartphone trade in, one can potentially pick up the Pixel 3a for $49 plus this plan…ie $100 trade in +$500 GC.

    • -1

      That would be awesome, however I think that the Pixel 3a would only qualify for the $300 GC as it's below $999.

      So $649 (original price) - $100 (trade in old smart phone) - $300 (gift card from this deal

      = $249 by my calculations.

      • +1

        No, you still get $500 gift card, its a gift card that you can use for anything not a phone credit. So yes, you can only pay $49 for the pixel 3a.

      • +1

        I believe you're mistaken. There are 2 different $65 plans on offer….12 and 24 month plans. There is only 1 value GC offered under this topic…$500

  • does this only apply to port-in or can i get a new connection ?

    • Buy and activate any $2 sim with optus, voda etc. and you are all set to be port-in offer eligible. Simple 10 min workaround :)

  • +2

    Stacked this with the S10+ one day sale on Wednesday. Phone was discounted to $1199 and came down to $699 with the $500 credit applied. Also managed to get the $10 port in discount on Telstra chat. Not bad!

    • Also managed to get the $10 port in discount on Telstra chat.

      How'd you manage to do that?
      Can you walk us through the steps?

      • +1

        "hi, I just ported in to Telstra, could you please apply the current port in bonuses to my account?, thanks in advance!"

      • +1

        I just said how the JB rep had told me I would be eligible for an additional $10 port in discount if I switched to Telstra. They had to check with a supervisor who approved straight away. YMMV cos I've seen plenty of others say that they weren't able to get it - I could've just been lucky!

  • +1

    wow this is a good deal. I just signed up for $49 click frenzy telstra deal for almost the same plan (few extras like intl calling which I won't use, peace of mind data etc).

    $65/mth * 12 = $780 total plan cost.

    $780 - $500 gift card (assuming it is of $500 value to you…-debatable)= $280 plan net cost.

    $280 /12= $23.33 a month net cost of plan for 12 mths…nice!

  • +1

    Still in contract with Optus ;(

    • +2

      Me too until end July ;(

      • +2

        might be worth the payout?

      • “End of July” - you would have paid 1 month in advance when you signed up, so likely just need to pay June bill

      • Me too, with Vodafone via Kogan, until December!! Signal has gotten so bad here that I need to walk outside to talk on the phone but prepaid so stuck

  • -1

    Anyone know what the Nokia 9 would cost? I.e. would it be subsidised down to say $300?

    • I'd say you'll just have to put the $500 GC towards it, would still end up at $599. Can't see it coming down to $300.

      • Trade in?

  • A

    • +2


  • Oh man, just signed up to Optus $50 plus 20% off Sim only deal.

    Anyone know of these phone contracts have cooling off periods or anything like that?

    • I actually managed to get out of my contract it so whoever neg me, was that really necessary?

      • I thought was a valid question
        have upvoted you :)

    • +1

      As long as you're a new customer to Optus, you can cancel the plan if you're not happy with the service within 30 days of signing up to a new plan, under their Network Coverage guarantee. So, if you were to work in a location where Optus' service is subpar, you could cancel the contract, within 30 days of signing up. Just pay out your calls and anything else owing, return the phone in good working order. This can be done instore or online.

      That'd be your best bet.

  • Can someone please help - when I open the link the op deal doesn't come up - is it different viewing on mobile

    • Yes, go and read the post again.

    • For some reason JB doesn't bother putting their limited time deals on their site, you need to go in store.

  • -1

    Hey what would be the cost for the s10 and s10+?

  • Any ideas on what that $20 Coles handset was?

  • What would the early termination fee be for this plan? Say, I get this with the $500 gc and then cancel the contract? I’m assuming there’d be some profit?

    • +1

      It's $65/month, so $780 plus probably an early termination fee of $100 for cancelling in the first 3 months. Not sure how you're working out that there would be a profit?

  • +8

    Confirming that I went into JB Hi-Fi (Broadway, Sydney) yesterday afternoon and ported in to the Telstra $65/month plan (60gb) for 12 months for which I received a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher. I then traded in a iphone4s for another $100 voucher towards a Pixel 3a (they are still accepting trade ins). With $600 worth of vouchers, I only had to pay $49 for the Pixel 3a in store. When I got home I got onto telstra 24x7 live chat and asked about the $10 port in credit, instead of going down to $55/month they managed to get my plan down to $49/month.

    The promo advertised online said to get the $500 voucher you had to sign up to the $65 plan for 24 months, so I had actually only planned to take up the $45/month (50gb) plan (down to $35/month with port in credit) for 12 months and receive the $200 gift card. In store the very helpful reps explained that I could take up the $65/month plan (down to $55/month with port in credit) for 12 months and receive the $500 voucher. Couldn't refuse this as it was effectively $20 more per month for 12 months ($240) to get an extra $300 voucher. After getting the plan down to $49/month this worked out to be an extra $14/month x12 ($168 more) for an extra $300 voucher (and an extra 10gb/month).

    • What exactly are you getting for $49 pm? Are you able to tell us how you achieved this, Thanks.

      • +1

        It's Telstra's own promo. 60GB, peace of mind data, etc for $49/month.

        YMMV depending on who you get on the live chat but the right person should swap the plans over. Just say you've only just ported in and wanted the port in credit but saw the plan on their website and it's a better deal due to the port in credit, EOFY discount blah blah blah.

        • +2

          whitelie is spot on. Exactly this. I actually did the live chat before I went into JB Hi-Fi and had a telstra rep confirm that I would be able to get the $10 port in credit on both the $45 and $65 plans that were offered at JB Hi-Fi and give me a reference number. So when I got home after picking up the phone I jumped on live chat, gave them my order number for porting in and the reference number from my live chat about the port in credit. They then came back and said actually they could put me onto the $49 plan/month (60gb).

        • This - Thanks for the tip. I did exactly what you suggested and got it the first time :)