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Xbox One Phantom White Special Edition Wireless Controller $68 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Being eyeing this controller off since it was recently released and the cheapest it has ever been.

100% official Microsoft product Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller - Phantom White Special Edition, featuring a translucent white design that fades to champagne gold. With Bluetooth technology, play your favorite games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Button mapping available via Xbox Accessories app for Xbox One and Windows 10. Range compared to previous controllers, using the Xbox One S console. Operating system updates may be required. Go to xbox. com/xboxoュne/controller-OS for more information. - Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller - Phantom White Special Edition

19/6: Back in stock

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  • +32

    looks cool but thats probably all there is to it

    • +11

      It looks alwhite.

  • +1

    Dammit. Purchased not long ago to match my black one.

  • +13

    I don't like how they remove the colours from the letters on the buttons on these coloured controllers.

    • +2

      You spend a lot of time looking at the controller while you play?

      • +28

        My daughter does who's learning the controller still. She likes the blue controller we have, but it's one fewer thing for her to easily find the right button with. It's not a big issue, but it's still something that is technically inferior about these controllers.

        • -11

          Then maybe this is not for you? Get the other controllers

        • -9

          How old is your daughter? you probably shouldn't be teaching her on a ghost white controller thats extremely likely to get grubby

          • +1

            @sk3iron: She's 5, and uses a blue one with the same de-colouration on the buttons. Again, it's not really a serious issue, I just find it odd. I guess it does look physically nicer with a more consistent colour. It was just a random thought that re-occurred to me when I saw the deal.

            • +3

              @skrot: The colours are next to the buttons, if you look closely.

              • +2

                @hewligan: Yeah, indeed. Anyway, didn't mean to offend people with the comment. Still a good deal and I'd consider it for myself if I needed a new one.

                • +2

                  @skrot: Don’t worry. I know exactly how you feel. I have the minecraft one that has no colours at all and a dark green/orange one with the colours in the middle.

                  They are frustrating to teach kids with. Got twin 5 year olds. Son knows the colours now so if I say, “click the blue button” he will know it. Daughter doesn’t know the colours so i’ll Usually have to say “click the A button/X button”

                • +6

                  @skrot: If people are that easily offended… life’s gonna really suck for them.

        • +1

          100% same boat. I ended using the standard White S controller which has the coloured letters/buttons and bought a $7 decal from eBay and stuck it on!

    • +1

      Same. They do it for almost all the controllers now. The only controllers that still have the colours are usually expensive.

    • +1

      Could not agree more. The minecraft edition one I got with my xbox and the spare I bought also have no colours and it's a lot harder for my son to learn. I spend half my time trying to explain to him which button to press in lego world on the xbox. Compare that to the Nintendo switch where my son finished mario odyssey in a couple of weeks with ease.

      If you have money Nintendo Switch is by far the better console for your little one. Although it's a shame not having the game pass…

  • +11

    It will probably look like shit once I get my greasy butter hands on it…peppered with Dorito dust…and Smith's crumbs…

    • +12

      Won’t all the Mountain Dew spilled on it help wash away those stains?

      • No it will dissolve the buttons so you need to buy a new one

      • +1

        People still drink MD after the recipe change?

        • I don't. Bring back cat's piss MD sans caffeine plz. Does anywhere else in the world still sell it?

          • @daitro: People must still be liking it, because coca cola backpeddles when something flops. They rebranded Lift to Fanta Lemon, and no one bought it. Eventually went back to Lift. Then they changed the formula to taste more like Solo but it still was unpopular. Not sure if they changed it again.

            Also.. remember the green Coke Life? Yeah that died a quick death too.

            • @lostn: Coke will kill themselves with sugar reduction strategies. Just a matter of time.

              • @justtoreply: Not likely, SO many bottled water brands are Coke. I don’t drink bottled water myself, but the picked the trend right.

    • What? Any educated man should eat dorito with chopsticks.

  • :O I've been looking at this since before release I doubt we will see it cheaper any time soon

  • Will this work wirelessly with a PC without an adapter?

    • +2

      you need to use Bluetooth

      • so the dongle is Bluetooth as well??

        • Dongle uses wifi.

    • +2

      If your PC accepts bluetooth it'll work.

      • Bluetooth dongles are pretty cheap too, slots into a USB port

  • It just looks like an old dirty white controller to me… Only good thing I guess is when it gets dirty, you can just say "nah it is meant to look like that!"

    • Its actually see through so it looks pretty cool, definitely doesn't look dirty in person

  • +1

    typical bought this last week for like $89 from somebody else

    • I know, I hate when it happens.

  • +1

    This should work with Apple TV and iPad and iPhone with their respective updates around September, a good buy if you want to pwn fortnite mobile during your commute.

  • Does this work with Android TV boxes?

    • yeah, works over Bluetooth. Good for emulators.

  • +1

    I still have my $30 voucher from Amazon's 10TB HDD screw-up. I'll use it with this. Thanks

  • Stupid question. Does this work with PS4?

  • FOMO is strong with this. I already have a regular black controller that has nothing wrong with it yet feel the need to grab a second.

    • +2

      100% this controller looks amazing

    • I've been looking to get a second controller before Crash Team Racing comes out so I can play it with all my imaginary friends.

  • +1

    Perfect timing! Was just about to shell out $80 at EB for one of these!

    • I know, I love when it happens.

    • Lol, guess what I did yesterday :(

  • Already have a blue one but this looks sick gona get it! Thanks !

  • Own one. Awesome controller. Very sleek. Note the thumbsticks do get dirty quickly.

    Also don't know if it's a wide spread issue but I've had two (first one had faulty headphone jack) and they have both had sharp edges under the right side grip compared to my other Xbox controllers.

  • +1

    Anyone else seeing the 3-6 week delivery time?

  • Is it good for shield tv? I bought the version without controller.

    • Yep! Works over bluetooth fine.

  • Does anyone know which version is this one ? I want to use the controller wirelessly via Bluetooth.

    • These controllers are Bluetooth

  • New Xbox One Elite conmtrollers coming out soon.

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