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Free Shipping on All Computer Systems @ Dream PC


This deal is exclusive to OZ Bargain as we just signed up :)

Nice and simple for our first deal - Free shipping on any orders (no minimum spend) with the coupon code OZBARGAIN.

Offer expires at the end of the month.

Applies to all PC builds:

  • Custom Intel Home / Office PCs
  • Custom Intel Gaming PCs
  • Custom AMD Home Computers
  • Custom AMD Gaming PCs
  • Custom Intel Extreme PCs
  • Custom Threadripper PCs
  • Mini PCs
  • Even NUCs & Laptops!

Grab yourself a PC with no credit card fees, no shipping cost and zip finance available. Shipped Australia wide.
These PCs are built to order so please expect a 5-10 working day turnaround. Thanks for looking and hope to bring more deals soon.

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  • +12

    Free shipping with a $2,000 minimum spend? Holy shitballs you think that's a deal? 😂

  • +5

    $2403 for this when others are under $2100

    Any bargains coz for now you can have a neg for your pitiful 'deal'?

  • +2

    You had me at "Free PC".

  • +7

    1660ti Build… 2.5k… Sorry we don't do that here…

    • +3

      right now Luke from techfast is laughing so hard a bit of wee just came out…

  • +8

    Have to downvote this, if youre entering the market for pc or similar, you cant just mark up your price and hope that you get sales. You have to be competitive in price to other competitors. This is hardly a bargain.

  • Not a bargain. This doesn't belong on OzBargain

  • LOL

  • +3

    You guys are pretty harsh. I picked up the hottest tablet of 2013 for only $500


  • More spam

  • Yeyy I can dole out my neg

  • +1

    Ouch guys - "Welcome to Ozbargains" ;)

    Noted though - We will try harder for the next deal. All feedback is good feedback, right?

    I realise this might feed the negative comments further but I wish to convey to you:

    • Dream PC is a small business in SA that focuses on the customer, not the tech. We are not the cheapest, no.
    • We are passionate and care about each and every person, not getting numbers off the shelf.
    • Our builds use only parts we know to be the best quality - based on our RMA experiences, manufacturer quality and community feedback. e.g. EVGA Graphics cards
    • We buy in from Australian officially endorsed companies / disti's / resellers, not grey imports.
    • We have the best PC build process in the business 100% It keeps the customer in the loop all the way.
    • Our pre-post sale support is second to none. We build any configuration of computer you want. Unrestricted. Even custom loops.

    However, that said - we are growing and as we grow we will become stronger in the pricing as we gain more trust, exposure and support from good people such as yourselves. I'd like to thank the admins for re-wording our first deal title too, fair call. It is more accurate this way.

    All I ask is that you don't count us out just yet. More deals to follow in the future - hopefully you'll feel it is more beneficial to you. It's a tough market, as you can imagine.

    As a token of good will, I've removed the $2,000 limit so free shipping is available to any order with the code above.

    Hope you have a great day today, all.

    Rick | Dream PC

    • +5

      Few suggestions:

      • Have a read through the Store Rep Guide the team have put together
      • This site is a bargain forum, first and foremost (cmon, it's in the name!). If you're not the cheapest in Aus in what you're offering, no amount of good service will get your deal to the front page. There is some slack to that statement, and people sometimes spend more for a better service (Aussie Broadband for example), but typically with your products, people just pay money, and get the order. Unless there's a screw up (which shouldn't be on the customer's end), then your customer service is only a small part of the transaction.
      • With the above comment, use sites like StaticIce, or check eBay to see if you're currently the cheapest local seller. If you're not, then reconsider posting your deal
    • focuses on the customer, not the tech.

      if people wanted to pay for support services they would've just bought an Apple product

      We are not the cheapest, no.

      well there's the main problem

      not grey imports.

      …but this is how you get cheaper prices

      We build any configuration of computer you want. Unrestricted.

      we can all do that normally without your business though?

      This is less of a "We will try harder for the next deal" to a "I don't know this market well enough".

      What value is this business bringing to the market? If at all?

    • Welcome to OZB Rickyboi you'll have to be better much than that than free shipping :))

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