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Save 48% on Grand Ridge Golden Ale & Pale Ale Cases - 2 Cases $99 + Free Delivery @ Craft Cartel


Normally $95 a case, we'll deliver two beaut Grand Ridge cases to your door for just $99. Save 48% plus get Free Shipping.

Grab any two:
Grand Ridge Golden Ale (24 x 375ml cans)
Grand Ridge Pale Ale (24 x 375ml cans)

Canned only 3 weeks ago, the Best Before date is February 2021.

To redeem deal, add any two Grand Ridge cases featured on our Happy Hour page to your cart and at the checkout enter the coupon code: GRAND

Get deal here: https://www.ccliquor.com.au/tuesday-happy-hour-grand-ridge/

*Offer available while stock lasts. No refunds or exchanges on sale items. Can't be used in-conjunction with other specials. Your beer will be dispatched on Tuesday, June 18.

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  • +5

    Good to see some deals from you guys. Keep them coming.

    Don't rate this brewery though. May as well grab a case of Coopers Pale Ale.

    • +3

      We're working hard to hunt down cracking beer deals! Got some goodies in the pipeline. :)

    • +3

      Yeah this was craft beer before craft beer was big or good. I find them heavy and not enjoyable.

  • +1

    Normally $65 a case at Dan's

    • +6

      $65 a case at Dan's for 330ml bottles.

      We've got the cans which are 375ml.


      • +6

        14% more beer for 46% price increase. Unless you really like cans it’s not worth it.

        However $45/slab for 24 cans; bargain!

  • +2

    The Grand Ridge Brewery is the longest running independent craft brewery in Victoria, brewing now for 28 years.

    OP, found this in a review, can you confirm this is still the case?

    Also, I'm keen for some more low carb craft beer options. Any suggestions?

    • +8

      Yes, we can confirm it's still a 100% Australian, family owned company. Lovely people to work with.

      The brewery is located in an old butter factory in Mirboo North, a country town in Victoria.

    • +6

      Still is for VIC, they took over the Strzelecki Brewing. Oldest brewery in Melbourne is 3 Ravens (2003).

      Is there a particular reason you're after low-carb?
      Not targeting you, but many people get a little mislead by 'low-carb' beer which has about 2g, compared to a 'normal' beer which has about 9g.
      Compare that to some common things such as:
      Cup of milk: 12g
      Piece of fruit: 15g
      1/2 cup of peas: 15g

      • +3

        Low card beers are absolute bollocks, have been from the start. I was running a bottleshop when they first started coming out, and can't believe they're still doing the rounds.

        • Why bollocks?

          • @serpserpserp: See comment from @Jayz:

            Not targeting you, but many people get a little mislead by 'low-carb' beer which has about 2g, compared to a 'normal' beer which has about 9g.
            Compare that to some common things such as:
            Cup of milk: 12g
            Piece of fruit: 15g
            1/2 cup of peas: 15g

            Beers have relatively few carbs compared to anything else you consume in a normal day to day, there is a hundred things you would cut out of your life before beer if you are being careful

          • @serpserpserp: A large portion of calories in beer come from the alcohol. Low card options are still not a healthy option for weight loss.

            Everything in moderation, but I agree that low-carb beers can mislead uninformed consumers.

      • +2

        Unless I'm misunderstanding you, Keto of course. If the benchmark for someone is 20gms carbs a day then they can enjoy a few beers whereas otherwise they'd be extremely limited.

  • +1

    Waiting for the Henty St Pale to come back

    • We're working on that one! Price is a bit too exxy at the moment.

  • +1

    The Grand Ridge Hatlifter Stout is pretty darn good…

    • Agree! Perfect weather to be sipping on a good stout too.

    • +1

      Be nice if we got some deals on stout/dark beers around here. Always left out.

      I should have posted the $43 (including $5 cash back at purchase & free delivery) for Monteith's Black Beer slab that I got from BWS the other day. But the $5 cash back was targeted.

  • +1

    Thanks CC. Love your deals.
    Still getting through the Dos Blockos cases (which are awesome btw).
    Ordered two of these as well. Keep the deals coming!

    • Great to hear. So pleased you like the Doss Pale Ale. Cheers and thanks!

  • +2

    Waiting for a King Sue deal…. sorry, meant dreaming.

    • That's the dream

    • +7

      Tiger beer isn't craft beer. Might be waiting a while for that one…

      • -5

        LOL I’m no beer expert really would like to sample a lot far away from Guinness that I can’t stand .
        Also like German beer , Heinikin and Boag ..

        • +3

          These guys probably aren't for you…

  • The 2 cases of doss blockos pale ale I ordered still haven't arived and my emails haven't been returned?
    Any chance you can look into it for me.

    • +2

      Absolutely! We will get to the bottom of this for you.

      Could you please email your order details to: [email protected]


      • Thanks mate
        Just sent you an email appreciate your time

      • +1

        Good on you Ben, you're doing the God's work here by reuniting people with their lost beer.

  • 3 weeks new, great value!
    Note the pale ale's ratings are pretty poor. Sounds fine for an introduction to craft beer or everyday drinking.

    • +3

      Everyday drinking!… I must have it then.. Not an alcoholic but the beer requires to be drunk every day! Lol

      Got my 2 cartons of dos blockos still from their last special.. . Definitely rate their customer service and no issues with delivery… :)

  • Thanks, I'll try one of each

  • +2

    Wonder if anyone has ever paid 95 bucks for this beer when I can pay 45 bucks for budvar one of the Best czech beers.

    • And plzen. Both decent.

  • +3

    For those interested in reviews:

    Golden Ale - 2.8/5 ratebeer - 2.81/5 beeradvocate

    Pale Ale - 2.84/5 ratebeer - 3.12/5 beeradvocate

    General consensus seems to be easy drinking Australian ales, with good citrus/malt flavours but lacking in hops/bitterness.

    I'm a big hops fan so will be giving these a miss. But if you're looking for non-bitter entry level ales, you might wanna give these a try.

    • Yeah that's consistent with feedback from customers at my shop

  • +1

    "Normally $95"… i stopped reading there. Why lie to us?

  • They're a great brewery and this is a good price relative to their slab rates. Just wish the Gippsland Gold, Winter Warmer, Moonshine or Hatlifter were part of the sale. Any Ozbargainers in the vicinity of Mirboo North should also know they do fantastic takeaway pricing if you bring your own growler (or other 2L container).

  • +1

    Why are people saying $45/case? isnt it $99 for 2 cases?

    • I think they're subtracting the cost of the now-free $10 shipping

  • Any more deals on Stockade 8bit, CCL?

  • Back in stock.

  • +1

    Has anyone received shipping notification?

  • +1

    @Fart not me . You would think when a company runs a promo that they would prepare more stock ready to ship . If you piss off new customer's with slow delivery , that biz can kiss em good bye .

    • Communication is key with these businesses. If there’s a delay, let the customer know… we shouldn’t have to follow up.

      I still haven’t been notified of shipping.

      • I had to contact them and they've given me a delivery date of 05/06, that's a long wait for beer…

  • They have been reading the thread just got email : It’s on its way .