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Free 10pc McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - 10PM-2AM (Delivery Fee Applies) @ Uber Eats


Enjoy a free McDonald's Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc between 10pm AEST on 12 June to 2am AEST on 13 June during the ICC Australia vs Pakistan game. Excludes the Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc meal. Delivery fee applies.

How to redeem this offer:

Enter promo code SPINNER to your Uber Eats account
Search for ‘McDonald’s’ in the Uber Eats app between 10PM and 2AM to see if there is a participating McDonald’s® near you
Select a participating McDonald’s restaurant (if available)
Add Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc (individual item) to your cart and up to $10.10 will be deducted from your order!
Place order (delivery fee applies)


Delivery fee applies. Enter the promo code into the Uber Eats app and add Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc to your cart. Excludes Chicken McNuggets® - 10pc meal. You must enter promo code “WICKET” before placing an order. Subject to availability and McDonald’s restaurant operating hours. Limited to the first 30,000 users who enter the code on the Uber Eats app. Limited to one promotion per user. Not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promo code. Valid in Australia only. Promotion ends 2am AEST on 13/06/2019.

EDIT: Seems they've just changed the code to SPINNER

Mod: Ensure you add the 10pc McNuggets from the individual items menu section (should be around $8-$9ish), adding it from the Chicken McNuggets/To Share menu section will add a meal which will not discount.

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • 10 nuggets for $3.30 delivered. Thanks OP!

    • Same. Thanks OP!

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    The promo doesnt seem to apply in cart for me…

    • Me either

    • Same, no promotion applied even when selected

    • Accidentally ordered full price while I was trying to get the promo code to work…

  • still getting the "oops, you already applied this promotion" error message at 10:01pm

  • Expired apparently. "Oops this promotion has expired"

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    Currently Unavailable
    Your order isn't eligible for these

  • Code applied successfully, but no discount given.

    Tried again and now it says "Oops, you already applied this promotion"

    • Once it's added it is added to your account, not the order.

      When you make an eligible order the code automatically applies.

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    No dice it won't discount the $10… was promised by a call agent to wait until 10pm. Called the operator and they said it would be refunded after the order and it wasn't..

  • Says it's applied the coupon but doesn't reduce the cost.

    • It only works on a 10pc nuggets, nothing else. You may have selected the meal instead.

      • Code is broken, says I am saving $10.10 while at same time not reducing costs and saying coupon not applied, go back to coupon screen and coupon applied.

        Had other stuff in order originally, think I broke it now.

        Also $10.10 isn't the cost anyway it's $8.45

        Edit: need to go into individual items then it works, going via share and adding the exact same item doesn't work, how stupid are their IT people.

  • If you have two accounts, use the code… one on your phone and one on your desktop browser :P hehehee uber hack.

  • The discount isn't working but code is in account.

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      Are you applying it on the 10pk found in the "Individual Items" section? Working for me on that.

      • +7

        Can confirm only works for 10pk in the "Individual Items" section. "To Share" won't work. Two separate listings and Uber decided to promo it in one.

      • Yes. That's $8.

      • I misread what you wrote. But I tried it your way and it did work. Thanks.

  • "No promotion applied"

  • Can’t use the promo as I have referral credit sitting there. The select button is there and it is greyed out. Note: I added the 10 McNugget menu item which isn’t the meal. The meal is $13.20.

    Nuggets are $8.45 where I am with a $6.45 delivery fee (3min drive away with two right turns), so it still costs $4.80 for the order. Not really “free” in my opinion.

  • Previously, I was able to schedule an order for the next day. It doesn’t seem to allow me to do that this time around.

  • -1

    Coupon was accepted @ 10:03pm

    Discount was not applied at payment screen.

    • -1

      You choose the wrong nuggets

      • -1

        Were the right nuggets.

        Refund request was accepted (I had taken screenshots fortunately) and processed today fyi.

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    only works on 10pc Nuggets NOT 10 pc nuggets meals

    • -1

      why did I get a neg?

      some people are weird these days!

  • Code added sucessfully, but when I added 10pc Mcnuggets for $8.20, "No promotion applied" :(
    doesn't work with any other item too

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      Same here!
      My 10pc nuggets are $8.25.
      I wonder if it only works for the stores that are charging $10.10 for a 10pc?

      • but there is no similar item for $10.10 in my store :(

    • +1

      I think you have to select 'apply' or something to the coupon/promo again in the final checkout screen. The discount doesn't come off automatically

      • tried that also, no luck :(

        • Select the 10pc from the “individual item” tab not the “to share” tab

          • @rye: :( no luck for me it seems,

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    Code was "applied" but on checkout it doesn't do anything, I was charged full price and couldn't cancel as "Cancelling will cost $8.80"…….

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      Same here…

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    is this a freaking joke. says "applied" in the add promo page then "no promotion applied" in the order page with total at full price

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    You need to select the 10pc chicken nuggets from "Individual Items", not "To Share"

    • yes this works

    • omg you're a legend. cant believe it actually matters if its "individual items" or "to share"

      • +1

        not working for me even from individual items

    • Thank you, this seems to work.

      However total comes to $5.30 which I don’t think the nuggets are worth.


    • Confirm this works!

    • This worked for me, thanks.

      The "To Share" 10 nugs didn't…weird system Uber.

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    yep same problem as before… code wont apply in final checkout. fail uber

  • I have applied the code now and it won't take it off. Says not eligible.

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    Must scroll to the "Individual Items" tab and select the Chicken Nuggets - 10pc from there. Discount will apply if promo code is saved. Enjoy!

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    If the discount doesnt apply, you need to click view details on the coupon when checking out and then there will be a green button which says 'apply'

    • +1. I had to do the same

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        I did this but it still did not apply (even though it said "Applied")

  • Code applied, however, 24/7 McDonald is now closed.

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    Must select from INDIVIDUAL ITEMS

    • +1

      I did this and still did not work.

  • +1

    $3.25 … thatll do pig

  • +2

    Alright I got the same error as everyone else, I got it to work by scrolling along the top to the far right under section ‘individual items’ (not sure why it is different) it got it working for me!

  • +5

    Confirmed Working - $4.85 Delivered

    Not much of a deal, considering 24 Pieces are $9.95.

    • $9.95 is the price before delivery costs

      • +1

        True, but I live walking distance to a McDonald's.

  • Code applied, no McDonalds nearby (at least 4) offers Ubereat :)

  • How does uber fail at another promo?

  • Just ordered for $2.99 delivered at Bourke St. West.

  • -2

    $8 nuggets, +$5.95 delivery, -$10.10 promo = $3.85 for 10 nuggets delivered. Too expensive for me, pass.

    • +1

      3.85 for delivery and 10 nuggets…

  • Ordered one in "Individual Item", $3.7 delivered

  • +1

    $3.10 delivered. Mmmmm

    • Delivered and eaten

  • Got my nuggets, 2x10 actually, flatmate and I raced our two drivers to the house, car beat the moped, oh well 10:14pm nuggets are the best!

    • +1

      UPDATE: nuggets are now eaten.

      • 3 minutes to down 10 nugs? Impressive

        • i could have done it in 1 i am really ashamed

  • Finally got it working and it's $4.95 delivered, pass.

  • +3

    Never seen so many people work so hard for not much reward

  • +6

    Only received 9 nuggets. What a scam

    • This made my night lol.
      Sorry about your 1 nuggetless red box.

    • What a disaster O_O Have you filed a police report?

      • +3

        How hard is it for a Maccas employee to count 10 nuggets? It's unreal

        • +1

          Maybe Uber Driver rate it lol

        • What's worse than finding a missing nugget? Finding half a nugget

    • +9

      Uber eats driver got hungry.

      • The thought of this for food delivery frightens me..

  • $2.89 delivered.

  • Doesn't seem to work? Added the $8.35 10 McNuggets but it says "Your order isn't eligible for these" on the Promotions tab.
    What gives?

    • Same here

      • You have to scroll all the way to the right to get to the "Individual Items" tab. Add the nuggets from there. It worked for me.

  • Eating mine now, good on you maccas!

  • Is this expired?

  • This one worked for me unlike last time. Thank you!

  • +1

    Order location too far from store.
    Error for stores < 2.4kms

    WTF…Uber eats.