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$1 Big Mac (25/6) @ McDonald's via App


$1 Big Mac available under 'My Rewards' for one day on the 25th of June.

This promotion can only be used once per account.

Mod: $1 Large Fries Loose Change deal also available

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  • Noice

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    $1 Big Mac. McWow

    • Plus $1 large fries at selected stores

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    Scan barcode on the ordering console and do multiple transactions if you are really hungry. Or get one bigmac and top-off with a few $1.00 hamburgers.

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      Can you explain again? How to get multiple order? As it is limit just I transaction

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        pretty sure you can reuse a code if you do it simultaneously

        • What do you mean simultaneously? Like just keep scanning the code?

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            @viospeed: Scan the code, print out the order. Scan again and print out another order. Just don't pay for any of them until you're at the counter.

            I think.

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            @viospeed: Load up on multiple kiosks i think

        • Nope

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      Can't get the $1 Hamburgers as they expire on 18th June :(

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        Oh blast.

    • How do people do this, I try to put the same code on two different kiosks, and hit enter at the same time on both kiosks, one always gets it, the other fails. What am I missing?

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        You need to move like Flash.

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        I just use Gmail addresses with a +1 +2 etc as these are recognised as a new account by the Macca's ap, but will appear in your regular Gmail inbox.

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        Scan on one kiosk , then refresh code and scan on 2nd kiosk. Then checkout on k1 and k2

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        Just like t_c said.

        You'll have to refresh the code. The offer still stands until you complete a transaction, so you can keep generating voucher codes at separate kiosks and have them register as $1 items. Once you complete a transaction at any kiosk, you cant generate any more codes.

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      My doctor recommends only one Big Mac per day.

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        Yeah - That will keep apple away.

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      The $1 hamburgers have ended sadly

      • When? Got one a few days ago?

    • hahah! Tried this already. No need to print it out, just take a screen shot. Didn't work. Not even with other outlets.

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      Remove both meat patties add one chicken patty. Should be close to free and chances are you get two chicken patties anyway.

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        I mean… $1 is pretty darn close to free…

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        the mymaccas app new update didn't deduct anything when I removed the patty from the $3 Mcclassic offer

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          Damn, can't vote either way…

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          Some people just enjoy the challenge of making things as cheap as possible. That combined with a sense of humour is where these comments come from

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            Some people just enjoy the challenge of making things as cheap as possible. That combined with a sense of humour is where these comments come from

            I will bite (pun intended).

            The context around my original post (which I expected would be heavily down voted) is important to help shape why I find it amusing reading comments on how to lower the price of an already very low cost food item.

            • For me McDonald's is fundamentally a cheap low quality food. I eat it as I am sure a lot of us do, but I know there is always a better option available that is healthier, better quality ingredients, less processed or all of the above. It's generally laziness/convenience that is the biggest factor in the decision making process for me to pull up at the drive through and grab a hamburger.

            • Their is a difference between someone who is frugal and someone who is cheap. They are not the same and are not interchangeable words. A frugal mindset emphasizes that money is a means to an end; it's not a crime to spend money as long as their is value behind the expenditure. A cheap mindset emphasizes the intrinsic value of money in and of itself; money is to be collected and great pains should be taken to keep it.

            With the context out of the way.

            When I look at an OzBargain post about a discounted McDonald's hamburger, for me I am already looking at the item as a low quality alternative to higher quality options. When someone posts a comment about lowering the price of an already heavily discounted low quality food item, I associate this with a cheap mindset as a frugal mindset would opt for (as an example) Rib-eye steak on sale at the local butcher.

            I am not judging or laughing at anyone who takes advantage of a $1 Big Mac as I think that is a great deal and I might even go and pick one up (up vote to OP).

            What I am laughing at as I read the comments on this post are when people try to work around the bargain to further discount it (against McDonald's intentions I am sure) on such a low quality, low cost item. Those are cheap individuals and their comments amuse me.

            EDIT Pretty poor effort from the people down voting this post when it is clear I put time and effort into a well articulated, structured response. Plus I even added a pun! But this is the internet.

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              @hey aj: Very valid opinions and I wouldn't disagree, though think i'm looking at this under the impression they are doing it as a joke rather than seriously. Though if it is serious that people don't want to spend a dollar you're completely in the right I rather look at is as a joke though that it's just the community having fun messing around to see what is possible

              Besides I have to give respect to the quality of that reply so even if I think you're looking at it the wrong way ill +1 to cancel the down votes

            • +1

              @hey aj: I get the impression the majority of people on ozbargain are 35-55 year old white men, and Asians in their 20s, but I'm neither so perhaps my impression is misguided.

              To your point, it's all an attempt to move the price of Maccas towards where it should be, which is that they should pay us to eat that rubbish. I'll still pay though, I have little self-respect.

              • @ozbjunkie:

                I'll still pay though, I have little self-respect.

                It's a bit like that hey, now I feel sad.

                • +1

                  @hey aj: Have some Macca's. That'll fix your problem temporarily while reinforcing and intensifying it.

      • How to swap? There is no option in an app.

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    Get in early. Missed out on free qtr pounder last time.

  • !Remindme:13 days

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    But I want it now

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    I feel sorry for Macca's. The entitlement they must receive on a daily basis must be crazy.

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      …then ask for salt satchets right after? No.

    • +10

      Just ask for fresh fries. No need to bring the poor salt into this.

  • This is nice. Going to go eat instore with the free $20 voucher from Uber Eats on this day and double up with this 👍

    • Don't you still have to pay delivery charges for it?

      • Yea but I’ll just reduce the order down to get about $13 free. Still happy with it since I wasn’t planning on using the initial $20 voucher the first time round but had the code applied on my account.

        • I had got a $20 "First Time" voucher although I had applied the $15 voucher on signup (the cards that UberEats keeps handing out at every other location), I didnt apply the $20 voucher to my account and had not used my First Order yet. After a couple of days, got a $30 voucher with a near 14 days validity. Applied it and used it to get a neat $30
          off on first order. $3.95 for delivery included in the total ($29.95). Free food yay.

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    Yeah. They should always be this price.

    • +3

      I'm pretty sure the franchisees would disagree.

    • I agree

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    Cheaper than the cheeseburger

    Why not

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    I just had a bigmac 2 days ago with their massive push on "juicier" burgers….. mine tasted the same, if not dryer.

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      Maccas' marketing scheme is dodgy imo. Upon reviewing the new changes it really isn't that much of a difference

      • I'd love to know what the new changes are to justify the new marketing claims

        • Nothing has changed. Just the marketing

          • @Pinchy: That's not true, the whole campagin relies on the stores following new meat procedure called best burger. Only holding 1-6 bits of meat at a time and cooking it as it ordered to keep up. So 2 bits of meat currently holding - customer orders big Mac - 2 bits of meat go down so on so on meaning shorting holding times and fresher meat. But the problem with this is that it requires more crew and we never get enough people so it doesn't get done always.

            • @ultraboyz63: So there's no more sauce added then before?

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                @sss333: Yes it's another squirt of the special sauce.

            • +1

              @ultraboyz63: ahaha, the same juggle between freshness, hold times, and wastage is faced at HJs. I'm heavily against wastage, so I cook very small loads of patties. Also helps people get them fresh, as I have to cook them more often. But then I also find myself juggling service times too…

    • +1

      they drenched mine in sauce. Bun was soggy. Put me off them for ever which is a good thing.

    • Mine have been juicier for sure, prefered them the way they were before.

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    The last time they had free quarter pounders, it completely screwed up stores.

    At least by making people pay $1, it will reduce lots of the gronks that really do not care, and will keep lines shorter for everyone else ( including regular people that want to order different things ).

    Like $1 large shake. That's a pretty good deal. It didn't completely block the lines. I didn't notice any difference.

    • +1

      I'm assuming this is in the city?

      Out here in Sydney's eastern suburbs beaches the only people claiming maccas deals seem to be predominantly Brazilian Uber Eats delivery drivers and myself.

      School kids and even UNSW students seem to be ignoring the app. What's happened to students?

      I think OzBargainers are mostly over 21…

      • Rich parents. Isn’t the non-selective public school rate at unsw less than 10%?

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    $1 Big Mac + $1 Large Frozen Coke + $1 Large Fries. What a great meal for $3. Delicious.

    • +4

      Young, skinny and broke me would have been allll over this. Old fat me, not so much

    • +1

      A cheap way of boosting your cholesterol levels..

    • Exactly what I got.

  • Thank you

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    Does anyone know how long an order stays valid? :) (e.g., if I order at 10am, what's the latest time I could collect it without it timing out?)

    • +1

      You have to be in the vicinity to place an order for pickup or table service. If you place an order for drive thru the order doesn't get placed until you're at the ordering terminal.

  • Booked in

  • Would this becomes a Free half soul Big Mac if you remove one beef patty -$1.10?

    • +2

      wouldn’t be a big mac then

    • With the recent update, removing ingredients doesn't change price.

  • It’s not up…. I waited 5 mins for 12 to hit as I was passing by and it ain’t there. Not cool :(

  • It’s after midnight…is this working for anyone?

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        maybe some solid nugs instead….24 for $9.95 will do the trick !!

    • +1

      Offer entitles customer to purchase a Big Mac for $1. Available after 5am.

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