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$1 Big Mac (25/6) @ McDonald's via App


$1 Big Mac available under 'My Rewards' for one day on the 25th of June.

This promotion can only be used once per account.

Mod: $1 Large Fries Loose Change deal also available

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  • Quick question, do others have $1 fries listed on their app as I still haven't seen it to order via the app.

    • Go to fries and pick the large size, it’ll show up for a dollar.

      • Mine says 3.30

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          It's because in the breakfast menu they are full priced. Go:

          Order > Change Menu > Regular Menu

          Then try again, they will be $1.

  • oh happy days

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      You couldn’t even make a Big Mac for this price even if you dumpster dived for half the ingredients

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        Is that a challenge? Haha

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    Guys I'm starvin marvin.

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    My body is ready. Just fyi.

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    Just tried to do a mobile order at McWhirters in Fortitude Valley and this offer isnt accepted at that store.

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      Wrong restaurant, try McDonald's

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        In case you're not from Brisbane, McWhirters is a former department store which has been turned into a shopping centre. McDonald's is a tenant and is on Brunswick Street. In case you already knew this, your comment is amusing.

  • just got one … the big mac tasted the same … could not detect any difference whatsoever. … might get another later.

    • Must have been a once off, buy 5 next time and see if you can tell a difference after the 5th BM

      • this promo is because maccas thinks they've made the big mac better… but it was the same old big mac to me.

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          The big mac got worse, the qtr pounder is 50/50, it is hotter, but now seems soggy somehow.

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            @Frayin: It's soggy because the meat is much more jusicy and gets held for less time which means less drying out. The excess juice from the patty tends to soak the bun and make it gross. Especially if it's fresh off the grill it has heaps of oil and juice left on it.

          • @Frayin: Maybe your quarter pounder was hotter. Mine was luke warm. Nothing has changed, just their marketing.

      • Bowel movement

    • Was it juicer, tastier and hotter?

      • No. Sloppy. Prob as bad as a burger can get.

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    Don't forget the large fries for $1 as well

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    Large fries, hamburger and Big Mac for $3, shake and win free coffee HJ, dinner sorted.

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    Ordered one Big Mac this morning, along with $1.00 Large french fries - total $2.00.

    However, in the bag, I was given 2 Big Macs burgers and no large french fries. So I complained to manager regarding missing large fries and got 2 large fries for free.

    I have donated one burger and large fries to homeless person for a good cause.

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      Wow, well done man, respect from me!!

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      That was me. Thanks man!

      PS. I have a home.

      • I don't have a home, am renting. Do I get a free bigmac too?

    • would be willing you offer you a free drink too- and another Big Mac perhaps ;)

      Props to you for being the amazing person you are!

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    Big mac and large fries for $2. Thanks OP!

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    Who's here eating Big Mac and scrolling the comments? Just me?

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    Maccas needs to stop trying to be a "restaurant" and go back to being a fast food takeaway joint.

    Prices have gone through the roof, and whereas I used to take the kids for a treat on a semi regular basis… now its hardly ever because it costs me about $50! I'm not Rockefella!

    People don't go to Maccas for fine dining. When you compare how much their prices have risen compared to other fast food joints, they are a deadset ripoff now. Their burgers cost more than a real burger from a takeaway shop!! Stuff that.

    The only time I go now is with these deals. I won't pay their full price. Ever.

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      Please calm down. There is a $1 Big Mac just for you buddy.

      • Oh I'm calm… I'm just expressing my opinion, and getting sick and tired of getting ripped off on crap product.
        I'm calling them out for what they are…. almost worthless.

        And yes, for $1 I DID have a Big Mac today. Soggy as hell, bun not toasted so it just fell apart, and way too much sauce, but for $1 it was worth it.

        If you think a Big Mac is worth the menu price they are charging, good luck to you.

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          Very easy fix… dont go there. I only go for these dirt cheap deals as that is all their food?? is worth.
          Plenty of other places to go who have decent food for the same price or less. They might not have the child attracting atmosphere that mcd has but so what, you went there for good food in the first place not to get the kids entertained.
          A real hamburger from your local take-away kills anything mcd could ever whip up and for a lot less $.

          • @Cheeper: Which is exactly what I said.

        • How about the $1 Hamburger bruh? Go to HJ, penny pinches is where it's at. Take it ezy bruh

    • +1

      Yup. The only thing worth ordering now is the $1 fries and $9.95 nuggets.
      At $5.50 a frappe is good, so long as their machine is working.

      Everything else is a rip-off. Looking at the app, if I go in and get a large big mac meal with a choc shake its $13!

    • Mhmm, $5 for the fillet o fish. I mean they did add a slice of tomato in it one day. So worth it.

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      I only buy when they have supa specials on…

    • +1

      yeah you're not wrong. overpriced and even worse quality. i guess it's to pay for their fancy woodwork construction and vegan menu's.

      it's pretty much like that all over the world anyway, prices don't vary much as its still considered the 'cheapest' option.

      that said, we don't have street food here really so there's no real decent alternative.

      better off buying coles special burger sauce and making your own burgers.

      • Also their convenience being everywhere, open all the time and consistent menu especially when travelling lots.

  • +1

    My app keeps freezing at the payment screen.

    • Check your CC, I got charged 9 times.

      • +3

        I have been charged incorrectly a couple times. Once when I placed an order but never actually when to the store to fulfill the order and once I was charged for an order that wasn’t even mine.

        I prefer the KFC app where you can choose to pay at time of collection.

      • Wtf? How does it charge you that many times has to be confirmed by store before payment goes through, da hell happening with your app?

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    The machine didn't work, then the app charged me 9 times and still didn't work. Had to order at counter and am now chasing a refund for my 9 failed purchases. 10/10 would do again.

    • +2


    • Unlucky lol. Don't worry too much as the failed charges will disappear from your card after a few days

    • -1

      Mate, you must suck at life LOL

  • If the app fails, use the QR/Voucher code in store kiosk. Worked for me!

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    Absolute mayhem at town hall . Cheers OP. Managed to get the burger and large fries -$2 well spent

  • +1

    I just had a $3 lunch - $1 Big Mac, $1 Large Fries and $1 Large Frozen Fanta
    They should call this the McOzBargain combo! :D

    • +3

      While I was there I noticed their regular menu Big Mac medium combo for $10.65. Outrageous!

      • Why?

        • That's exactly what I said!

  • My burger and large fries (and drink) came with a bit of unwarranted bacon as well. Good deal.

  • $3.50 big mac, chips and a pie, not bad.

  • +1

    Excess of 1126 kcal worth $2 this afternoon… ;-)

  • +1

    First time eating a big Mac and my last time was a warm soggy mess for lunch and have felt sick all afternoon 🤦‍♂️

  • Is this all day? Trying to save some money at the moment so $2 dinner sounds pretty good to me!

    • +1

      Yes, expires at midnight. Edit: The app actually says 'expires tomorrow' but that could be at 2am or so to allow for WA time.

      • awesome cheers, guess I'm having maccas tonight.

  • +1

    In for one. And only one. Yum.

  • My phone app shows this deal expires tomorrow. Not sure if everyone is seeing the same expiry as me.

    • Me too.

  • +1

    It actually wasn’t that nice. And I was hungry too, I think I prefer hamburger.

  • +3

    thanks i got it coz it's $1. and i regret eating it :(

  • +3

    Feel terrible for having the $1 big Mac and $1 fries and $1 frozen coke, but, had to be done

    • +4

      I did this then went back for a second $1 big mac and $1 fries.

      • +3

        lol mate, #respect

    • That's the ozbargain way

  • +4

    I'm done..lunch was $4. Big mac and 3 large fries. I'm full….feel a bit sick, head is spinning…food coma incoming.

  • +1

    Personal phone and work phone dinner sorted. 2 big macs and 4 fries for $6. Ambulance pre booked.

    Edit: pair it with kfc 9 for 9.95 and that’s a double bypass sorted

    • +1

      That will teach you for eating spinach all your life

  • Never really liked Big Macs.. but a buck's a buck! Right after the gym too loL! Same as the free QP from before!

  • so $1 large frozen coke
    $1 large fries and $1 big mac

    that's a $3 large meal!

    • +1

      You winz internetz

      • +1


        cries in happy meal

  • Urgh. I feel sick after a big Mac.

  • Showing "offer exp tomorrow", so is that means 2days offer? can I redeem tomorrow?

    • 12am tonight.

  • -2

    If I remove beef patty from this burger then will it be still ok to eat or taste will like shit?
    Trying to make this Big Mac Veg.

    • Yeah I reckon it'd be alright, just a lettuce and cheese sandwich with sauce.

  • +1

    Ok so I went to redeem the $1 Big Mac offer at 6:30pm and they told me it expired. They have reached the limit. Not happy. Any one else had this happen?

    • +2

      Depends what the staff is like. Was still showing in app but wouldn't scan to show on their computer. They manually put it through in the end.

    • +1

      Saw someone complaining on Facebook about the same.

  • +4

    It's a $1 cheeseburger now

    • Same- says "you missed out on a Big Mac". Ouch

  • I just grabbed my 2nd one about 10 mins ago with no issues.

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