expired 8% off Hotels (Min Stay 2 Nights) @ Expedia


Similar to this deal which just recently expired. I was looking to book a hotel through Expedia that would stack with existing discounts unlike the Mastercard Deal and I finally found one here that worked for me.

I found success in following this suggestion by carlordau. Saved a fair few $$$ by clicking through to Expedia through TripAdvisor and then stacking with this discount code.

A minimum stay of 2 nights required to qualify for this promotion. Enjoy an extra 8% discount on prepaid standalone hotels.
Brand restrictions: Standalone prepaid hotels
User limitations: All users
Minimum Purchase value: 2 nights
Discount offered: 8% OFF

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    Error.."sorry this coupon has already been used"

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    There is a unique coupon generated every time at https://www.cuponation.com.au/expedia-coupon-code

    So if you want the coupon, you'll need to retrieve it from that site.


    How does this improve from the Mastercard deal, as Mastercard is 11% off?
    Unless you can stack this with Shopback or Cashrewards, is that what you mean? Personally haven't found it too different going from TripAdvisor to Expedia.

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      For me it was a few hundred dollars different going through TripAdvisor to Expedia rather than Expedia direct and using the Mastercard deal. YMMV.


        I must be daft as I'm going from TripAdvisor to Expedia and then just using that price with the Mastercard deal (but have to open a separate window to trigger the Mastercard deal) - but the prices don't really change on TripAdvisor to Expedia. I'll try again and see what happens


          If you go to through the Mastercard 11% off URL, the prices will revert to the more expensive price - so you're only getting 11% off the expensive price, when a deal like this one is 8% off the discounted price (where they have to compete with your business on sites like TripAdvisor or Google Travel).

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