This was posted 2 years 5 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 10pc McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Medium Meal Deal (up to $15.10) - 10PM-2AM (Delivery Fee Applies) @ Uber Eats


Similar to the last deal but it's a medium meal this time.

Delivery fee applies. Participating restaurants and first 15000 orders only.


Mod edit: Start time appears to be 10pm not 8pm as per the promo image (may have been in WA time).

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  • +5

    They want to go three for three failed promos?

    • +35

      Majority of Ozbargainers had no problems for the last 2 promos. And would your rather no promotion at all?

      • +2

        I think are are mistaken, the first one all McDonald's in a major city were marked as closed?
        I'd rather working promos that are planned is that too much to ask from two large corporations?

        • Which city? Melbourne was fine, so was Sydney.

          • +2

            @cakesyy: Nope cancelled even though I booked at 12:01

          • +1

            @cakesyy: Melbourne wasn't fine on the first one all were closed

        • Both have worked for me in Perth Metro

        • The first one was any $20+ worth of food without notice to the workers compared to these nugget deals so it should run more smoothly from now on

    • +1

      The epic Trilogy

    • +2

      Last two promos worked for me and my wife (ordering separately). 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • +3

      You mean the last 2 promos where I had 100% success rate?

    • The very first commenter was right all along.

  • +36

    We need a Maccas Uber Eats bingo board!

    • Not working
    • Maccas is closed
    • Promo applied but charged full price
    • Uber driver was late
    • Missing a nugget
    • Order still pending
    • Order kept getting pushed back
    • Food is cold
    • +3
      • Store is too far away
    • Fish drowned

    • +8

      Driver cancelled the order and ate the nuggets

    • Bikies taken over maccas

      • Starting time wrong
    • How do these work? I've only tried 1x, we ordered at 7pm from one 10min drive away. We cancelled at 8pm. Some driver knocked on our door 10pm.

    • I did a maccas Uber eats delivery for a customer who was literally 50m downa the road. Uber app wouldn't let mark it as delivered, and said delivery was too short. I had to drive back to maccas and drive back again to complete the trip.

  • +7

    I miss the old days when promotion codes work on all items in a store up to a specific value rather than a specific item :(

    • +1

      Like delivery hero

    • +1

      It was only like 2 weeks ago haha.

  • +32

    medium nugget value meal machine is broken

  • Both deals worked for me last time, neither worked for a mate living elsewhere but he ended up getting a free voucher for $20 odd the following day. Worth the punt even if previous attempts haven’t worked.

  • +1

    Going for the hat trick

  • The nuggets seem to be better these days, thanks OP.

    • +5

      That's not how it worked on the last deal

    • +5

      medium cola and fries too.

      • +4

        Diet Coke please, i'm watching my weight

  • +1

    Interesting, was able to add the previous coupons before it started but this time it says promotion has not started.

    • Same

  • Matches up with Australia in the world cup again. Do they have it lined up for the rest of the world cup for more offers?

    • +2

      Yes they're lined up with Aus in the WC, have you not looked at the coupon codes?

  • +1

    McNuggets Medium Meal is $12.9, how to get $15.10?

    • +6

      $12.90 + $2.20

    • +2

      Dont worry about it, the voucher gives you up to $15.10 for the meal. Delivery varies so you may not need all of the $15.10 or you may need to pay a couple of dollars.

    • Choice of drink. That can add up to $2.35 to order for me.
      May allow Large meal?

  • Never used uber eats or other food delivery services.
    Do people tip?
    If so, how much?

    • +11

      Do you tip anywhere else in Australia?

    • +18

      Typically about $20-$30

      Also it's customary to tip people $5 for replying to your comment

      • +5

        And to tip a further $5 for people who reply to replies

      • I concur

  • +1

    Can We order $15.10 worth of any food or does it have to be the chicken nugget meal?

    • +7

      It can be any food as long as it's a medium 10 piece nugget meal.

      • Something like a mcflurry might round me off

  • -1

    Weird, Chicken McNuggets 10 pc meal is 13.40 :(

  • +3

    My local is currently not taking orders. Good start…

  • Mc donalds chatswood switch off orders whenever these deals come up

  • +2

    Got this right on 10pm last time. Was delivered within 10 minutes, really impressive.

    Then my local store stopped taking orders around 10.15. So be quick!

  • +2

    Love it. Have to drive more than halfway to the store to be in range for delivery and pay an extra $4.85 for the privilege!
    Seriously the furtherest uber eats will go from Springwood and Underwood maccas is 2km, and you have to pay $6.45 for that.

  • It’s going to be $4.80 for me which whilst good for Uber eats pricing I don’t see it as great value.

  • Just wondering, does it follow local time? or AEST?

    • Yes, AEST.

      • Just tried.. Doesn't work (yet)
        Says "Promotion cannot be registered because it has not started"
        Guess it follows local time. I'm in SA.

        • Last two followed AEST time, don’t think this would be any different but seems everyone has an issue atm

  • Too far!

  • The time draws nigh

  • Stanmore McDonalds is unavailable :(

  • +31

    Not working. Says it hasn't started

    • +2

      yet another uber fail :(

    • +3

      Some unpaid intern probably forgot to press the start button and went home

  • +7

    says cant apply due to not starting yet its 801

  • +4

    8:01 promo not started yet?

  • my mcdonalds is "unavailable"

  • +4

    says not started

  • WA not started yet according to the app

  • +3




    • +3

      I'm ready but Uber not :(

  • +2

    Didn't work

  • +2

    Promotion cannot be applied because it has not started.

  • Not started yet

  • +1

    8:02 not started

  • +5

    Maybe they mean Midnight to 8am like last time?

  • +1

    Not available

  • +1

    any minute now…

  • +1

    Doesn't work even at 8.03

  • +1

    Promo not yet started for me

  • I reckon! Aint the cricket after midnight anyways?

  • +1

    What a joke

  • Come on! It’s 8:03, still showing promotion has not started!!

  • +1

    RIP another stuff up?

    • +1

      Feels like it

  • +12

    I haven’t eaten dinner in anticipation of this deal. Don’t let me down McD….

    • +3

      agree! Whats in the freezer now?

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