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Fetch TV Mighty PVR M616T - $279.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Was looking for a FetchTV and found this one on The Good Guys eBay. Promotional price $345 @ Harvey Norman/The Good Guys. Refubrished from Fetchtv ebay is $279. I'd say this is a good deal for now. It's brand new and has a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Original 20% off The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • how do these compare to a newer TV recording to external hdd? I have a humax pvr and it's much better than my samsung tv (4yr old now) for recording.

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    Awesome, thanks OP.
    Been looking at the refurbished one, I’m glad I’m paying the same price for a brand spanking new one :)

  • Anyone know if you need a paid subscription for the e.p.g?

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      You do not need a paid sub. $1 activation fee at time of account creation and that's it.

      • How do these boxes work? They don't need an Optus subscription? And are unlocked compared to the Fetchbox provided with and rented from Optus subscription/plan. They're great boxes, but at the end of my contract, I take it you can't use that provided box anymore?

        • you can use them on any internet provider, a lot of ISPs bundle them but it is not limited

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            @aacheney: No you can't, they are tied to the ISP.
            They might work for a while however will stop working

            • @spaceflight: These are not locked to an ISP, you are buying the box outright.

              • @interfreak:

                These are not locked to an ISP, you are buying the box outright.

                Do you even read the comment I replied to?

                a lot of ISPs bundle them

                If you get a Fetch box bundled from an ISP it is tied to that ISP, it is not a retail box and cannot be used as one, it can't even be used with a retail box.

        • They don't need an Optus subscription?

          No you can buy them outright

          And are unlocked compared to the Fetchbox provided with and rented from Optus subscription/plan.

          Yes if you buy them from JB or other stores they are unlocked

          but at the end of my contract, I take it you can't use that provided box anymore?

          You can if you keep paying the monthly fee.

  • Ok, sorry. Read the link. Cancel that.

  • Awesome deal! trying to resist, have clicked a few times and trying to keep myself distracted in between each visit, hopefully it will expire/go out of stock b4 i loose control

    BTW I am using same from Optus and love it, my plan will expire in Nov currently its $80, i suspect optus will raise price to $90 making me feel getting this box, paying $6 pm to fetch and getting $60 (NBN 50 mbps) broadband from exetel or other providers

    • I'm on Optus HFC & am just switching to excel & getting this deal for exactly this. New bundle price on Optus just isn't worth it

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  • Is OPTUS Sport accessible/pre loaded on this to access from the Menu DropDown ?

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      Yes it's in the menu whether you have an account or not.

  • Hopefully Fetch don't follow Plex's lead and drop the free EPG service

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      Ridiculous comment

      • I know right! Terrible.

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    Had a Beyonwiz PVR for years and swapped over for this about 18 months ago.

    I want to cry thinking about how much better the Fetch is in every measurable way.

    Jump on this deal!

    Also it is controllable via Google Home which is pointless but cool nonetheless.

    Also, also you can set recordings (even series recordings) via a mobile app (which may be commonplace now but not with my Wiz).

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    I just bought a refurbished fetch through ebay. I used to use window 7 media center. The fetch is great I absolutely love it, the packaging etc was perfect, I could not tell that is was refurbished and think it might have been brand new.

    • I'm still using a W7 MCE.. Over 10 years!
      But… I have been considering one of these.
      Only problem for me is I have a Netflix/Hulu/NBA/Kayo subscription. I'm guessing it's hard (impossible) to do or use all these kind of services on a Fetch box?

      • Also, can’t skip commercials - skip button hard-preset at 5 minutes.

        • mine does the usual 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x even has an automatic backtrack when at 32x it winds it back to where it thinks you saw it.

      • Fetch doesn't support Hulu, Kayo or NBA apps.

  • I have a Fetch Mighty and Mini given to me by Optus

    Can they be used for a normal fetch sub and do these optus branded ones have any resale value?

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      No they cannot be used by anybody else. They are locked to your Optus account. Please return them to Optus.

      • Ok thanks

        I tried to send the mini back because I didn't want to pay the extra but they wouldn't take it back

        Probably going to bin it if I can't sell it

        • Do they still work after you ended your contract with Optus? I originally got a Fetch mini, great to use together with Optus sport, but now the per month cost is $10 for the box it's prob something I can live without.

          • @herrod: No they will deactivate your particular box

  • Awesome deal, I bought a refurb and was in great condition. This is much better than the original $449 price!

  • Can you link two mightys together or if you want to play recordings from one mighty to something else then only a mini will do ?

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      Can you link two mightys together


    • Curious about the FTA streaming feature. instructions state that you can stream FTA between a Mighty and a Mini - what about 2 Mighty’s?

      • FTA streaming is Mighty to Mini only.

        • Thought so - thanks for your response! :)

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    Will finally replace the tivo with this one now, cheers

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    Dont like mine, its loud when sleeping and have to turn it off at the wall cos no power button

    • Fetch is ok, TiVo was much better in my opinion. My fetch runs hot, needs resetting regularly and the interface in not as nearly as polished as TiVo was, the remote is also cheap in comparison. Would probably love it if I hadn’t had TiVo prior.

    • +8

      Not a fan?

      • +1

        up you go ⬆️

    • After 3 hours it goes into sleep mode.
      You can probably change that

    • You could buy a smart plug and remotely turn it off from a smart device like your phone

  • Can you link this or the mini to an Optus-supplied Mighty?
    I'm guessing not, but haven't been able to find an answer.

    • +1


    • I'm guessing not, but haven't been able to find an answer.

      Have you looked in the Fetch website?


      It's not possible to mix direct retail boxes with boxes that came from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or to mix boxes from different ISPs.

  • -1

    Overrated - have had before, would not again

    • in what way?

      • The upfront cost of the box makes it prohibitive (if its thrown in from ISP May differ)

        The channels are sparse, might as well get a Foxtel stream package

        • +1

          why would people pay $270 plus monthly channel fees for "premium" channels? This is more expensive than foxtel. Recording free to air doesnt justify the price

          • +3

            @DisabledUser129779: Why don't you compare the monthly fees for Fetch vs Foxtel?

            How much does a regular PVR cost?

            • +1

              @jelko: The entire point is there are no good PVRs on the market anymore that I'm aware of since Tivo finished.

              This is the closest thing to a Foxtel Box, so if you're in the market for a PVR this is cheap at this price and has the option of channel packages or just use it to combine with Netflix or stan subscription.

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    Just bought this and the mini and moving to exetel nbn. Bye bye Optus. That's what you get for being a greedy a hole. Thanks community for making this happen. Xo

  • Did anyone have issues getting this honoured? GG cancelled my order, jacked the price by $95, and then suggested I repurchase with today's higher sale price.

  • If anyone is keen I have 2 fetch boxes that I received from Optus over a year ago that I have never used. Didn’t realise they were expensive. New in packaging - one fetch mighty and one mini. Happy to take offers

    • I believe they are locked/linked to your Optus account and cannot be used by anybody else.

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