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[iOS] $0: AdBlock X @ iTunes


Enjoy :)

Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers, unnecessary resources and bypass anti-adblock detectors.

Say goodbye to:

  • ads and banners
  • autoplay videos
  • fake "x" buttons
  • scrolling banners
  • timed popups
  • redirects to "xxx" websites
  • YouTube video ads in Safari
  • collection of your data online

Enjoy better Safari:

  • on average 2x faster web browsing
  • on average 50% lower data usage
  • improved battery life

Extra features:

  • bypass anti-adblock detectors
  • sync settings between your devices with iCloud
  • built-in button in Safari for quick changes
  • hide obtrusive "Allow Cookies" prompts
  • hide comment sections on popular websites
  • block adult content (make browsing safe for kids)

Optimized for websites in the following languages:

English, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Persian, Latvian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Korean, Swedish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Estonian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Hungarian, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, Arabic

Found an advertisement that made it through?

Report it from inside the app. The app employs a crowdsourced blocking list updated with feedback of people like you.​

Did AdBlocker make your life better?

Leave a review and spread the word - most of iPhone & iPad users still don't know that they can block ads inside Safari

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  • +5

    Waits for a new anti-adblock detector detector detector.

  • Normal price?

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    I recommend guardian firewall for iOS
    Blocks things this one could never ever block

    • +1

      Such as?

      • +29

        Your question was blocked

        • +2

          It blocks all trackers systemwide not just in safari only.
          Have a look in the App Store

          • +2

            @thelastnoob: That implies it’s routing your traffic through it’s servers.

    • No such app.

  • Anything similar recommended for Android?

    • +2

      Yes, Blokada is one of many ways to block ads on android.

    • If you use Samsung phone, check out Adhell. The best solution to block ads, firewall and disable system apps(like fb etc)

      • That's the kind of adblock I'm after but 50k download only?

        • +4

          Adhell is well known in the XDA community to be the best non-root solution for ads/firewall etc. Not sure how your question is relevant.

          • +1

            @sssbp: Just looked through the reviews on Play store.
            Seems you need to be an enterprise customer or something or it doesn't work.

            Is this the right one or am I looking at the wrong thing?

            • +1

              @SJDR: Ignore the Playstore version, search on Reddit or XDA for the correct one

            • @SJDR: Adhell utilises Samsung Knox, which is a security feature for enterprise usage. To use it, you need to get a (free?) developer key from Samsung, or the phone is already Knox-enrolled (through workplace). Unfortunately, judging from the numerous XDA threads (AdHell 2, SABS, the app (and its derivatives) are frowned upon by Samsung and their download links along with github repos are frequently DMCA-ed. You may find more update in this reddit sub.

              I'm not sure why the app is still available on Play Store. Maybe it has reduced functionalities to comply with the DMCA.

              PS: I'm not an Adhell user, just occasion XDA visitor who is aware of the app.

          • @sssbp: Does it block YouTube ads?

      • Adhell 3 for new devices is limited by Samsung development Keys, you need to generate new ones every few months then after awhile you will run out.

        • +1

          No the app works fine even after the key expires.

    • +1

      Brave, if you just want your browser to have adblock and better privacy.

    • +2

      Depends what are you trying to block.

      For just browser ads try Brave as an alternative to Chrome (it's based on it so pretty similar in use).

      Newpipe or YouTube Vanced for YouTube.

      For system wide blocking (in app ad banners etc) your phone needs to be rooted. Magisk with systemless AdAway if it's an option.

      I haven't tried any of the ones that tunnel everything through a VPN.

    • use DNS66 :) you have to install F droid though

  • +1

    I'd recommend Wipr. There is a free extension for Safari.

    • MacOS or iOS?

      • +1

        Wipr is available on both for safari, I couldn't get cash rewards working with it on one Mac though, so ended up disabling it.

  • +1

    Do you have to have this app open on your phone to work?

    Edit - Just found no you don’t just have it installed and turn it on in settings

  • +2

    Thanks but only use chrome

  • Thanks OP, will try it out.

  • I am having trouble accessing the privacy policy. Can someone please paste it here? Thanks!

  • +2

    If you trust Mozilla, also check out Firefox Focus!

    Make sure to enable Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers

  • +1

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to block Facebook video ads? Drives me nuts to the point I don't even use Facebook anymore.

    • +1

      On desktop I use FB Purity add-on for my browser.

      On mobile I've been using Simple Pro, initially because I didn't want a separate app for Facebook messages but also don't get any ads with it (though have other ad blockers, but haven't seen sponsored posts etc either)

      • I just checked simple pro is Android only… thanks nonetheless! (iPhone bandwagon here, although still use android as a spare phone)
        I don't get ads on facebook on my mac/windows at all, probably because I use nano blocker / ublock origin but I mainly use fb on my phone… like 2 30second ads for a 4 minute video? Who on earth thought of that.

        • +1

          I've found friendly for facebook on ios is pretty good and is similar to simple pro.

  • Thanks

  • +2

    AdGuard is another option if you want to customise the filter list. Paid version adds adblock ability (via DNS filtering) to other apps (in addition to Safari).

    • adguard just updated thier app and blocking doesn't work properly, also you now have to pay for Malware blocking. :(

  • -1

    Are there as on the internet?

  • Didn’t Safari browser blocked ads by itself anyway? I know it doesn’t support cookies either.

  • Is there an iOS App that blocks ads in ALL apps that someone could recommend? (not just safari)
    I was using one for years that worked perfectly at blocking pop up ads, banner ads, etc, up until a few days ago when it was removed from the app store :(
    Haven't been able to find a replacement…

    Edit: Nevermind, i found out what happened, the app i was using has been re-released under a new name - "Luna" - https://luna.app.link/6Ewl9eY7zX

  • Seems to be no longer free