Best Credit Card / FF Arrangement for Couple Living Apart

Hi all,

General Question

Just wondering what the best arrangement for Credit Card / FF points is for couples? Is it better to have a joint account or two separate accounts?

I guess one bonus for both signing up for 2 separate accounts is you can get double the points for signing up to a credit card deal?

Specific Situation

The main regular expenses for my partner and I are at Woolworths for groceries, petrol, bills and rent (is it usually possible to pay rent with credit card?)

We're relatively frugal and pay off credit cards on time and try to save money where we can but we're probably too exhausted to do OzBargain style coupon stacks etc on every purchase

We're not frequent flyers but this year (and possibly next) we have had to live apart - she is in Sydney and I in Coffs Harbour - hence why this question arose as neither of us really have credit card / FF setups optimised to get rewards. But since we're going to be flying more - we're wondering if this may be worth it - we don't mind paying the annual fee if it pays off in the long run.

Also, a slight dilemma as to which Airline group to back?
-as a general rule our preferred airline is JQ - but it does not fly to Coffs Harbour (QF does though - but is most expensive)
-we love VA's service but the flights aren't always as frequent enough to Coffs Harbour although the price is lower
(Cheapest is Tiger of course but very limited flights / times)

Any recommendations? Should we sign up separately or pool the expenses into one card?
(Apple pay would be nice with the card!)

EDIT: have created a poll

Poll Options

  • 1
    Joint Cards / QF+JQ Aligned Cards
  • 1
    Joint Cards / VA Aligned Cards
  • 7
    Separate Cards / QF+JQ Aligned Cards
  • 1
    Separate Cards / VA Aligned Cards


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    Assuming individually you both have the income to support signing up to separate credit cards, then this is going to earn you the most bonus points on sign ups.

    If QF have the most flights to Coffs then this is going to probably be your best bet for an airline. Remember you can earn qff points and status on Jetstar in the right fare categories. And you can redeem qff points on jq as well. So from Your description, Qantas for seems like the program of choice for your situation.

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    Get separate cards so that when there is a sign up bonus, let's say 80,000 points signing up spend $x,000, then you get 2 x that! Before you know it, you are rolling in points.

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    OP, can you turn on PMs? Lived apart from the gf for two years and have a few tips.

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      thanks chillybags - just turned PMs on - would be grateful for any advice - sorting out flights while living in Coffs Harbour has been challenging - especially when we make plans to visit Melbourne where my parents and a few friends are

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    Separate cards - you get double the sign up bonus points and also referral points as well. Holding cards is good for your credit rating too.

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    Just buy the cheapest flights

    Even if you fly 10 times a year it won't really amount to many points to redeem
    Points are really only useful for travellers in Business class

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