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Philips HUE LED Downlight $43.90 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


My first post, probably cheapest so far for this product. Good chance for whom needs this downlight

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Keep in mind these are larger than the standard 90 mm downlight cutouts.

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      Good point. For those wondering they’re apparently 125mm

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        They are. Ali express sells a 125mm hole saw

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        I found that a CD is the exact size you need - so for expanding a 90mm hole, just draw around a CD with a pencil and then use something like a mini hacksaw blade to cut the extra out.

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          Also, if you have a 90mm hole saw and a 125mm one, you can put the larger one on then the smaller one inside it as a guide in the existing hole. Bunnings has a cheapish set that should manage a few holes in plasterboard.

  • Got four back in March for $47.90 each - so $43.90 is excellent. Picked up another three.

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    I’m wondering if these are suitable for outdoor use as a porch light (covered from the rain). We have an led downlight there but it’s be handy to have one we can switch on from outside with our phones.

    • I've been trying to find info on this as well

    • I haven't tried it but my gut feel is it would be ok. These units are pretty well built.

      Just make sure the transformer isn't exposed to any water.

      At the end of the day these pretty affordable so if it dies after a couple of years slot in another.

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    FFS, I bought 20 of these 2 weeks ago at $59 each. argh.

    • Buy now and return with old invoice

      • They are already in the roof :)

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          Return the new ones with old invoice

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      I bought a few last week. I emailed Amazon last night saying I would've delayed purchase had I known the deal was going to be on. They credited back the difference. Worth trying yourself??

  • Curious - what’s the thought behind people buying these instead of bulbs that don’t rely on a bridge/hub?

    • Depending on how many wifi devices you have consumer grade wifi gear will start to choke out at relatively small number (lets say 50). With eg 20 lights as above some plugs, phones, tabs, homes/echos and computers this can very quickly start to impact user experience.

      I personally run my zigbee gear off a cc2531 for a few bux. The inherent meshed nature of zigbee devices is a plus.

      • Also less likely to have spurious connectivity issues, lights out of sync.
        ANOTHER big plus is the ability to have a wireless dimmer remote or motion sensor whose battery can last up to two years

      • Keep in mind that Zigbee is still in the 2.4ghz band, so depending on the channels of your actual WiFi, Zigbee could still be contributing to congestion in your WiFi signal. The only way to have connected devices that don't interfere at all is with Z-Wave because it's on its own licensed radio band. Unfortunately it's much more expensive and less prolific/popular because devices are unique to the country that the bands are licensed in - meaning no imports.

        • Good point, 2.4 is getting pretty congested these days, would not want to be in high density apartments. Luckily most people don't do spectrum analysis and mostly stick to default wap settings. I have my zigbee and wifi network on either side of the 2.4band. Surly me clogging up neighbours 2.4 is worth of an ACA episode.

          Its not too concerning though given most intensive devices are on 5g, 2.4ghz is the iot whipping boy. Latency in device function is for the most part irrelevant.

      • Must be really crap router to choke out at 50,i never experienced any router that crap itself with that much connection, even with Telstra branded one

  • Anyone know if you get issues having the maximum 50? Building a new house atm.

    • In theory that's the number where you shouldn't have issues like lights turning off.. it can go higher I think, technically.
      You can have two hubs, but the hue app sucks for that as you have to switch one at a time. Home assistant doesn't care at all and will see them all at once

    • If you're going to get close to the maximum, you should probably consider Zigbee-based inline controllers or wall switches instead. Doing this allows you to buy cheaper dimmable LED bulbs and should reduce the overall cost. This is especially true if you're building a house, because you'll need electrical work done anyway.

      I can't really recommend any brands as I'm still renting, but something like this would probably be more useful to you. Many of them can even be paired with the Hue Hub so that you can have control that way.

      • Definitely better or easier for mass bulk, but you’d lose CCT (adjustable white temperature) by going inline. It’s nice to have to set the perfect white tone

      • Why would wall switches change the amount of connections. Just changing from light to wall switch. You still need to add the lights or buy dumb downlights at that size still similar pricing

        • Because you can have a bunch of lights attached to a single switch and single dimmable downlight LEDs can be as cheap as $10 a pop. If you're doing it in bulk with 4+ per circuit, definitely cheaper - especially when bulbs die.

          • @trankillity: Your thinking of cheap 90cm downlights. For downlights this size you looking closer to 30-40

      • Can you still control the Zigbee switch via the Hue bridge and app?

        • Provided it's compatible with the Hue Bridge, yes.

    • Just require multiple bridges

    • Most people have a bridge per zone like upstairs downstairs

    • I ruled out the Philip as the hub can only have a maximum of 50 connections.
      I'm also building, have 65 downlights, and planning to get this:

      No need hub, has app, and can be activated by google assistant and Alexa.

      My electrician wanted to put in the Clipsal nero system, but at $245 a pop installed per 'group' of downlights + hubs + 'normal'downlights + a list of other things…. it was gonna cost me $7k so binned that idea.

      Let me know if anyone thinks my decision is a shocking idea!!

      • Those look like each light is individually connected via Wi-Fi and with 65 of them, I'd say your home wi-fi will be interrupted pretty bad. This is how LIFX work and their site recommends no more than 36 in a home as a result.

        Phillips Hue and Sengled use zigbee and the hub is what connects to your Wi-Fi. So what I'm planning to do is go with either Hue or Sengled (leaning towards Sengled downlights over Hue owing to 90mm cut outs and higher lumens output) and get around 50. They say the hub can support 50 for Hue and about 64 for Sengled.

  • I really want these but in colour. I'm sure they used to be available on Amazon but I see nothing any more?

    • There is a smaller downlight that does colour. Search for gu10 philips hue downlight

      • Jeez I can't believe I couldn't work that out.
        I just have to check I have GU10 and not the GU5 spiky ones and I'm set.
        My whole house is smart lighting except my downlights.

    • Your thinking of the Zenismart ones

    • Check out the LIFX ones. I was able to get some for $54 each during one of the sale events

      • Full size downlights? Or just the gu10

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of this deal? I want to use it as I purchased one to check and before I could get more the deal expired :(
    Really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!

    • Prime day will be coming soon - I'm sure Hue will be on special during that period.

    • Deal is now back on right now. get on it. Use cash rewards i just got 10

      • Not exactly, its has gone up.. $43.90 —> $47.56

  • $59.00 now~

    • Prime day: next Monday & Tuesday.

      • Thank you! AdrianW !