AGL Solar Exchange (VIC only)

Just wondering if any other Victorian AGL customers were signed up to the AGL solar exchange?

They have tweaked a few things today, previously you could only refer and trade with new members of the solar exchange but now you can refer and trade with existing members which makes it easier to increase the members you can trade with to maximise trade bonuses.

For anyone who doesn't know AGL solar exchange is an automated marketplace where you can purchase and sell solar tokens. The default settings are simply that you purchase solar credits when they are equal to or lower than your current plan rates and you sell solar tokens when they are equal or above your current FIT rates. For every trade you make you are awarded a trade bonus starting at 1c per kwh you trade, if you somehow make it to black tier you earn 7c per kwh you trade. You go up in tiers by signing up people, by becoming friends with other users and by trading.

I've been signed up for a couple of months now, with 1 friend and I'm bronze tier so earn 2c bonus per trade. It has saved $4.50 to $5 a month off my bill, not huge dollars but pretty good for doing absolutely nothing as it's set and forget. You also don't have to have solar to sign up, you can still buy tokens.

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    OP Why don't you just find people on forums to sign up?


      Ideally it would be nice to find a group of people who can share details to trade with each other, everyone wins from this arrangement. Finding AGL Victoria customers isn't that easy.

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