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All Tyres 10% off @


10% off the entire range at (20/06/2019)

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    Remember that prices seem great but once u factor in the fitter, the prices are very similar to jax and other stores who include fitting in the price.

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      Yup, just bought two sets for our two cars, after seeing all the shipping and fitting costs added on I ended up just using tyresales who put it all in the price up front. Tyresales range also much better.

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        Same as me, purchased through tyresales two days ago and used the $50 off two or more deal to get it even cheaper

        • Sigh. Missed this could have saved me heaps.

          Did do a $50 referring code thing so should get a $50 giftcard

          EDIT: just called and after a bit of pushing was able to get $50 back on each order! Woohoo

          Not as good as splitting it up for an extra $50 but happy with that cheers

          Should still get the referral $50 as well hopefully.

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            @noise36: I've learnt to always check ozb before buying stuff 😆
            Great to hear they gave you money back on the orders, well done!

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          Thanks mate - wasn't aware of this offer till you mentioned it..

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      yup, and just checked the tyre fitter service on the website and checked Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and there are none to be found. This means you take it to a tyre place and they will charge you as much as possible since you didn't buy tyres through them.

      Also would be good to see some examples listed to show that 10% actually equates to a deal…

    • Yep exactly the same thoughts. Once you add up the shipping and fitting cost it works out much cheaper to just look up the set you want on Tyre sales and take them to Kmart Tyre ( or what ever they call themselves now).

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    Completely agree, unless they have a 25% off promotion they are not cheeper considering that tyre fitters will charge you extra for not buying direct.

  • Not their BAFO, waaaaiiiittttiiiing .. :-( .. !!

  • Tyresales better because they include the fitting price lol.

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    This is good feedback for the rep - Everyone wants transparent pricing

  • Tyroola is $858 including fitting for the tyres I want. Tyresales is $940 if made as 2 orders and that's if the $50 discount mentioned above still works for both orders. Shame I still can't afford tyres.

    • Competition is good! I couldn't even find the same tyres on tryoola, had a poor range in the size I need.

  • Long time user of this site as I have the means to fit them for close to $0. Quick question rep, why is shipping free for some tyres but its quoting me $48 if I go the cheaper ones?


  • Any recommendations for a Ford Focus S? It's amusing that if I select Trend I get way more options when basically it's the same car with sports extras.

    Typepower has buy 3, get 1 free which is similar discount.

    Ford does the fitting near me, which generally do my car services.

    I have no idea on tyres, it's just a FWD 135KW car, daily driver.

    • You pretty much have to just a choose a price point and then pick a tyre, a bit like choosing wine based on the label. Very little info in the wild about which tyres are good and which are bad, mostly anecdotes not facts.

      • Especially with smaller brands, just wild guesses lol

        I think the other deal mentioned above may have better tyre range under $100 from larger tyre manufacturers, plus the $50 off per 2 tyres makes it quite cheap.

        It's annoying that it recommends $120 tyres, but high performance are $180
        I just thought tyres for a small hatch would be $70-100

        I've never had to buy tyre's before.

    • If in doubt, stick with a big brand:

      Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental

      You just need a 'touring' tyre.

  • More expensive than locals (or other online provider) as have to factor in shipping and fitting even after 10% off. No deal here as I see reflected many times in the comments above.

    AS_COOL_AS_A_CUCUMBER no I think these prices are AS_COLD_AS_ICE

    Thanks OP for trying to drum up business anyway.

  • Mate Rate link(Email and Facebook) does not even work. What's the point of having it?