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40% off Storewide + Free Shipping - Ultra NATO Straps (Seat-Belt) $23.97 Delivered @ Strapify


We're kicking off our EOFY Strapify sale!

Get 40% off storewide with no minimum purchase! Free shipping on all orders!

We've also expanded our range of popular Supreme Seat-Belt NATO straps. We now have over 30 designs!


Marine Nationale Elastic Straps $32.97
Ultra Seat-Belt NATO Straps $23.97
Supreme Seat-Belt NATO Straps $17.97
Top-grain leather straps with quick release $29.97
Standard NATO Straps $11.95 down to $7.17

Ends 30 June 11:59pm

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    Are these the same ones I can get on AliExpress?

    • My friend has them. They are miles better.

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      Hi Quaddie,

      The basic NATO straps can vary across AliExpress sellers significantly. We've seen the quality on many of the AliExpress straps and some are extremely thin (in a bad way) and have extremely thin buckles. Not to mention the lengths can also be very short to save on material costs!

      Having said this, with all our 'branded' straps (Leather, Marine Nationale, Supreme/Ultra seat-belt NATOs) are significantly better in every way as we've opted for more premium components. The most obvious being the buckle. We use a thick G-Force buckle compared to other sellers who use thinner buckles which will bend and flex with increasing wear.

      Hope this helps :)

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        Hi there.

        Great to see a rep on the page and being responsive. Respect.

        I having been delaying getting a new band for my Seiko mini 🐢 but yours seem to be a safe bet. What size strap do you recommend for mine? The model is SRPC25K - 4R36-04YO.

        Is there a reason to go for your more expensive bands or is it just looks?

        I notice all of the tools are out of stock. When will you have more?

        Cheers, R3b3l.

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          According to google, the lug width of the min turtle is 20mm

          • @quietsarcasm: Thank you for your assistance.

            I had messaged my supplier (Starbuy) to ask for the size as it does not show on their website. However, they did not reply - several times.

            When I googled it I found that various resellers and "watch enthusiasts" stated that it was either 18 or 22 mm. My thinking was that these people might have experience in supplying the correct size so that I do not have to go back and forth.

            Does that help to understand why I might have thought to direct such a question to this supplier?

            Cheers, R3b3l.

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              @R3b3l66: I found similar information and I think it'll be best to measure the lug width yourself to be 100% sure.

              There's a few reasons why to go with the better NATO straps. The Supreme/Ultra straps are so much more comfortable than a basic NATO. Basic NATOs can feel quite rough on the skin. They're also more durable and look better as they have quite a nice metallic sheen to it :)

            • @R3b3l66: https://www.uncleseiko.com/store/p161/beadsofricebabyturtle....

              I'd be inclined to trust these guys considering they make straps/bracelets as their business. They both say 20mm.

              Also, where did you contact starbuy? They have a rep here on Ozbargain and I've messaged them perviously and received a prompt response

              • @quietsarcasm: Thanks heaps for that info. Much appreciated.

                I used their "Contact me" link on their web page. I wasn't aware that they were on here as well. Certainly when I purchased my watch they were very attentive. However the watch band question just seemed to get missed.

                Sorry for being salty above. I am really ticked off at present. My HDD and my NAS (with 10 yrs of backups) got fried last week. Win10 is being an absolute dog on my clean install and nothing is helping re: DISM, SFC, bios updates, driver updates, etc. Have tried all suggestions that I can find online, reinstalled from scratch 6 times now and it is still running like my original 286 with 640k RAM. Actually I think that ran better. My lappy is only 3 yrs old and i have installed a new Sammy SSD.

                Thx again for your help mate. 👍

                • @R3b3l66: No problem. I didn't pick up on the snappy tone anyway.

                  Great colour choice for the watch btw. Was it just the size that put you off the full size turtle?

                  • @quietsarcasm: The colour is superb. I do get +ve comments on it.

                    Yeah, the bulk was the problem. All my previous watches were low profile and so I didn't want to risk it. In the end it was a good decision as I still manage to smack it on doorways, etc or get it caught if I am working inside a PC or on my car.

                    Highly recommended.

    • +3

      I received the Marine equivalent straps ($15) from AliExpress yesterday and I can confirm that they were made with quality material and buckles.
      No matter how good the quality Stapify claim it to be, it is not worth more than double the price for the extra "STRAPIFY" logo IMO.

      • EXACTLY.

      • to some it is the difference that makes the difference though.

    • They avoided a direct answer, but yes, the same as AliExpress with branding. The AliExpress ones are sterile. You will also find Strapsco and Cheapestnatostraps straps on AliExpress, with different branding. I have several of the AliExpress MN style straps and they're great and cheap. Same goes for the seatbelt natos.

      • I guess the answer is that it really depends on who you've bought with as well. It can definitely be a hit and miss but with us, you'll get a guarantee that you'll be happy. If you're not happy, we do accept returns and exchanges :)

    • +1


      I've bought a few of these and I have to say they are really quite nice. Much better than the standard cheapie ones, small buckles that don't feel cheap but keep a low wrist profile for the strap.

      • Nice find

  • Hi rep. I have an omega dark side of moon apparently needs 21mm strap. Would you have any that would fit? Notice the strap only have 20mm n 22mm? Thank you

  • How do the Apple Watch bands compare with OzStraps?

    • They'd be on par, if not better. If you aren't happy with the strap quality you're welcome to initiate an exchange or refund :)

      • Thanks, any plans to release a Space Grey version of the Milanese Loop? And any more stock going to be released for sold out items as part of the sale?

        • Hey Pablos. We'll have some in about a month's time. If you want to preorder let me know I can add some extra stock to do so 🙂

  • I have an Omega Pumpkin, do the Supreme NATO Orange or Marine National Orange colour match, or are they different shades of orange?

    • I'd say the Supreme NATO will come quite close to a colour match. The marine Nationale strap is a little lighter.

      We happy for you to purchase both and return one if it doesn't suit.

      • You know I'm going to take a chance on the MN. Always wanted to try one. Thanks rep :)

  • Are your top grain leather straps anywhere near the quality of entry Hirsch leather straps?

    • We haven't had a chance to compare the quality on the Hirsch straps unfortunately so can't say for sure. Sorry!

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