How Much Discount Should We Expect on a New, Demo Toyota Kluger GX 2wd or Mazda CX9 Sports ?

Hello everyone,
In the market for a 7 Seater SUV (Toyota Kluger GX 2wd or Mazda CX9 sports) and wondering if anyone have suggestions from personal experiences in buying these vehicles in Melbourne or surroundings. How much discount can we generally expect on EOFY sales on new,demonstrator or 1-2 year old vehicles and any suggestions on how much should be our offer to the dealer in these scenarios e.g. less 1k , 2k or even more. Lastly, any recommendations about dealers in and around Melbourne where people have been successful in negotiating a good deal. I know I have asked lot questions but the ozbargain spirit encouraged me to ask these questions to my fellow members… Thanks for your time guys.


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    You'll have far better luck scoring a deal when you've narrowed down to 1 car, rather than tossing up between 2.

    Work out which one first, then start the negotiating process when you're ready to sign. Until then, any salesperson will spot your flakiness (if you don't say yourself "we're also considering the XX") and won't be able to help.

    Put an offer in writing which is good but reasonable and what you'll buy it for.

    • CX9 has got more modern look with some extra features in the base variant than the Kluger and better fuel economy with $47990 price tag for a new one while Kluger's base variant is $43990. But if we look at 1-2 years old vehicle then there are more Kluger's available in the market than CX9's between price range $32000-$39000(advertised price) but with upto 58000Kms on the clock.Not an easy decision for me but I might go with CX9 new or demo if I really get a very good deal otherwise I would consider That's why I am asking for fellow members experiences and inputs so that it will help in negotiating a better deal if I already have some idea about how much would be a reasonable offer that is normally accepted by the dealers/salesperson. What should be a starting offer for a $47990 CX9 or Kluger's 43990. I'd appreciate the suggestions and tips on negotiation…..Thanks

      • New Kluger is coming in 2020 so negotiate hard on current model

        • Yeah no. A new model being 12 months out or so doesn't mean we have any need to clear current stock. That doesn't happen until the new model actually gets here, then we'll take offers on the old model.

          • @spackbace: Unless it's an awesome deal only a fool would buy a Kluger now with all new model out next year

            • @chumlee: Depends how much it launches for. $43,990 for current GX, less any negotiation, when RRP is $50,000.

              New model will launch at RRP, Toyota don't discount new models (refer to new Camry/Corolla/RAV4) for at least 12 months.

              So if a 'fool' wants to wait and pay nearly $10,000 more than the current model, they can go right ahead…

      • Lot of the 1-2 year Klugers will be ex-rental or ex-fleet. Very popular and common rental/fleet car.

  • I'm amazed that this post has been up for ~40 minutes and no-one (yet) has questioned your choices of vehicle.

    • Patience, patience.

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      Aah, all's well in the world.

      • I held it in as long as I could.