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Beatsx Wireless Earphones - $96 Shipped @ Telstra.com


Telstra.com is selling black BeatsX wireless earphones for $96 delivered.

Next cheapest price (other than Megabuy) is JB/Harvey Norman/Officeworks (possible price beat @ Officeworks) for $139.

I have no views as to the quality but not bad for branded wireless bluetooth earphones…

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  • How are these for working out? Been using Jaybird X2s

    • I prefer my BeatsX over my X2s as far as sound goes, and the longer cable between that “sits still” works better for me.

  • I've been using jaybird freedoms for over 2 years now and love them. How do these compare?

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      I've owned one for a year until I lost it. Sound quality is decent, definitely not worth the original price of $199 when launched, but I'd recommend it for $96. It has the W1 chip, so you can switch between devices easily, worked with android as well although there was a slight delay when switching between android and ios. Battery life is alright. I bought a soundpeats for around $40 (forgot the name, but looks almost similar to beatsX) after I lost the beats X. The sound quality is at par with beats and has amazing battery life. I am not going back to beats although I am quite tempted by the W1 chip and price.

  • if you have been using some kind of other headset then you are good those are better than this beat. full stop.

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    Brother got this. Soundpeats is better

  • I bought them a while ago and the left earbud suddenly stopped working in less than a year. I think it was due to my sweat but I expected it to resist that. The wire is quite long as well which isn't very running friendly.

    • Similar thing happened to mine - left earbud lost most of it's volume after 6 months. Got them repaired and then it happened again after another 6 months so they replaced them with a new set.

    • Apple will replace if under 1 year.

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    I know Beats are the brand people love to hate, a reputation it mostly deserves, but I think for this price it's a good pick. I have these, and I like them. I switched from Jaybird Freedom's because I could just not get a good seal with any of the supplied tips.

    I use these for running, to my ear they sound good and I've never had to fiddle with the tips. The easy pairing with the watch is nice. Just a warning that they're only water/sweat resistant, not water proof, so be careful in the rain (I have run in the rain a few times w/o issue, but I realise I would be SOL if they broke due to it).

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    I got it on sept 2017. I already replaced it twice and seems like it will be thrice soon(led is not working properly). They don’t last long.

  • Got these at $159 a few years ago, and would recommend at $96.

  • I use these daily at the gym for 15 months. Decent audio for Beats when used with Comply Foam tips. Great price.

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    Been using these for a Year … find the volume a a bit on the low side …anybody else ?

    Not too shabby for me otherwise.

  • Does anyone know with the warranty if you’re able to take them to a Genius Bar (as Beats is owned by Apple) or do you need to go back to Beats?

  • Been using them daily since release , sounds okay and easy to connect to devices, just have to keep them clean

  • Do these have microphones and if so what's the call quality like?

    I get complaints when I make calls with my QC35 so looking for a better alternative in a set of sports earphones

  • great price for a very decent paid of in ears

  • Telstra delivery is always very quick!
    Ordered these yesterday around 11:30 AM and they were delivered at 9:15 AM this morning :)

    Side note: These are the new version and they don't come with wingtips or the carrying case like the older version did.

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      Didn’t know that. I used to wear the wingtips but don’t seem to need them now. The carrying pouch has been a bit weird as it was always shove it in and hope for the best. Dust magnet too!

  • Seems back in stock.

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