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Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers Black or White $399 + Delivery @ PCCaseGear


Amazing price for these speakers.

I just bought some from PLE eBay for $507 with a discount code 10 days ago….no price protection unfortunately for me but a great deal for everyone else.

Great sounding powered bookshelf speakers.

PCCG says 'normally $489' but best price around for black is $540-600…pretty sure they were about $549 on pccg before this.

Also available in white:

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A2+ for $299 is also a great buy

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  • +3

    Good price on A5+.
    The A2+ are a big step down and $299 is still too expensive. I have owned the A2 model (without Bluetooth etc) and they have an extremely V-shaped sound. A2 may be acceptable for some people, but A5 have more balanced sound overall.
    (Definitely worth the extra $100 for A5 IMO)

    • Classic party speakers, but how do sound bars compare now? A always heard the AE A5 sounded a bit muddy.

      • A good soundbar may be able to keep up with some bookshelf’s, but I would say those who are serious about sound will always find proper bookshelf speakers will far surpass the ability of a soundbar.
        I guess those who are more particular with sound will be more cautious / careful when purchasing, and therefore go after certain models.

  • +3

    I have had these for a 3 years now and they're amazing. When I bought them, they were around $550, so this is an amazing deal.

    • +1

      I would not describe these as amazing. They are ok for its asking price.

  • +2

    Can this be used as karaoke speakers?

    • +1

      Only if you're not the one singing mate =p

      • How about when you are the one singing?

        • also looking for a small setup for my room with karaoke in mind. might go for the Yamaha hs8 instead which is double in price :)

    • These small speakers probably won't be powerful enough for Karaoke. The sudden high power that is generated in Karaoke sessions can easily blow these up. You will need PA speakers with higher power (>500W) for Karaoke.

  • Delivery?

    • Yes

      • Sorry should have been clearer, price is not inclusive of delivery, another $20-30

        • So you were asking a rhetorical question with your original comment?

          • @magic8ballgag: Initial post did not have delivery cost, hence I asked, looks like OP has changed.

  • +1

    These are great, I got a 2nd hand pair for $250 and they sound spectacular.

  • Wow bought these when they were going for $349 10 years ago.

    • That was most likely the A5's these are updated slightly

  • How do these commpare to the volls

    • Powered V Passive. Volls need an amp, the small ones Voll offer work fine. Having both the Volls and A5's, the former are quite a bit smaller and the Audioengines have a 'heavier' sound. Both are pretty good for near field listening.

      • I figured if I get this I’ll use the amp regardless as my computer audio is shocking

        Is the upgrade worth the money? Will I clearly hear a different

        • Do you already have Volls and an amp?

  • Any stores that would demo these?

  • Do you need a sub with these?

    • Not necessarily.

    • No. They have very tight and punchy bass (albeit not the deepest).

  • +1

    Had the older A5 model and can vouch for its sound quality. Worth the money especially at this price.

  • Which one is better Bose sound touch 30 or this one ?

    • This is a more 'true' sound, Bose will sound better to untrained ear but once you hear these, Bose will sound yuck.

  • How do these compare to say LSR305 or the new LSR306P? Totally not studio monitors! My bad(edited)

  • Great speakers at this price point. I found the amplifier overheated when I had them on full volume for a couple of hours for a party but after turning them off for a few minutes they returned to normal.

    • Yes over-heating is probably due to the class AB amplifiers which are known to run on the hot side.

  • +3

    Good price but I’d go for aktimate blue if I was in the market. ~$100 more for BT, digital input and probably better sound.


    • I'd go the Klipsch R-15PM.

      • $1000ish for local stock is a fair jump from $400 though. Klipsch aren’t a speaker id recommend buying blind either.

        • They were as low as $380 in October.

          • +1

            @Ryanek: Link?

            One for time machine too ;).

  • Is it $399 for one or pair of speakers?

    • pair

      • Thank you

  • +6

    Nice! I tried to buy these for $299 5 years ago. Couldn't pay because CommBank had to go down that very morning. I still mourn to this day.

    Me: "Commonwealth Bank is currently experiencing credit issues, as I found out by calling them. Could I possibly retain the current deal for the A5+($299) as the issue may not be resolved before midday?"

    PCCG: "Unfortunately this was a very limited promotion for orders placed within the timeframe, so we cannot provide this price beyond the sale time."

    • +6

      Haha found my ozbargain post from back then:

      protagonist on 11/04/2014 - 11:44
      Aww… I don't see it out of stock… Darn was up at 3am till now to buy and C'bank still hasn't fixed its card issues… c'mon 16 mins till end of deal.

  • I just went to the website and they are sold out of black.

  • +1

    I've had these speakers for 8 years and they are awesome. I have em with the S8 subwoofer and the D1 DAC. A great system overall!

  • +1

    White isn't out of stock yet.

    • +2

      It looks pretty good. Already have enough speakers though :(

  • These sound like good all-round pro-sumer bookshelve speakers. Not posh high end hyper expensive audiophile, but much better than $100 computer speaker sets. I purchased 2.1 speakers by Swan (Swan M50W) around 5 years ago and am still very happy with them, but rarely get to use them to avoid disturbing other family members (Sennheiser open backed HeadPhones are great quality as well, and very comfortable).

    5.1 surround sound systems are problematic to set up (equidistance, correct angles, wires running around the room and behind you). The is an advantage for some games and for films, but 99% of music is carried on just 2 channel. Music has really been left behind; it hasn't improved for the average consumer since the 80s CD releases.

  • Anyone in Melbourne who missed out on this deal and wants a pair of White speakers PM me.
    I've had a change of mind and will just give you my order number so you can go pick them up and pay for them.

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