Recommend Bank for Debit Card under 18 Yr Old

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a debit card for my son, he is under 18 and looking for any particular bank I should go with? If there perks with any banks or anything else please let me know. He is 16 yrs old. Just want to find a good bank to go with or a bank with good deals or perks.



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    I would go with the Commbank Youthsaver Account.
    No fees, and provides access to the Commbank app.

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      Youthsaver doesn't have a debit card AFAIK, go for the smart access

  • ING, it's pretty much the adult version without the deposit/transaction conditions

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    Dollarmites lol

    • That's how they got me, still with commbank 27 years later

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    Commonwealth Smart Access is free whilst you're under 18 or a full-time student. I'd recommend this if branch access is important, otherwise the Orange Everyday Youth is great.

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      Can do Cardless Cash too if they forget their Debit MasterCard but still have their phone on them

      • Yep, I have ING as my main account and use the Commonwealth just for coin deposits and cardless cash. With PayID/Osko it works great.

  • Macquarie

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    St Georges currently has an offer where if you deposit $250, they'll give you another $50. It has no fees, a debit card', and will even refund any bank fees you encounter.

  • Pretty hard to beat CUA everyday youth account.
    Fee free. Free use any ATM. 4% interest rate. Debit card for over 14's. My daughter has just turned 10 and I've got her started with this and an eftpos card.

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