Thoughts on NetGear EX7000 Wi-Fi Extender

Hi guys, since you're all a savvy bunch, I'm hoping a few of you could comment on the netgear EX7000 compared to netgear's latest offerings for range extenders.

Obviously this is over 3 years old now, but is there that big a difference in performance, etc. to warrant double the price for the new stuff?

i.e. Could buy two of these for the same price as one of the new ones.


  • how much is it?
    a Mesh wifi system might be a better option

    • Yea it's a mesh system, but can also be an access point. Can be had new on ebay for $135.

      The new systems are $200+ for each unit and only do mesh…

  • They’re very good if they’re set up in ‘access point’ mode with a cable going back to the router, instead of ‘repeater’ mode (wireless connection back to the router).

    It’s not just this model but I’ve never had great success with any extender in wireless ‘repeater’ mode. It’s unreliable, higher latency, and slower.

    If you can’t get a cable to the EX7000 from the router then go mesh.

    Wireless Access Point (WAP, cabled back to router) > Mesh > Repeater

    • Thanks mate, think I need to look into it more. I do have a Ethernet connection on that side of the house and can probably make all the wifis have the same ssid. But I suppose this unit might not have the smarts to switch my device to whatever has the strongest signal?

      • In access point mode (using it as a WAP) you can use the same ssid and password for all all wireless access points, including the one inside your wireless router eg. R7000P (which btw is very good, used heaps of them and never had an issue or needed a reboot). Your device has the smarts to pick the strongest signal.

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