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Catch Connect, Unlimited Talk/Text, 250MB Per 30 Days, $6 P. Month Ongoing, New Customers Only


250MB data allowance
Charged per KB
Additional data: $10 for 1GB
Your monthly data of 250MB will all be available from day one
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited voice calls to 1300 numbers
Unlimited standard national MMS to mobiles
Plan Expiry: 30 days

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  • 250mb/ per m????

    • Huge, innit? Doesn't suit me but maybe someone can get a cheap deal.

    • +2

      Plenty for me. In 2010.

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    $6.00 250MB Catch Connect Mobile Offer: Offer valid to new services only. Offer only available to selected customers who have received the $6 plan offer via EDM and redeem the offer through their catch.com.au account.

  • +1

    So long as you don't get charged for going over the 250 and it just caps out, I'd honestly love this. Here's hoping it stops being targetted and goes to everyone.

    • I strongly suspect that it will automatically add on a gig for ten bucks. I couldn't find anything that stated it clearly but I'd be surprised if they gave you the choice to cut off data until the next month.

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    Perfect until grandma discovers Redtube

    • +3

      I'll never forget that day! She discovered Redtube and xHamster on the same day!

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      Woah that site sure gets to the point. Surprised there's no kiddies splash screen.

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    I'd just rather pay $4 more a month and get 1GB with Amaysim.

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    $72 p/a for an unlimited and portable phone account is a great deal. Beats the old days of $30 p/m rental plus STD rates.

    Kogan has beaten this deal with 20/40GB p/m for over a year, but is too much hassel for some.

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    Sure it's not 250gb

  • I guess this could be useful for a dual sim phone. Use this to make a call or text, and pay for tablet data for the other sim.

  • How are people finding catch connect? I know they're an Optus reseller but it seems like my receltion is much worse than the rest of my family on Optus (in my area)

  • What's the catch of this plan?