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BlitzWolf BW-MF9 2.4A Braided Lightning Charging Data Cable 1m/3.33ft with MFi US $6.59 (~AU $9.57) Delivered @ Banggood


Cheapest price ever for the BlitzWolf BW-MF9.

Make sure to select free shipping and remove shipping insurance to ensure cheapest price.

Price in title inclusive of GST.

Update: Coupon BGmf96 working again

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    Thanks OP. Good timing

  • +1

    Man the exchange rate is a killer at the moment.

  • +1

    Hope it actually arrives this time , this will be my 3rd attempt on deal for teh lightning cable .

    • +2

      Yeah amazon basics 1m $12.60 amazon or 1.8m $13.30

      Delivered by Tuesday (Prime)

  • The coupon is limited to one cable per customer.

    • Just buy in separate transactions.

  • Isn't there normally a choice for the silver colour?

  • never got the 2x usb-c cables i order 3 months ago. FML

  • Great cable.

  • Are these much different to the ones sold on Kogan?


  • +2

    Bought one of these thinking they won’t fail, the braided cable was fine, the lightning port itself came off the black housing completely.

    • +1

      Had one replaced under the 18 month warranty.

      • Interesting - was it though banggood? Because my USB cable had the same issue

        • I thought it was but couldn’t find it in ‘my orders’ not sure where I got it from, where did you get yours from ?

  • What's a main advantage of this versus the $1 ebay cables

    • +4

      ozb loves blitzwolf

    • +6

      MFI certification

      • Isn't that just a licensing fee you pay so you can put it on your box?

        Apple have weaponized their cables to inflate their price. You pay more, or they they aren't officially supported and are "risky". How risky they are in reality is up for debate.

        I hoped with iPad Pro 11 going USB C they would finally move away from proprietary cables, but then they went back to Lightning for the new Air and Mini.

        At least it's not Firewire I guess.

        • Not sure about the technicals but I've never had an issue with MFi cables. Ebay cables always seem to have some kind of issue after some time in my personal experience.

    • +1

      My cheap $1 ebay cables stop working after a few weeks or months. These ones on the other hand have never failed (for me anyway). I'd rather pay more than add to landfill.

      • same, i have used usb-c, micro-usb and lightning. none have failed me and its been almost 2 years.

      • -1

        You can buy 9 of them for the price of one of these and have some change.

        I bet you throw away a lot bigger things than these cables.

  • I prefer buying KMART ones. local warranty, (if you save the receipt), fancy colours and good quality. Come from $8 to $12.


    • +4

      Post is for Lightning, link to Kmart is USBC

  • +1

    And when your order dlfinally says not in stock, then you have to wait weeks for your refund.

  • +1

    I have a few of these but am trialling the Baseus version which are generally a few dollars cheaper on eBay from 'local' suppliers and have a slightly longer cable support.

    • +3

      I’ve had problems with the bauses ones. They’ve stopped working for me

      • +1

        I think they they may not officially be MFI.

  • Use coupon or BG points.

    • Probably the coupon, unless you have enough BG points to give you a bigger discount.

      • BG points are useless. It's always better to use the discount. And they cap how much points you can spend depending on the price of the item.

        The only time you would use it is if you need something fast and can't wait for a discount (and if you're shopping at BG, you probably don't care about getting it fast), which gives you a small discount.

        I had a ton of Everbuying points which worked the exact same way, and they went tits up already so I never even got to spend them.

  • Do these chsrge faster than ones off Amazon?

    eg https://www.amazon.com.au/Lightning-GOSCIEN-Charger-Braided-...

    • if its not MFI certified and it is not, then dont bother.

      if you can find the non-apple branded cable in this official database, then you are good to go.

  • Is this okay for iPhone 7plus?

  • Had a few of these. Quality is decent for the price (though still managed to break a couple).

  • How does it compare to the Baseus one I bought for $3 a few months ago?

  • +1

    "this coupon can only be used 500 times"

    • +1

      Anti-broden measures.

    • Same - think this one has expired, Will report it as such for the mods to update.

  • +2

    Working again :)

    • +1

      Have updated post, thanks.

  • Is this okay for iPhones?

  • I have been using this cable to charge my iphone since I received it in October 2018 and now all of a sudden I am getting the message on iphone that the accessory is not supported. As i am googling the issue, I can see that its reported as apple being dodgy and trying to get people to buy apple cables.

    there was a lawsuit on it too

  • +1

    FYI I tried code BGmf10 on the MF10 cable which is 6ft and it worked. $10.97 delivered

    • This cable now listed as 'promo' and when entering the code on checkout it says the code can't be used with products listed as promo or vip

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