Tablet Suggestion for a Senior Citizen That Normally Breaks Things

My old man purchased a Aldi tablet a few years ago for $99.95 bucks. It's currently got a cracked lcd screen and doesn't work. Normally he breaks things..
I havent't pulled it apart yet, but checking screen replacements it might not be that economical I think I can get a replacement screen somewhere between $35 to $45 and the tablet was a pretty slow painful experience.

So its probably best just to buy him a new one, in a armour case or something. Any suggestions for the cheap but OK performing tablets ? From the top of my head probably a Chuwi or Lenovo @ around a little bit above $100 comes to mind.



    get a hard cover and tempered glass from eBay no matter whatever you get

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      Nah, get an EVA foam case.
      A hard case wont absorb drops.

      EVA cases have made my kid's tablets "invincible". They've been dropped off tables, thrown across the room in a temper, stood on (by kids) and our Lenovo P8 has even survived a dip in the bath!
      The device still got a soaking, but the case made it float instead of submerge, which is probably the difference between a functioning unit a few weeks later and a brick.


    get one of those cases for kids, those tablet cases with arms and legs? If everybody is using them it must be indestructible.