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KFC $4.95 Original Fill Up (App Exclusive) - Order before 4pm


$4.95 Original Recipe Fill Up - this week only.

Included in the box:

  • 1 original recipe piece
  • 1 tender
  • 1 regular chips
  • 1 regular potato and gravy
  • 1 dinner roll


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  • do you have to order it before5pm?

    • +5

      Last time they had a time restriction, we ordered at the counter with no avail as it was after 5pm. But we were still able to order through the app, and it worked.

      • perfect. thank you. do you have to order when you near the store with their app? as I tried its not working.

        • Usually I order when near a restaurant so I cannot confirm that.

        • +1

          Usually order it at home and works fine for me; I live about 3km away from my kfc

  • +4

    Plus a drink with a survey :) I'm going to fill mine in now

    • And another small chips, let's not forget!

      • I'm not a fan of too many chips strangely

        • +2

          Can swap to coleslaw, plain gravy, potato and gravy, dinner roll or shaker salad.

          • @realfancyman: Except it comes with a P&G or a roll already. Good to know though. Shame we can't pay $1 and switch it to a dessert!

  • +6

    This app used to make McDonalds app look bad now it's the other way around for me.

    It's currently stuck on loading screen on Android but that's not the worst thing. All 3 closest stores in my area are not supporting app ordering because of some sort of update. But in true we dont care about customers fashion this upgrade has been going on for at least 3-4 weeks. Are they building a new backend system specifically for these stores? Sounds like BS to me. The only time I get KFC is when app is working so I can order ahead and skip the queue. I'm sure if I showed the store the deal they'd accomodate it but that's not the point. It's not the best food or anything. It's convenient and inexpensive except without the mobile app working well they've removed the convenience part.

        • +22

          You literally went out of your way to comment and tell someone it might be their shit phone, than back peddle as you realise the app is messing up, than reflect back on OP saying it's all back on him because he shouldn't be spending his time the way he sees fit.

          Grow up.

    • +3

      Agree, app takes ages to load, that's it for Australia's e-Commerce.

    • +1

      I went to a kfc and ordered through the app, my order came through on their 'pc' but not the system itself. She refused my order and said it was an online only order and she couldnt manually put it through as kfc took that option away from the franchisees.

  • +9

    App is crap (on IOS) - iPhone X - loading loading loading - gave up waiting

  • +3

    This meal is the perfect size to accompany another two.

  • +4

    App hasn't worked for hours. Should be a neg

  • +4

    Yeah, I'm having KFC App issues currently also.

  • +1

    Doesanyone know how to add the survey promo on app for this offer?

    • +2

      I usually opt to pay at the restaurant..

      Not sure if this has changed, but once you have paid for the order, they usually don't let you claim the survey chips and drink after.. It has to be processed together..

      • The store may choose to honour the survey anyways but this is at their discretion. Opt to pay at restaurant and then the team member can add the survey to your order.

  • +1

    Great, got the notification in the app but it won't let me order, just stuck on loading the order screen for the store near me. Maccas app is way better than the KFC one.

  • +1

    just order "dinner for one"
    3 piece of original
    1 chips
    1 potato n gravy
    1 coleslaw
    1 bread roll

    for………$5.95 all day errday.

    • +13

      please explain this hack ?

      • Use codeword din41

        • Where do you enter the code in the app?

      • Dinner for One doesn't look to be an option on the app in Qld.

    • $6.95*

    • I'd also like to know how to do this, fill in us peasants please.

    • Is this real or what? Can you back this up? Or neg

    • For those wondering: Dinner for One can only be ordered in-store.

  • +3

    Don't forget last day for 9 Pieces for $9.95


    • Yep. This deal was so popular at KFC City Cross Adelaide, I had a 20-minute wait for my 9 pieces.

  • First one didn't have it on the system. Second tried to sell me a large chips for $4.95 and the third one I ordered through the app

    Why I keep eating this shit I'll never know…

  • So where's my drink?

    • +1

      From kfc feedback on the receipts :) - order on app, pay at counter.

      • Also if you do the survey make sure you mention the team member who served you in the comment!

        We get recognised and sometimes prizes for positive feedback, and if you have negative feedback it tells management who they need to re-train

  • is it just me or
    does the Regular chips in 'boxes kits' seem much smaller than regular chips in the 'Combos' ?

  • Ordering via the app to get the app only deals would be convenient if the app actually worked.

  • Had some issue choosing the store. Other than that it worked. Not bad for $4.95

  • Can you redeem the KFC feedback deal with online order?

    • Yes, but don't pay online.
      Order online, but pay at the counter. Present your feedback voucher then.

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