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Superloop Home Broadband NBN: First Month Free with Code (Any Plan, New Customers Only), No Sign up Fee, No Contract


Applies to all plans, for examples,
100/40 Unlimited $89.95
50/20 Unlimited $74.95

Sign up with this code and get the first month free.

Found this code on Whirlpool forums.
Lots of positive comments on the forums about Superloops network and services.

Permotion terms and conditions I presume are on the website.

Mod: OP is a sockpuppet. Due to popularity of the deal, it will stay published.

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  • +2

    Just signed up the other week :(

    • Same here. Dangit. Service was worked fine so far though would recommend.

      • +1

        Yeah, I dont dip under 46mbps even in the afternoons!

        • +9

          I hope you're on a 50 plan, because for a 100 plan that would be absolute garbage.

  • No contract, ie. Leave at anytime without penalty or charges?

    • -2

      They have both options.

      • You mean they also have contract?

        • Actually i might be mistaken. I thought they had both, but i only see month to month now. Anyway we signed end of May on month to month, no penalty for leaving.

  • +2

    Thinking to jump from ABB when their offers ends in Aug, can we schedule the connection?

    • I guess it would be possible to do but you might end up with some downtime potentially or a slightly earlier install than cutoff date
      I'm hoping with the 6 month deal by time it expires maybe price will go down from $99 as abb have been great

      • I doubt the price will go down any time soon if 99 dollars per month is to much I recommend seeing how much data you use per month and getting a plan with the exact amount of data you use per month this will be cheaper than unlimited

        • Yes it will be nice to go on a 500 gig limit plan but I go way over that with 4k Netflix and prime streaming $99 is affordable for me but $79 would be a nicer price point across the board :)

          • +1

            @BuDWiZe: $59 would be even better but you know, you pay for what you get!

  • +48

    Will this promo still be available in 2025 when I may finally have NBN?

    • +4

      Sorry mate. I can really feel your pain. Bloody NBN.
      Hopefully 5G and other wireless tech will make them redundant as they should be.

    • Depending on where you are its rubbish anyway. Half the time I can't stream HD (not even UHD) on two devices at same time. Exchange is less than 400m away. ADSL was serving me much better because everyone else had got off it to the NBN promised land, so had the service pretty much to myself. But they shut that down on me recently.

      Thought we would get something tangible for our billions of tax payers money. But no, just a dinosaur that will be extinct in a few years.

      • I get 4Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up. On an exchange that's around 4KM of copper from my house. An exchange that runs a DSLAM older than I am. I wish this was anecdotal, I really do. Even a 10/5 connection would be more than twice as good at this point.

        • Justin Milne filled his pockets though….

    • I saw then installing cable round the corner from me. It really annoys me to see new coax being installed in the year 2019.

      • Checking the NBN map and my whole street is just a small copper island in a sea of fibre.

  • Is the IP address they provided publicly accessible IP? Or are they using CGNAT ?

    • Even if CGNAT, you can request ip just mention PS4

      • +3

        Or Nintendo Switch.

        • Or even better - CCTV or IP cameras that require port forwarding

    • +6

      Superloop does not currently utilise CGNAT.

      • thanks for the info :)

  • Are they better than AussieBB?

    • +2

      As mentioned by Divitini "I dont dip under 46mbps even in the afternoons!"
      With AussieBB, I dont dip under 48Mbps 24/7!! (True fact! - however end of the day it does depend on your location, etc etc)

      • My speeds are usually 47-48mbps. 46mbps is the lowest I've seen but thats with other devices connected to it. I have FTTC
        I believe superloop is a little cheaper

      • +1

        2mb us nothing really overall especially if you save $10-20 a month. I think soon abb may have to drop down $10 or so

    • +1

      I'd personally say on par. Do not experience any congestion at night, good international network, customer service is great.

      • +3

        Yeah, quite happy with AussieBB but might try the switch for the $120 savings a year!!!!!

  • I heard exetel is using this mob as backbone?

    • Exetel is using both Telstra and Superloop for IP transit.

  • Just wanted to know what's the difference between this and Exetel who offer $60 per month on contract, first month free and in case you don't want a contract its $65 per month without the free month.

    • I heard exetel is the resellers so just like Vodafone and kogan.

      • -1

        Yes they resell Optus service. But they are assuring you a typical evening speed of 43 Mbps.

        • +1

          No, they don't resell Optus.
          They use Optus fibre in some areas, but it is their own network.

      • Vodafone does not use a re-seller, they are direct to NBN. Kogan however yes is via Vodafone.

    • +4

      I have exetel nbn50 and consistently get around 43 evening speeds.

      Not sure why people complain about exetel. Must be more down to the infrastructure on your area. If you have decent connection then going with exetel is a no brainier for the saving in my opinion.

      • your area/post code please? are you on FTTN/B?

      • I agree, and I've never had any issues in the evenings, period!

        I've been with Exetel since the start of the year, and I admit it was a shitshow getting connected, but since then it's been awesomesauce!

        Why would I pay an extra ~$15/m for the same speed service?

    • Is there a promo code for 1 month free?
      I'm also seeing $70 per month without contract and not $65?

    • -2

      Exetel are one of the most inept and incompetent ISPs i've ever had the luxury of dealing with :\

      (and this is for enterprise grade fiber, as well as 'business' nbn connections, not even residential)

      • +1

        When I tried to sign up to Exetel NBN they automatically add $20/Month when your address is detected as "Regional" No other ISP does this! Fools.

  • It's weird. Superloop shows that I have nbn connection via FTTP.
    Where as every other provider shows that I have no nbn connectivity but only Opticomm fibre.
    My location is Docklands 3008. Currently with Leaptel on 100 mbps month to month for $99

    • +1

      Superloop are an Opticomm RSP as well

      • Yes they are now listed. I will likely switch from Leaptel soon given cheaper rates with Superloop.

        • For business only. They're not selling internet connections on Opticomm connections.

          • @DogGunn: Have checked with Superloop rep and they said yes residential too in Opticomm estate and will get the broadband team to contact me. Unless the rep doesn't know what he is talking about.

            • +1

              @NoobTan: According to the CEO, they don't do Opticomm:

              Go figure though, they seem to have their wires crossed a bit at the moment.

      • you reckon its worth switching? Leaptel's service hasn't been so good lately.
        Do ISP's charge for disconnecting service with them?

    • +1

      Opticomm is also FTTP (just not nbn fiber)

  • Do we know the date this offer ends?

    Just saw 31 Dec 9:00pm

  • If I were to consider Superloop, I would be looking at the 100/40 mbps plan for $89.95/mo.
    I'm currently with Telstra, paying the same price with a phone line service included. I have been very satisfied with Telstra, never experienced any issues. Speed has been very consistent. No matter the time of the day, I can download from Europe around 6-7mbps or Steam (CDN I know) 10mbps.
    What would the difference be if I switched from Telstra? Service?

    • +4

      It honestly sounds like there's little reason for you to switch unless you really want the extra speed.

      I've followed the Superloop thread on Whirlpool https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3n4wqpz3 since its inception, and despite liking what they aim to do, I don't think the network and customer service is quite where they (and customers) would want it to be right now.

      e.g. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3n4wqpz3?p=150#r2986 wait times is not an uncommon complaint ATM.

      My recommendation would be to stay with Telstra for now, keep an eye on the thread, and when things are more settled then jump across.

      And I say that as someone who truly detests Telstra and pro-Superloop, it's just that Superloop is not quite there yet.

      • -3

        If they're the same price why would you ever use Superloop? I also detest Telstra but not enough to have a worse service at the same price.

        • +1

          They're not the same price?

          $75/mo on Superloop gets you 50/20.

          $90/mo on Superloop gets you 100/40.

          $90/mo on Telstra gets you 50/20, unlimited phone calls, and 4G backup. IIRC it's +$30/mo for 100/40 "speed boost".

          • -1

            @goosmurf: if you threaten disconnection, they immediately offer 100Mpbs for no extra charge

            • @follow: Yes, this is one route to undertake should you find Telstra's service "unsatisfactory". For me however, I snagged the $90/mo 100/40 plan due to right place, right time. It also helped having inside assistance.

            • +1

              @follow: Assuming you're referring to Telstra?

              Why go through all that effort to sign up when you can do it one step elsewhere? Plus it is no guarantee if you're a new Telstra user that they'll even offer it to you.

              Regardless, both AussieBB and Superloop have better international links than Telstra with Telstra Global imo.

              • @DogGunn: some are too lazy to switch or are happy with Telstra atm

                • @follow: This wasn't related to do with people already on Telstra though. It would be worth trying the Telstra cancellation route for sure if you were already on them.

                  Their comment was:

                  If they're the same price why would you ever use Superloop? I also detest Telstra but not enough to have a worse service at the same price.

                  Ignoring the part where they were clearly wrong about price, I think it is implying a user signing up to a new service.

              • @DogGunn: How do they compare to Optus?

                • @proudwanderer: How to Superloop compared to Optus?

                  There is no comparison. Superloop is substantially better than Optus due to their network and transparency on CVC.

            • @follow: If you support this shitty practice than by all means, stay. If not, get the same value or better from a respectable company.

            • @follow: Not always working. I've tried a few times but didn't work. moved to AssieBB

        • For one, Telstra customer service was some of the worst I have ever experienced in any industry.

      • Thanks goosmurf. Also appreciate the Whirlpool thread, I'll take a poke around and have a read.

  • +7

    As an investor in SLC, I approve this post.

    • Good to see this post too. A painful year for its share holders though.

      • How come?

  • I signed up yesterday. Any chance I could get this deal still?

    • Quick call them….

      • I called them and they applied the coupon to my account, very nice of them.

    • I only signed up on Monday and asked for the deal. However, was told because my plan is already active they are unable to apply it..sucks!

  • AussieBB, your move!

    • +10

      ABB customer service is now not as good as beforw. Emailed them twice and no response for more than 2 days now. Time to move on.

      • damn was just about to sign up to ABB - overwhelming positivity from OZB

        • +4

          For me, abb is overrated. Found every now and then, the connection was drop out.

          • +3

            @yht: Did you confirm it was ABB and not for instance the HFC or FTTN connection dropping out?

            • @DogGunn: Didn’t you read his first post, he has been trying to contact ABB but they don’t respond. Drops outs and no customer service

              • +4

                @cloudy: Yes, I did. That doesn't mean they did or not confirm my question. Only that the last couple of times they got no response.

                If it was the HFC NTD or FTTN connection dropping out and not ABB, then switching providers won't help. It's important to establish where the issue lies.

          • @yht: Same for me, regular dropouts with ABB, solid stable connections with the same speeds and ping with Superloop using the exact same equipment and setup.

      • +7

        Customer of ABB, not staff
        You can log a fault/ticket through MyAussie, the app or the website. It goes to a dedicated team and you should get a reply within a few hours. Worth a try maybe?

      • Really I've emailed them last week and got a response less than half an hour..

  • Can anyone tell me how easy to switch from AussieBB to Superloop? How long would be the downtime usually? Thanks.

    • +3

      What’s your connection type (FTTP/FTTC/HFC/FTTN etc).

      If it’s a churn then should only be 5-10 mins of downtime, that’s all I had on my FTTN when I churned from Aussie to SL.

      Just be aware Aussie need 30 days notice to cancel, and it needs to be done over the phone, can’t email them (even though you can sign up online and never have to verify who you are, but on cancellation apparently you need to 🙄)

      • +3

        Just be aware Aussie need 30 days notice to cancel

        This isn't true.


        • What Aussie say on their knowledge base and what some of their accounts staff say are vastly different things, believe me.

          It is that you just need to notify them before your next invoice is raised, but was told differently when I called up with 20 days before my invoice date. They allowed me to cancel without giving the required notice ‘just this once’, so Aussie need to improve their training and it’s just safer to give as much notice as possible.

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