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Free $25 Voucher for Completing a Survey @ Happy Way


Update: Orders where a payment has been made after redemption of the voucher are being shipped, all other orders are being cancelled. My apologies.

$25 vouchers now require a minimum spend of $50 to redeem.

Free $25 voucher (no minimum spend) for completely a survey.

Not really in the spirit of the deal, but you may be able to sign up for the $25 unique voucher code (without completing the survey) via this link.

Shipping is normally $7, but free shipping seems to be currently available to orders that are $25 or less ($0 after the voucher), so I “purchased” a glass tumbler for free. I was able select a shipping method called “Free Shipping James”.

tumblers are now out of stock

Plenty of other items also under $25, a few examples:


Signing up will subscribe you to the Happy Way newsletter, but it’s easy to unsubscribe.

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    Yep pretty disappointing making up some T and C's like that after the fact. I chose to fill out their survey rather than use the direct link so are they going to delete my survey data? I doubt it.

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    Anyone writing back to complain about this? Maybe orchestra this

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    It was a transaction, complete a survey to receive a coupon. They told us we breached their t&c's when they have possibly breached consumer law. I'm not surprised that they have cancelled the orders but there was no mention of what they are doing with the extra few thousand email subscribers they have nor data they have collected for free. This email database is worth alot.

  • Oh well.

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    We were happy way too soon.

    They obviously didn't think it through and now that the s**t hit the fan, they made up some lame excuse to get out of it.

    I'd rather them coming clean and say "we're sorry we screwed up, we've cancelled your order, but here's a $25 discount code to be used for orders over $50."

    Makes me feel a lot less guilty for using the direct link and not filling out the survey in the first place.

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    This was HORRIBLE reasoning for cancellations - not happy.

  • They must have seen Dans Murphy’s excuse !!

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    The prohibition on misleading conduct is set out in section 18(1) of the Australian Consumer Law: "A person must not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive."

    Falls under this no?

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      yes it falls under this. baiting for your detail and does a switcheroo

      • +7


        Making a complaint now, I'd have been fine with a "sorry we stuffed up" but pulling the non-existent T&Cs.. ew

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          exactly…. i would be fine with an honest "we f***ed up" but this bs is an insult to the OzBargainer's intelligence…

        • +6

          I'll be making a complaint too, the more the better. I've already let them know my thoughts over return email.

          • +2

            @Forenti: Be sure you include screenshots of the emails received

    • reminds me of this.


      The best ACCC will do is written warning.
      Due to the the low value.

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      2018 Telstra Business Awards: SA Finalist (Emerging & Energised)
      2018 Telstra Business Awards: SA Category winner (Emerging & Energised)
      2018 Telstra Business Awards: South Australia Overall Winner

      What a joke

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      Bingo what?

      I looked at the Facebook page. Nothing about this

      What am I missing

      • +1

        Reporting the page on FB is just a click away…

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        I did a Whois search and it seems to be a small run show by an anytime fitness person.

        Here are the results:
        Domain Name: HAPPYWAY.COM.AU
        Registry Domain ID: D407400000002118800-AU
        Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
        Registrar URL:
        Last Modified: 2019-04-06T11:02:49Z
        Registrar Name: GoDaddy.com LLC trading as GoDaddy.com
        Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
        Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
        Reseller Name:
        Status: serverRenewProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#serverRenew...
        Registrant Contact ID: CR192797700
        Registrant Contact Name: Benjamin Germein
        Registrant Contact Email: [email protected]
        Tech Contact ID: CR192797701
        Tech Contact Name: Benjamin Germein
        Tech Contact Email: [email protected]
        Name Server: NS10.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
        Name Server: NS09.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
        DNSSEC: unsigned
        Registrant: Hien Coach
        Registrant ID: ABN 78240593514
        Eligibility Type: Sole Trader

        Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-07-06T08:56:30Z <<<

        When searching on google, person listed above appears on LinkedIn.:

        I would not be pissed if they were nice and just said it was an error or something. That T&C crap they wrote is just plain disrespectful and even their T&C on website appear to be written by a 5 year old or someone who does not speak the English language fluently.

        Example/quote from their site

        The terms are valuable to the entire company. Also, we have the right to assert and implement all provisions against you. If you make an action that violates our terms and conditions, legal problem may arise for sure. It is better to adhere to the rules of Happy Way to avoid complicated problems you cannot afford to encounter.

        When you have plans to perform an illegal act, rest assured that we have an extensive investigation. Once fraudulent activity is proven, you may experience a stressful legal issue.

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          Sounds more like a threat..

        • +1

          Wonder if any one dares to verify/contradict the health claims of their products after reading these T&C's….

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    Surely there is some kind of legal ground for the customers They took my personal information and they said subscribers only which wasn't in the email 2 they said merchandise was not allowed know where did it have anything about that in the original email

    • +1

      I actually subscribed before filling out their survey and got the same response.
      All $0 orders were cancelled.

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    Even worse you can't unsubscribe email, unsubscribe link doesn't work, end up flag it as spam. :/

    • +11

      Looks like they are breaking the Spam Act 2003
      ACMA Link

    • +3

      I could unsubscribe from the passive aggressive 'You broke the T&C' email via the link at the very bottom.

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    I wish they say something else instead of saying "Your order broke our T&C"
    I feel sad upset and bad now (V_V)

    • +3

      I know a lot of reputable biz's that would break there right arm to honour a deal this is not one of them . Even though I saw this early didn't give up any data because no need for there crap products supported by a crap biz :)

    • i agree, it makes makes us feel like we did something wrong when no clear T&C's were specified. it's a poor choice of wording and not professional at all.

  • +4

    My $20 voucher never got sent

  • +5

    Got baited :@
    Sad Way

  • +6

    Was expecting the order to get cancelled but not with some shitty excuse like this. (profanity) them, reporting to ACCC.

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    woke up with this text message from Happy Way:"Your order from Happy Way has been canceled and you've been refunded $0.00." "Happy" weekekend!

  • +2

    Op not your fault. Negging just for the scumbag company. Took all our details by scamming. I think they are laughing now as they will make more money selling info to marketing companies.

    • +1

      i saw him, he was laughing at you at the milk bar while drinking chocolate milk

      How much money did he get from yous? Probably at least a big M worth Aye Bro!

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    I contacted them on social media, they saw my message and just ignored.

    • +1

      Don't bother, useless company.

    • +10

      If you read closely, (most) people were not upset because their orders were cancelled. They were upset by the language used by the company.

      Telling people they broke their non-existent rule is what pissing people off.

      It's almost like the company were accusing us of doing something wrong.

  • Order cancelled

    Thanks for your order!

    Unfortunately, part of the terms were that only existing subscribers could use the code and that the code could not be used on Merchandise. We've moved the link on the survey to make the terms more obvious.

    Due to this, your previous order has been cancelled.

    We're sorry this wasn't more clear before you ordered and we do want you to get to experience our products. Because of this, we're offering you 15% off your next purchase*. Use the cold below at checkout.

  • +4

    Looks like someone forgot to run spell check again (or doesn't like Australian spelling)

    Your order has been canceled

    Also going to shoot them an email cause technically we never broke the T&Cs and may chuck a few consumer law quotes and articles in

    Edit: Saved a copy on the wayback machine so they can't make up silly T&Cs

    • Which link did you put in the Wayback machine?

      • this page
        I wasn't able to get the survey page unfortunately

  • +1

    I'd like to see an existing subscribers who bought things other than "merchandise" got their order cancelled.

    What excuse did they come up with?

    • +3

      I don't even know what merchandise means…

      Isn't that everything they are selling

      • I ordered the acai powder… same message…

        • +2

          i sent an email saying what can I order that isnt merchandise..

          No reply lol

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    Order cancelled. Crooks.

  • +3

    Keep getting more emails saying Your order has been canceled and that the items have been Refunded

  • +3

    What a joke. It took me time to fill out the survey!

  • Order cancelled

  • +2

    Just got an email back from them, here's what they said:


    We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the Happy Way Product Survey released on 4 July.

    The purpose of the survey was to understand a specific group of Happy Way customers, i.e. Prospective Customers who have previously submitted their contact details via the Happy Way website. The term ‘Prospective Customer’ is defined in the survey Terms and Conditions, which were made available to all survey respondents completing the survey prior to submitting personal details. A copy of the Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    The invitation to complete the survey was sent exclusively to Happy Way’s database of Prospective Customers and was never intended for the wider audience. Unfortunately, the survey link got shared by one of the original survey recipients on the OzBargain forum, which resulted in a number of responses from ineligible persons.

    Following our discovery of the survey link on OzBargain, we emailed all ineligible persons who have completed the survey, explaining the situation and offering a 15% discount on Happy Way products in appreciation and recognition of the time they have put into completing the survey. The personal information and survey data received from ineligible responses was never intended to be stored or used by Happy Way.

    We hope you can appreciate that this is an unfortunate situation (which Happy Way has learnt from), and would like to confirm that your personal information has been deleted along with your survey responses.

    We again apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Kinda sketch since the website title is "Untitled Document"… I feel like they created the webpage over the past few days and only uploaded it to make us believe it's legit.
    Did anyone get a copy of the original terms found on the survey link?

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    Now I'm getting Happy Way ads showing up everywhere! Not Happy!

  • +5

    If you look at the 'last modified' date, you can see they clearly added this retrospectively:


    See below screenshot for proof:


  • +9

    Instead of lying to everyone… they could have simply been honest and said "Wow everyone, such an amazing response.. unfortunately it is not physically possible or viable to fulfil all these orders…therefore, we will only be fulfilling the first 100-200-300 orders, we apologise" blah blah?