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[Kindle] 14 Free eBooks by Will Wight (Usually ~$6USD Each) @ Amazon AU / US


Blog Post by Will Wight

Greetings everyone, to celebrate the 4th of July, Will Wight is giving away 14 of his eBooks for free. The only ones which aren't free are his trilogy eBooks, which are part of the free ones separately anyway.

The books have some great reviews and are connected as part of different series.

Each book seems to be usually approximately $6 USD, so this is great for free.

This offer expires at 11:59pm Pacific Time, which is 5:00PM AEST.

Amazon US Collection Page


Unsouled (Cradle Book 1) - 294 Pages
Soulsmith (Cradle Book 2) - 286 Pages
Blackflame (Cradle Book 3) - 370 Pages
Skysworn (Cradle Book 4) - 292 Pages
Ghostwater (Cradle Book 5) - 312 Pages
Underlord (Cradle Book 6) - 308 Pages
Of Sea and Shadow (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 1) - 320 Pages
Of Dawn and Darkness (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 2) - 328 Pages
Of Shadow and Sea (The Elder Empire: Shadow Book 1) - 338 Pages
Of Darkness and Dawn (The Elder Empire: Shadow Book 2) - 292 Pages
The Traveler's Gate Chronicles (Complete) (The Traveler's Gate Trilogy Book 0) - 144 Pages
House of Blades (The Traveler's Gate Trilogy Book 1) - 294 Pages
The Crimson Vault (The Traveler's Gate Trilogy Book 2) - 386 Pages
City of Light (The Traveler's Gate Trilogy Book 3) - 394 Pages

As always, enjoy :)

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  • thanks!

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    Where's the Sim City 2000 manual?

  • thanks.

  • My account is US and after getting two of the books I now get this error message.

    please contact us or change your country/region to complete your purchase.

    You attempted to purchase an item while in a different country/region than listed on your Amazon account.

    Are you traveling outside your country/region?

    Please contact customer service in order to continue purchasing Kindle items.

    Did you recently move to a new country/region?

    You can easily update your country/region for your Amazon account.

    • +1

      Had to go on chat with customer service to fix it.

  • Much appreciated OP, thanks for sharing

  • Great for anyone who hasn't read any of his books. His Cradle series is amazing, and the Travellers Gate one isn't far behind.

  • +1

    Never heard of him, now own 14 of his books on my as yet unused kindle - time to get reading!

  • Thanks Doweyy!

  • Thanks OP. Got about half of them before it expired.

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