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Breeders Choice Cat Litter 15L ($13.43) or 30L ($19.99) + Free Delivery Over $29 @ PetHouse


Not the cheapest this litter has ever been, but might be worth it with the free postage for orders over $29.

Breeder's Choice litter 15L has been reduced to $13.43, and 30L has been reduced to $19.99.

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    Catmate is much, much better value:


    Don't let the litre/kg comparisons fool you - there's about the same amount of volume in each bag.

    • Yeah, it'd be great if they actually had stock.

    • In what way is it better? And can you use a normal tray (Not a sifting tray) for the Catmate?

      • i have two cats, i use 40l black buckets from bunnings (like this one: https://www.ezystorage.com/product/storage/modular-crates/40...) and its fine. they both jump in and kick it around and until its a few days old (and gets sawdusty) theres little to no mess.

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        It smells a lot less than paper pellets.

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        In what way is it better? And can you use a normal tray (Not a sifting tray) for the Catmate?

        No smell. Uses less. Lasts longer as dry pellets can be separated and reused.

        We used an oval Flexi Tub from Bunnings with the end cut out for access. Bought a scoop from Reject Shop for $2 to strain the wet sawdust from the dry pellets. Since then our local store gave away free Catmate sifting trays with multi-buy, so we use that now and it’s more efficient.

        • I like that you can chuck it in the compost or in the green bin, too. More environmentally friendly than it ending up in a plastic bag in landfill.

    • Any tracking?

  • Temporarily out of stock - NO DEAL.

  • I get it from petbarn as a reoccurring order. Free delivery and can pause the reoccurring order and order extra whenever you need. $19.19. Sadly there hasnt been any good deals for this lately but that’s the best I can get.

    • Petbarn does free delivery?

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        Only for reoccurring orders (which they call "My Repeat Delivery") :) Otherwise I think there's a min spend

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    Hopefully my maths is correct, similar price per litre at Woolworths starting Wednesday 24L for $16, especially if using discounted gift cards. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/catalogue#view=catalogue2...

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