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Klook - 15% Cashback (Was 3.5%) @ Cashrewards


Great cashback offer from CR. I've booked heaps of activities through Klook and will be booking more through them for my end of year trip.

Special Terms
Purchases made via the KLOOK mobile app are ineligible for Cashback.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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    Japan Rail pass is a steal when this is going

    • I am going to Japan in January. Is it a good deal?

      • Work out on Hyperdia if you need one first, but cheapest available with cash back.

        Klook post it to you and then activate at a JR station when over there.

        • Hyperdia is equal to Japan Official Travel app? Should be cheaper than buying from Aussie agent right due to the cashback?
          Could be the same for Japan simcard?

          • +1

            @yht: Hyperdia is their public transport timetable site. It's comprehensive and terrible at the same time. The gist is, if you're travelling to osaka from tokyo and back, the 7 day rail pass will pay for itself. So if you do anything else outside of that you're saving money. You can use the rail pass on some metro lines too.

            • @nomoneynoproblems: Thanks for the info. I was trying to get the Hyperdia app in google play, but there is no exact app named Hyperdia. I will be travelling from Tokyo, Nagano, kyoto, Hiroshima, Kobe and Osaka. I believe that the pass will pay itself with the route, at least return ticket between Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kobe, then one way Kyoto to Osaka.

              • @yht: Definitely worth it with that itinerary, suggest activating on your way out of Tokyo and using Suica while there.

                Best tip is getting a hotel as close as possible to the JR lines while using it, saves alot of time and a bit of cash. Ignored this tip in Osaka and led to alot of needless walking.

              • @yht: Looks like Hyperdia for Android isn't available in Australia: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/product/android/

                You can use the website search on the left hand side instead: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/

                • @immature: Cheers. Which IC card to be purchased and if it can be used around Tokyo? Is is cheaper buying in Tokyo?

                  • @yht: Grab some cash from an ATM first (use ING, etc), then use the machines at the train station to grab a Suica.

                    Can also use this in other cities, at vending machines and convienience stores to save dealing with change. Don't be afraid to put a bit on it initially, can always reload or get refunded later.

                    • @mcnugget: Is it cheaper to buy from klook or Japan ?

                      • +1

                        @yht: You can only get the suica/pasmo in country. Think myki card.

                      • @yht: Easier to get once there. Machines are open while stations are open 5am-1am, catch is you need cash first.

                        From memory Klook would make you pick them up there for slightly more at specified locations. More hassle for no saving.

                        • +1

                          @mcnugget: Cheers. I can only buy limousine bus transfer from Haneeda to Tokyo and with free cancellation too for my January trip. Not much savings but every $ savings is good for my pocket.

  • I'm going overseas soon and this came at the right time. Thanks op.

  • bought a bunch of tickets from last 15% cashback deal for my trip to Japan. Good deal indeed

  • Thanks! Was about to purchase Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park tickets last night but binged on Stranger Things 3.

    Awesome savings - Good thing, I had prioritized! :)

  • Great deal, bought JR pass in last time this was posted and today the cash back is confirmed.

    • Which delivery courier should I use on klook? Do they all deliver to Australia?

      • They used DHL for the JR passes we bought.. delivered within 1 week

        • yeah I later noticed that they simply don't deliver the green car pass unfortunately.

          • @samfisher5986: Its a pity that we are unable it to book more than 90 days from today.

  • Any Klook coupon we can stack with? Thanks

  • Looking to get a JR Rail pass but noticed the many delivery options, does it matter where its coming from?

  • +1

    Klook rejected my claim despite tracking fine last time, Cashrewards resubmitted it after I provided evidence but still waiting

    • Did you use any discount coupon?

      • Yep, but it was one advertised by cashrewards, it was their own promo code

  • just booked some activity 3 days ago (which to be used for this december)..
    would it work fine if i request refund & re-purchase using this?
    I used the monthly voucher last time, wonder if that would be usable after the refund.

  • Unable to purchase JR pass for January trip as the date was not clickable.

  • +1

    Reviews are not very favourable for them on trip advisor.

  • Can anyone vouch for them? Never used them before

    • Used them previously for legoland malaysia and universal studios singapore plus the garden. No issue. But my sister in law a bit of trouble when they tried to find the kiosk, being ping pong and after spent more than 1.5 hours, they gave up and bought another one on site.

  • Thank OP, have a trip to Phuket, just bought a SIM on Klook.

    Do you guys have any recommendation I should purchase on Klook? Thanks

  • How long is it usually for Klook tracking?
    Used it last night - still haven't received that email from Cashrewards by now.

    • Usually within the same day. Check your spam folders, mine was there.

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