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Breville Smart Tea Infuser BTM600CLR $87.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Just my luck, ordered this couple days ago from Myer online for $109. Gonna order this one off ebay and then return the other to their shop.

Original RRP $209 then reduced to $159 then $109.

Very smart kettle, they said. But I hope it can boil water just fine.
Good reviews online, 5 stars.

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    Purchased this kettle recently, can confirm that it boils water quite well.
    Handy feature of having the tea infuser and the keep warm function.
    Only pain is that the lid does not lift, you must remove it and put it back on to fill water… but really not a serious issue. Would have no hesitation purchasing again.

    Note: the infuser can be removed.

    • +1

      Good kettle except for that stupid lid

      • Its the reason I bought this, I can slide my hand in to clean. :D

        • My mother taught me never to clean my hands in boiling water.

      • +1

        means it'll never fail like other spring lid that pop open in the middle of boiling water after 2 years

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    This one is not automatic. They also have a One Touch model which is much better.

    • Thanks for this, thought it was auto :(

    • Do they still sell those? I have desired one for years but can never seem to find one.

      • Yep, you can find them on ebay. Not for 109 fullpirce though.

      • Current models:


        Only place you'll find the others is by getting lucky while on ebay/gumtree.

        If you mean the BTM600 try 07 3907 0930. A little birdie told you.

        Wowser… didn't realise they had a BTM800 at one stage!

        • what is the difference between the 600 and 800? they look the same.

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        Best I can do is the SAGE (re-branded Breville) for $233AUD posted internally in the UK. You'll need a shipping agent to get it here.

        DO NOT IMPORT FROM THE USA!!! The voltages are completely different and you'll need to spend extra on an adapter. Get one from the UK and a $5 wall plug will fix it right up :)

        BTM800UK is the model you want :) Amazon UK will sell it but it's a question of getting here. Probably looking at $300 landed if you look the other way on GST :)

      • +2

        I guess I better take very good care of my one touch model.

        It really is the best kettle ever. You can set it on a timer to have tea ready when you wake up. Ours must be almost 10 years old, if it isn’t already.

        I’m really disappointed that it sounds like we won’t be able to replace it when it eventually moves on.

        • protect it like your first born!

          but seriously; how long does the keep warm setting work for?

          • +1

            @bargain huntress: It depends on the tea. I think it will hold the temperature for 60 minutes but some teas start changing quite quickly after being brewed (oxidising?) so it isn’t as good as brewing a new batch. You can get around the 60 minute maximum by pressing some buttons and getting another 60 minutes.

            It also has a pretty high minimum water level for one person but I’ve got by fine ignoring it, I just make sure the sensor is always submerged.

            Tbh though I usually use a tea pot unless I’m using the timer feature.

            • @omghi: thanks.
              yeah i was wondering if it is really much better than a big teapot and cosy…

      • +1

        Mmm Myer online has it down to $120 and let me add it to a cart. At first it said it was out of stock so who knows.

        Might be worth a try.


        • i got it in my cart too but on the cart page it says not available. did you manage to get an order through?

    • Do you have a link or model number for the one touch ?

  • +9

    No WiFi not really smart

    • You can't spell kettle lid without id

    • Me: kettle, boil me water, pronto!
      Kettle: (1000 yrs later) …..

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    How long could you keep the tea warm in this thing before it becomes shit? I have no idea how much tea I could drink to utilise this type of machine, it's cool tho.

    • Question is how much could you save by using it anyway :)

      • +1

        considering it's tea probably not too much

        • You should see the mark up on coffee from farm to cup…!

    • You take the tea leaves out after it's brewed so the tea will stay good for hours. I occasionally reheat it the next morning and it's fine

      • that's good to know, thanks.

    • i read it has a keep warm setting that works for 60 minutes. that doesn't seem very long.

  • Is Myer returns policy pretty straight forward?

    • +1

      Within 30 days of purchase is fine. No question ask

  • +1

    Got one, thanks OP.
    It's not too early to start Christmas shopping.

  • Thanks OP, been looking for something like this for a while… I may have got the last one, seems out of stock now? (choose quantity < 1)

  • damnit was after a glass kettle!

    • +1

      Hurry hurry yalla yalla

  • just curious, what benefits of this machine vs making tea the old fashion way with tea pot?

    • Can control the temperature of your tea with the kettle

  • Showing as back in Stock, couldn't complete purchase when selecting delivery, but was able to do complete purchase when selecting Click & Collect from a store with stock.

    • Yep, back in stock boys n gals.

      Now how do I get rid of OOS tag…

      Ninja edit: fixed.

  • This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

    • when using Click & Collect. all store around brisbane are out of stock… no!! im too late!!

  • OOS :(

    • Weird. I can still see in stock & it let me add to the last step before payment.

  • Boo. Is oos now. Says 0 available

  • Back in stock

  • Out of stock when trying to pay :(
    (Able to add it to cart and get to checkout, though on paying)

    This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

  • Same, out of stock when trying to pay.

    mec, did you buy or only place in cart?

  • They say it is not glass, but plastic

  • Got mine today (the one that I purchased from Myer online).

    I must be a weirdo but I am very happy, over a kettle lol.

    Great kettle indeed! Looks fancy, beautiful design (engineered in Oz), big smooth handle, easy to use (duh), and that top lid, just wow. I reckon I can slips 2 tennis balls in.

    Might consider keeping the 2nd one, from ebay.

    • +1

      Let me know if you decide not to keep the second one. I'm also in Sydney :)

  • If anyone considered returning this, please contact me, I am keen to buy.
    I am based in Melbourne.

  • Was anyone else's order cancelled ?

    • Oh dear, Myer cancelling your order?

      • Yes , I chose to click and collect and they cancelled the order saying they no have stock for the item

        • Yep typical Myer. Their stock level control is ridiculous, does not match to their online shop (ebay too) or their internal store system. I'm guessing they could not handle the hordes of OzB'ers.

          • @Yummy: I also checked with the store and they have stock , Myer have just said tough we won't honor it.