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LEGO Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264 $203.99 Shipped @ Myer via eBay


waiting for this new creator set. good price with 15% and stack with 20%. final price $203.99 . not sure how long it can last. 441 sold so far.

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  • cheap!

  • Massive stocks hence don't have to worry about this one falling :)

  • thanks!

  • -2

    I don't get these Creator sets. You can't put them in your city because they're way out of scale compared to the other "City" sets. So then you need to have two separate cities… one Creator and one normal. But who has the space for that aside from the most die hard Lego fans?

    • +1

      Perfect for a deep bookshelf. Not everyone has enough space for an open plan layout :)

      • They fit perfectly in Ikea Billy, probably not a coincidence

        • Sadly they’re just slightly too wide to fit 3 together in the wide Billy shelf - literally millimetres!

          • @Bricky: Yeah I'm gonna be remounting them on large plates rather than baseplates, can save a few studs that way

    • Lego scale is very loose anyway, vehicles for example are massive compared to the people, planes are tiny etc. I think these look fine mixed with most City sets but I'm planning to build a Modular level train station / library etc when I have space.

      • It's not just the scale, though. It's the style and complexity. These are much more realistic looking so they don't fit in with the regular City sets, due to the relative lack of detail in those sets.

  • Ive got all the others but Im going to pass on this one, its just too much wasted space on nothing. Considering the price.

    • You've got every other modular, including cafe corner and market street? And you won't get this one. I call BS.

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