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BWS - 20% Cashback on Beer @ ShopBack


Cashback deal is for today only. 20% cashback only applies to beer.

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Referral: random (4065)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • -1

    Any deals?

  • Anyone know if there’s a limit? Doesn’t seem to be on terms and conditions..

    • +1

      Couldn't find any either. I just purchased 3 cases of beer and got a cashback for them.

    • +2

      20% only on beer
      Spirits 2%
      Sparkling wine 4%
      Wine 4%
      Cider 2.4%
      Premix 1.4%
      Champagne 0%
      Non alcohol 0%

      Only 2% on spirits, that's me out

  • +3

    I'm frothing over this deal!

  • +4

    I can't beer it

  • +3

    Holy XXXX (Qld joke).

    • +2

      I get your joke because I used to live in Toowoomba. I had to drink XXXX Gold really cold so when the golden liquid touched my tongue, I couldn't taste anything because my tongue was already numb from the cold.

      • Did you manage to escape

    • Taste's like piss.

  • +3

    For those looking for a good deal, limited areas, to go with in NSW:


    James Boag Wild Rivers $30 for 24 pack, less shopback $6, discounted wish gift card $1.50, bottle return $2.40

    = $20.10 for 24 beers.

    • $49.30 in Melb

    • mine shows $61.00 for Ashfield

  • +5

    I rather drink water then this James bogan beer waste of money .

    • +12

      From your username you’re more vodka than beer or water.

    • +1

      To me James Boags premium lager is one of the best locally brewed beers

      • I agree James Boags premium lager is good…

      • It's not bad, but Boags red and Boags green are better I think.

  • Perfect timing, was in desperate need of more beer. Free delivery as well.

  • +1

    Perfect timing, I just got a Woolies rewards offer of spend $100 and get $10 off instantly. Hopefully they work together.

    • mine is spend $30 get $10 off instantly

      • The $10 off won't show at checkout for me for some reason

        • not working for me either

          • @knackers: Great offer. I was emailed too but it doesn't work. I've contacted them on Facebook will let you know outcome.

            • +1

              @Tafe: i'm on the chats with a Rep.. he offered $10 to my rewards card which isn't the same as 10 off instantly.. he doesn't get it

              • +1

                @knackers: I got the same offer, he said there was nothing else they could do so I just took it. Hoping that they fix whatever the error is before the end of the day and get it twice.

                • @Forphucsake: Anndddd.. have had the same convo twice now too. Once on FB and once via email.

                  The can't seem to comprehend that $10 "Instant Discount" isn't the same as $10 rewards credit

                  • +2

                    @Tafe: Just checked BWS again and it applied the $10, so I got that instant discount and the extra 2000 points :D

                    And to top it off, I ordered 3 cartons for $132 and then the $10 off is $122. They were $48 single or cheaper for the 3 and I've got 3 seperate cashbacks pending of $9.60, so it's tracked from the original price. Total savings from $144 to $83.20 after cashback including the extra 2000 points or $27.73 each.

                    • +1

                      @Forphucsake: Nice I got Cooper's Pale for $28 (-$10 discount -5% Wish Gift -$10 Shopback)


  • +2

    Arc Valley Premium Light - 2 for $50 before cashback, so $40 after cash back. That's cheap beer.

  • +2

    Windmill dutch lager, $12.3 for 6 or 2 for $15. Works out 30 cents better to get 12 than 6 after $3 back!

    • Seriously, if its weren't this 20% discount I wouldn't want to visit BWS website.

  • +6

    Little Creatures Pale Ale - $63 delivered, and then $12.60 back. So for $50 not bad at all!

    • Exactly what I've done. Thanks

      • Where does the cashback come into it? i am all the way at payments and cant seem to get the cashback happening

        • +2

          You have to join Shopback, a commission rewards business like Cashrewards

  • Can i use my spend $30 and get $10 off instantly on online purchase with this offer?

  • -3

    Damn. Hate beer. Prefer cider, ginger beer, lolly water, anything other than beer…

  • Valid in all states?

  • On a desktop when I go to the BWS site, after activating Shopback, there is no indication that shopback is active.
    When I click on the "S" Shopback icon, it just shows me other stores. Doesn't say that BWS is in fact activated.

    Is that the way it is supposed to work?

    • Found this on Shopback.

      "Extension tracking does not work for BWS, please clickthrough from ShopBack to ensure that your cashback is tracked."

      • So clicking on the link provided by the OP will / will not work?

        • +1

          OPs link goes to shopback and click activate from there

          • @Forphucsake: OK thanks. That's what I did.
            As there is no indication in the Shopback icon that it is actually active, I figured it wasn't working.

            I don't have a lot of confidence in the Shopback tracking.
            One of my purchases wasn't tracked. Contacted Shopback in May via their Report a missing cashback. Never got a reply.

          • @Forphucsake: Its not working for me at all.

            • +1

              @Smithymitch: Make sure all adblock etc is turned off, it can screw with the tracking.

  • I assume no cashback if using wish gift card..

    • It should, on the page for the BWS offer, there is a banner that says;

      Want to save a further 5% on your booze?

      Purchase gift card at 5% discount then pay for order using it

      • Under "Don't" it has some blurb about Gift card though..

        • +1

          I think that is referring buying an actual gift card, not using one

          I checked with the store rep (gotyourback) and this was his reply (as I wanted to check because I need to buy 10 cases for a party);

          "100% okay to use gift cards as payment, I've personally used it in the past over multiple transactions :)"

  • +1

    Grabbed two cartons of the coopers sparkling ale for $118, with 20% cash back, that's $47.20 a carton! What a deal!

    My birthday is next month so nice to stock up and save a few pennies.

  • Shopback showing deal as temporary unavailable

    Edit- fine now. thanks OP

  • Heineken is 2 for $96 so works out to be $38.40/case!


    • +4

      Unfortunately its the brewed in oz stuff though.

      • +1

        Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that

      • If my experience is the norm then the OS stuff is no better. Very mediocre beer in both UK and The Netherlands - even when it's free! Tastes vary though so if you like it, drink it.

  • +1

    Anyone recommend good IPAs?

    • There’s the gage road IPA for $60, anyone tried that?

      • Yeah, that's been my go-to supermarket IPA for a couple of years now. Definitely best IPA at that price point.

      • +3

        Just note it is a mild British IPA and not a hop-heavy US IPA

  • I should head into work…

  • +1

    Coopers Sparkling $59 for 24x375mL
    Guinness $58 24x440mL
    Both can survive some aging if not consumed quickly

  • Is there a limit on cash back? And any idea how long it takes to get it?

  • -2

    are ginger beers and ciders eligible?

    • +1

      That's a negative for cider

  • +1

    Batch Pash the Magic Dragon ordered!

    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    For those in SA (maybe elsewhere?) … order a carton of Coopers and get a free beanie. I saw this on a billboard for Dark Ale, not sure if it applies to Pale, Sparkling etc.

    Dark ale is $52.

    Plus stack with any WW rewards offers… I got $5 auto discount at checkout. No coupon required.

    • Ordered a carton of Sparkling for C&C at my local in SA and they offered me the beanie!

  • so assume use of woolies gift card okay for shopback.

    how long bws transaction will track to shopback? we use gc to purchase $30 of beers this morning about 7am but still no pending transaction until now

    • I don't think so mate. they don't accept gift card as a cashback I guess .

      • +2

        Yes they do.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed little creatures pale ale for $50 delivered AND a case of cricketers arms pale ale for $42.40. Delivered within the hour too…impressive! If only those pale ales beers were this price normally!!

  • Has anyone received confirmation of cashback from Shopback?

    • Yeah about 2min after I bought it

    • yup, not long after

    • +1

      Nope, not yet

    • yep got about 5min after.

    • Nothing from them.
      Shopback doesn't like me.

    • Nothing here after almost 2 days

      • After raising a ticket I’ve received standard Cashback, not bonus 20%

        • Yep, me too. Just sent them an email about it. Waiting for response.

          • @mikeford81: Same here, I raised a ticket and got standard cashback not 20% on beer.

            • @johno3456: Yeah, just got standard cash back after raising it too. I've emailed them. Not happy, being relatively new to ShopBack.

        • me too only standard cashback.

      • +1

        Same with me. Only standard Cashback. Have emailed, and no reply. Would be nice for a ShopBack rep to comment here and let us know what is happening.

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