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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB $779.35, S10 128GB $876.85, S10+ 128GB $974.35 (35% off RRP) @ Samsung EPP Online Store


Noted 35% off on the S10 range on the Samsung Partnership Program.
Linked to the one that works for me. Not too sure how others access their partnership program.

Might be able to stack with $150 off $1000 Purchase @ Samsung EPP Stores for eligible EPP portals, this should be added automatically at the checkout.

An account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

Referral Links

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10% off Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tab S8 for Referee, $50 Voucher for Referrer

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    How does someone sign up to the EPP program?

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      If you work for a company that has this benefit then you can register yourself via the company portal somewhere.

      • I use to work for JB Hi-Fi but this just started a few months After I left 🙁…

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    Also worth mentioning that there is 150 off per 1000 spend for some corporate. I am from wollies and works out for me.

    • Hey I’m from woolies too what email do I put for the corporate email after I’ve logged in? Thanks haha

      • Try following the link above and use your normal email

        • Normal as in my woolies google one or literally my actual email? Cheers mate lol

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    is there way to find list of companies samsung has this offer?(instead of going through company intranet )

    • Tried to find and gave up. Sorry mate.

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      Added into OP.

      • Appreciate it mate.
        It's not the exhaustive list. But definitely better than the info I provided.

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          Yeah not sure on the full list, just got it from another deal :) Thanks for posting!

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    It’s work for me Samsung s10 plus 128g $870 but I dnt want to buy if some want I can buy for him

    • I Love to get one

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    Samsung s10 plus $855 with silicone cover

    • Hi

      I am interested. 855 for s10+ with silicon cover is amazing.

      How to go about it?

      • i think he means $150 off for $1000+ spent

        • +2

          Yeah, you add the Samsung S10+ (128GB) with discount to $974.35.
          Then you add the S10+ Clear Case for $29.00.
          Subtotal comes to $1,003.35

          Then you stack the $150 off coupon.
          Comes to $853.35.
          You claim with Cashback for an additional cash-return discount.

          Basically it comes down to ~$840…. with a (crappy) case thrown in for Day 1 use.

    • Hi I'm interested in this as well!

    • +12

      Apple has enough sheep to keep money falling.

      • Even the sheep aren't buying the latest models anymore. They can't afford it.

        • I love iOS but not $1800 love I can’t…
          So am switching

          • @nurbsenvi: If you're not tech savvy you're not going to like it

            • @Joey Jo Jo: I am tech savvy
              But I am busy
              I need a phone to work out of the box

              And apple does that best

  • Is the S10 better than a Huawei P30?

    • It's screen resolution is. Some other specs like storage options maybe. Camera is not.

      CPU is a wash.

      It has a headphone jack. Not sure about P30.

  • Damn I need this… Deal Not available through the eduction store either ;(

  • S10+ also available in 1TB $1559.35 and 512MB $1201.85

    Can't see the $150 off >$1K spend in my EPP.

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  • Any deals on the 5g model?

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    What does australian government mean, any .gov.au email?

    • Correctimundo.

      • sweet. here goes nothing!

      • How about a .edu email address?
        I'm going to ask my Dad (a teacher) to help me out.
        Will find out anyhow.. When I see him next.

  • Are these limited to 1 per customer?
    I know someone that has a .gov.au email address.

    Can I buy 2 in 1 transaction if I get them to let me "borrow" their email address?

    • I recently bought 2 without any problem, just prior to the $150 off purchases over $1000 discount deal starting.

    • There appears to be a quota under ‘my account’. 5 mobiles, 5 tablets, 10 wearables, 5 tvs, 5 audio, 5 IT, 10 storage and 5 home appliances. Unsure if and when this resets.

    • I have a gov.au account and have below un-used quota in my account:

      5 mobiles, 5 tablets, 10 wearables, 5 tvs, 5 audio, 5 IT, 10 storage and 5 home appliances.

    • +1

      I have a gov.au account and below is my un-used quota in my account:

      5 mobiles, 5 tablets, 10 wearables, 5 tvs, 5 audio, 5 IT, 10 storage and 5 home appliances.

      • Melbourne based? If yes, would help out a brother?

  • Are the any dual sim models on there?

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      Only 512GB and 1TB models in Australia are dual sim.

  • So I bought myself a S10+ a couple of months ago when this deal was last on, but I did it as a Westpac customer under the "rewards" tab in my banking app. This time I want to buy one for my partner, but I have no rewards available when I look in the same place. Can I just confirm with other Westpac customers that it isn't available this time?

    • +1

      Keep trying every hour or so as the Westpac rewards system is always glitching, i currently have no rewards either i’ll be checking a few times today as something usually shows up everyday

      Edit rewards are now showing for me but i don’t see a Samsung reward

      • The Samsung offer for Westpac customers ended 31-May. Have not seen it come back since.

  • Looks like the $150 off $1,000 spend offer is over.

    • Error 403 pops up. Even if trying to login thru samsung.

      • It's back up. Still showing $150 discount.

        • Not showing for me, must be disabled with Westpac.

  • I thought this price was there on the EPP for a while?

  • Thanks cheap cheap!

  • Got the grey import s10e dual SIM for 650 after my s7 edge died. Glad I didn't get the s10 or s10+ as I don't find s10e small at all for my small hands. Not having to carry a work phone is so handy as well.
    Phone itself is very snappy. The only complaint would be the Bixby button which I accidentally press sometimes.

  • Looks good for me. Anyone interested in buying Samsung A70 to help me avail 150 discount. Can buy from my corporate account and sell the one for 445 and keep one for myself. Collect at Craigieburn or Southern cross Station.

  • I waited almost the entire month of June and Samsung EPP portal store only has A30 in the A series. I was hesitant between a grey import $500ish A70 and $974 S10+ until the $150 cash back promo hits my email. For $870, I bought S10+ and 128EVO Microsd from Samsung EPP portal. Now A70 is also on EPP I would consider it a better buy than s10 series any day. Sigh.

    • Wow I was really considering the s10+ but that a70 looks amazing for $520

  • +1

    If anyone want I can help . U can pm me

  • Would a ".edu" email address work to access the discounts?

    • I tried and it doesn't give the same discount e.g. S10e is $959

  • How we can get cash back

  • I dnt mind to help u guys if ur from Sydney .

  • Anyone want to help out with this deal? Don't know anyone/work for any of these places.

    • Hi mate, i can hook you up with this deal. I am in sydney and work with state govt. PM me.!

  • Link for woolworths is not actually woolworths…?

  • does the S10e come with a clear case in the box? I have seen conflicting info on this…

  • Can anyone hook me up also with this deal?, just dropped my S8 :( PM would be great

  • Hi guys. I am based in Sydney and have access to Samsung Partner program. If anyone is interested in buying a Samsung A70 for $500, let me know. Cheers

  • Anyone based in Melbourne could help me get a S10?

    • +1

      I work for gov and work in CBD, Bourke street - I haven't used up my limits, I am getting S10+ 512GB lets pickup together?

      5 mobiles, 5 tablets, 10 wearables, 5 tvs, 5 audio, 5 IT, 10 storage and 5 home appliances.

      • Hey Mate, wondering if can help me procure a S10+ with the silicon case deal for $855?

  • Hi, has anyone been able to get TradeUp with EPP??

    • I contacted support and they said it wasn't available. Ended up getting the S10+ myself.

  • hi i was wandering if anyone can buy for S10 128 prism black me if possible pls

  • or how do get to register to be allowed to benefit from the epp

  • Hey guys, is the offer available for S10 5G as well? Can anyone check pls, i don't have access but probably can get someone to buy if price is confirmed.
    Also the $150 off $1000 spend offer, does that apply to Telstra EPP portal?

    • +1

      Sorry probably a bit late but no it isn't on the 5G

    • It’s available in Govt portal. (1699 -150$).

  • Hey all, will it be possible to get an invoice in my name buying through someone else account?

    Looking at s10+ 512GB, anyone who can also get the $150 off $1000 offer willing to help me buy one?. Thanks in advance.
    Ideally in QLD.

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