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Telstra $65pm for 12m with 60GB Data & Free TCL 55E19US 55" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV (Priced $595) @ JB Hi-Fi


New offer with $65 per month for 12 month plan with telstra.
Get TCL 55E19US 55" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV free with the plan
Worth a try: I had 12 month plan with $500 gift card and changed to month to month plan and ported to Vodafone sim with $10 starter kit from Woolworth without any termination charge.

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    So you spend $65 a month for 12 months and get a free TV valued at $595?

    $780 - $595 = $185

    $185 / 12 = $15.41

    Not a bad deal if you need a new TV and Smartphone plan.

    • How quickly can you port out and then back in? Lol

      • Depends on them… sometimes hours sometimes 30days… its dodgy. I didnt bother and just got a new optus number and ported over to telstra instantly

  • How did you avoid termination charges when moving from 12 months contract to month to month plan?

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      Did it via live chat. Transcript of chat
      "SASTO: Also is there any early termination charge if i made a switch today?
      Richard: No fees will apply if you switch to the $50 plan. "

      I was on $39 BYO Mobile Companion Plan and changed to $50 small plan.

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        Sorry I may be missing something here, but the plan with $500 JB hi-fi gift card was a $65 plan right.

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          Yeah I changed that to $39 via chat when they had the promotion on. And changed again when they introduced new month to month plan.
          I didn't even had contract for a month.

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    "I had 12 month plan with $500 gift card and changed to month to month plan"

    "$39 BYO Mobile Companion Plan and changed to $50 small plan"

    Sorry buddy, the gift card plan is $65 per month. You're either still on the plan or never had the plan or something.

  • If these deals keep coming up… And you can move to BYO plan, how many free TV's can you get in a week?

  • My partner and I got the jb 65 deal and got 2 x 500 gift cards. We then requested to change via chat to $39 plan without issue.
    Might look at changing to month to month, then port out and resign again when this offer comes back around and just keep doing it.

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      What’s a $39 plan? What’s included?

    • I just wondering if you can keep porting out then re-sign again exploiting this loophole from JB and telstra plan. JB and Telstra have your ID, and they can easily detect that you've been in and out Telstra plan.

      P.S I'm not judging, but I'm really curious cause I'm afraid to re-sign again

      • yes, that's what I m worry as well. They have all our account activity and might get a ban ? after all it's a very expensive loophole for both jb and Telstra

  • 30gb. They don't do the $39 plan, was only a short promo.

  • Sasto is talking true I did the same.

  • Wow. Free TV

  • So, can I or can I not get the ETC waived if I change it to a $60 for 60GB month to month, no lock-in contract?

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      Sure I can help you with that, just send through the credit card details you used to sign up and we’ll get that plan sorted for you.

  • That sounds good. I don’t believe you can go month to month after signing up though. How long do you wait to try this? I think I’d be too wary

  • I bought a $2 Optus sim card to port over but need to pay a recharge value. Is there a way to avoid this or is $10 a requirement then wait a month?

    • I never needed to pay for recharge… just activate sim over the phone instead of online.

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    it's very risky if u did it before. They can view all your Telstra history. If you cancel or change the plan before.

  • be nice if you could combine it with the $500 off a phone :) anyone tried :)

  • Out of stock in SA. But can be put on back order.

  • Yeah those chat staff seem badly trained and desperate for sales. Probably ignoring a few critical points like the customer already signed a higher priced contract.

  • I'm on the old Telstra $59 ($49/month as I ported in from Boost) for 25GB plan, that time of the year I try to shop for a better deal (amongst other reasons). I must admit I'm disappointed Telstra show so little support to keeping customers. Maybe CEO bonuses are paid on new customers acquired and customers leaving are overlooked.

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    I just signed up for this deal today at Jb Hi Fi. After my sim was activated, I contacted telstra via the 24/7 online chat and asked them to add the $10 monthly port in credit. The consultant was great!! Have recieved confirmation from Telstra that this has been applied so now I'm only paying $55 pm for the 12 month contract 😁

    • No luck with port in credit. Did get changed to month to month though, which isn't too bad given I'll have freedom to change in the future/port in and out again.

  • Is the refresh rate good enough to play games on the PC with it?

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