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[Amazon Prime] Kindle PW $149 | Oasis $399 | Firestick $49 | Echo Plus $114.50 | Dot $39 | Echo Gen2 $74.50 + More @ Amazon AU

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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    I was waiting for a such a long time for the Fire Stick to go lower.. and then my Chromecast became compatible! Yay

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      How can you use your chrome cast with amazon prime? Does it need to be the latest chrome cast version? Does it work with iphone?

    • About time. This was announced back in April, I was starting to think they'd changed their minds.

    • Is it true you can only prime in 4K on the fire stick?

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        ive got prime in 4k on xbox one app

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        Prime in 4k works on my Samsung TV prime app

      • I get 4k on my NVIDIA Shield and (I think) WebOS on my LG TV.

      • Prime streams 4K no problems on my LG OLED Smart TV native app

  • Hope they put the better ring doorbells on sale too.

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      Ring 2 $229 plus get a free Echo

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        Deal is gone. No more free Echo dot 3rd gen :(

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    No deal on the Echo Show 5 it seems.

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    Thanks OP, been waiting for an Echo Input since I found out you can use "Computer" as the trigger. Moving ever closer to living my embarrassing Star Trek fantasies.

    • The funny thing is watching Startrek and having them try and awnser them when they say computer.

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    Not seeing any great deals there tbh…..bring the 4k stick to Australia you cowards

    • +1 on that, wonder what's holding them back, it's easily one of the best vfm options. That price on Basic model isn't so great either

      • Surely they just have excess non4k stock….
        Doe anyone actually know anyone who owns one? Big potential for Amazon, though many tvs have media players built in now instead

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        Australia is literally a dumping ground for unsold stock. Like think previously they had containers of unsold stock they would auction off in the US at a huge loss, now they have this much less loss per $ put in branch in Australia where they can ship those containers to and flog off the years old crap as wizzbang brand new.

        • Just like with internet, Australians love getting inferior products.

        • +1

          You should see NZ or the Pacific islands lol. They get our scraps

          • @mousie: yup when I was in NZ tons of old second hand cars from Australia were being delivered on ships

    • What's that

    • I just want the controller with IR for my Nexus player.

    • Cowards?

  • All deals are already available NOW! Lets the party begin.

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      Some deals are live now.

      • Where’s the link?

        • ↘️🔂➡️🔀🔄🔁⤴️ link 🔝

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    waiting for SB(12%) or CR(10%) to make their maximum cashback sitewide

  • Ok deal on ring 2.

    • Worth upgrading from the original ring v1?

    • Still can't decide between getting a ring or a nest hello. It's a new build so can do a proper install, and only have Google devices currently, no Alexa.

      • Someone else said ring doesnt support google…

        • It doesn't, but the pro comes with a chime, and the 2 comes with an alexa assistant.

          And the ring subscription is much cheaper than nest.

      • Still can't decide between getting a ring or a nest hello. It's a new build so can do a proper install, and only have Google devices currently, no Alexa.

        NEST is a better unit with face and person detection and also hardwired with a regular door chime (amazon sell these cheap) so no limitations on battery life etc. Yes it costs a little more per year but it's a better unit that seems better built. I just wish they would sell a relay module so I can open the gate from the app.

        It also announces the person using my google home speakers as well as the app.


  • Do ereaders ever have any decent deals these days? I bought a kindle for ~ $89 years ago that i now cant find. Wanted to set one up for one of our kids as she loves reading and is always buying books.

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      buying power is almost never getting better, so looks like $109 is the new $89

      • Thanks. I didnt even see the $109 one, only $149. Maybe i need a deal on glasses as well :)

        • +1


    • +10

      The basic Kindle now has a backlit screen, which is easily worth the $20 every time.

    • Get a free library subscription :)

      • I use Libby to get ebooks from my library then I download them as adobe digital edition on my PC and strip the drm then put onto my kindle, free books :)

        • that's basically piracy anyway, so you may as well cut out the library and access a larger collection with less hassle

          that said, if you arent already a big reader, too much choice can make it even harder to start

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    No Fire TV 4K, Echo Clock or Auto. Finding it real hard to even justify $49 Fire TV for the kids TV for Prime Video when this is the junk hand me down version they won't even sell in the US anymore.

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      hard to even justify $49 Fire TV for the kids TV for Prime Video when this is the junk hand me down version they won't even sell in the US anymore.

      The Fire TV Stick they sell on Amazon Australia is actually the 2nd Generation 2016 model with the quad-core processor / AC wifi / HEVC support, but the remote that it comes with is the 1st Gen without voice control:


      They still sell it on Amazon US too, but bundle it with the Alexa remote:


      I agree it would be nice to see the 4K version here too:


    • Does us fire clock work here?

    • Prime on Android TV boxes now supposedly

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    The kindle seem like a good deal.

  • -2

    umm ebay recent deal was way better

    • +2

      Ebay had better pricing on Echo devices than this?

    • +1

      They had the ring 2 cheaper with a freebie? Didn't see any deals on that…

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    Also had commented in my 2 minute late deal - Why would anyone buy the Echo Spot when priced exact same as the Show 5? The Spot needs to be well sub $100 like $79.

  • This has already started but the title says Tomorrow.

    • Question for experts: if I don't need the waterproof function, would the normal kindle be on par with the paperwhite in terms of other functions?

      • +4

        So difference:

        Normal - 167ppi
        PW - 300ppi

        Normal - 4gb
        PW - 8gb (up to 32GB if u want to spend extra)

        Better overall lighting for the PW but it isn't a big deal.

        Overall, there isn't much difference other than the significantly better resolution and it being water proof. So, if you value both of these then you should get the PW version.

        I'd say get PW if you plan to use it a lot in the future just because of that better resolution.

        • Thanks alot. It's helpful.

          I may not use it that much. Forking out that extra $40 or so is abit much I think

      • Get the PW for the better resolution.

      • +3

        Comparing the 3rd and 4th gen Paperwhite, the 4th gen has a bit more glare in direct sunlight due to the new flush screen and smudges a bit easier. I haven't seen the new basic Kindle myself, but it's possible it also exhibits less glare than the new Paperwhite as it's not the new flush screen. Between the two though, I think I would take the slight extra glare for the increased resolution even though I don't need the waterproofing. By no means is it a big deal, just a difference. It's not a bad idea to compare them in person somewhere like Officeworks if convenient.

        • Cheers I may do that if Im near a OW

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    I'm seeing Ring Floodlight cam for $229 with free echo dot 3rd gen, feel free to add to the deal https://www.amazon.com.au/Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Wired-Plugged-i...

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    Bit off topic, but when does Prime Day start? Midnight?

    And will they have tuned orders starting from Midnight or from the morning?

    • The prime day page says "epic deals start at midnight AEST".

    • There's a bunch of "deals" (really just the same crap as last few weeks making space in the warehouse I think) in the upcoming deals already from like 4-5am onwards tomorrow.

      • Yeah a lot of the 400 or so Prime Day Lightning deal products they have listed so far for tomorrow seem like the same generic products they list all the time

  • Thanks op grabbed ring 2 door bell. Will need to sell the echo lol got google home stuff…

    • is it live already ?
      for me price showing at $268

  • +1

    Thanks OP - purchased the ring 2 and echo show. It's worth noting that the ring 2 does not work with google home - you need a nest for this.

    • Yep that's a major bummer… Damn google lol

      • Not Google's fault. Amazon owns Ring

        • Well… damn you Amazon! lol

  • Any doorbell 2 users, can you please let me know how the door bell is installed? Is it fixed using some screws or just a stick on? If it is the latter, wouldn't it be easy for someone to remove it?

    • +1

      They screw on, it's not an adhesive patch.


    • +1

      I know the bracket can be mounted with screws into brick etc, I don't know how easy it is to just take it off the mount. I'll receive mine early this week.

    • +6

      I've got a Ring 2. It can be fixed using the 4 screws into almost any surface. It even comes with a masonry drill bit and everything you need to install it. There's also additional screws for the wedge plates (if you need to angle to position of the doorbell).

      You could always stick it on with some heavy duty double-sided tape, but I wouldn't. It's quite weighty with the battery pack installed.

      If you're worried about it being stolen (it does come with 2 "security screws" as well), Ring has lifetime replacement on the doorbell if it's stolen, all you need do is provide them with the Police report.

      Also, some quick advice, if you don't have super fast Wi-Fi, you may notice a 1-3 second delay from when the unit detects movement or a Ring press to when it notifies your device. To get around this, i've got the Ring Chime Pro which goes off about a second before the notification pops up on my iPhone.

      Hope that helps!

      • Awesome thanks for all the info.

      • Anyone know if it uses the same screw locations as the Ring 1?

        Edit: Amazon Q&A says yes

  • Thanks. Just bought the Kindle Paperwhite. Currently using the normal 2018 Kindle, but would prefer a better back light and better resolution for manga.

    • How is reading manga on kindle now? Does it has few seconds delay on turning page like it used to?

      • +1

        It's ok, not to painful waiting one or two seconds. Hopefully this new one will be better.

  • Hoping to see a good price on the Kindle Oasis when prime day kicks off.

    • Oasis $399. Link in OP.

      • Too bad only on the 3G version..

  • Wonder if Officeworks will oricematch some of this amazon gear.

    • +2

      Probably. And straight after the first 5% claim all stores will either have the same price as Amazon or all stock will be moved out the back.

      At least that's my experience.

    • Officeworks will beat it by 5%. With shopback it may be cheaper. (8% on kindle)

  • +1

    Strange, I just purchased the Ring Doorbell 2 + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for total $189. Added the Doorbell, then realized you need to add the Echo Dot manually and it'll apply the discount at checkout.

    But when it did all that, it appears to apply a $119 discount to the full price of $79 for the Dot instead of $40 it should. Thus reducing the whole $229 to $189. They've gotten their calculations wrong.

    56m to go, so get in for even greater discount.

    • Yes good find can confirm pricing, bit of a double up.

    • Not working for me still coming up as $229