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[eBay Plus] AirPods 2 $99, Google Hub $99, Dyson Fan $359 (OOS) | Google Home $59, Cybex Mios $569, Dyson Hairdryer $385 @ eBay


Official eBay response re $99 AirPod cancellation email:

Thanks for taking advantage of eBay’s $99 deal on a set of Apple AirPods on Monday.

You may have received an error message suggesting your transaction was from a compromised account. This is not the case. Please ignore this email and any associated actions. You will receive your AirPods.

We apologise for any alarm caused and are looking into how this occurred. Should you have any questions, please contact the eBay Customer Service via www.ebay.com.au/help

We thank you for shopping on eBay.

Twitter notification here.

Just read this on news.com.au and seems too good to be true! Enjoy :)

Sets of AirPods will be released hourly from 10am. SOLD OUT

100 Pairs Released at: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Google Home $59 Code PHONIC.
Google Home Hub $99 Code PIVOT. SOLD OUT
Google Home Mini $29 SOLD OUT
Cybex Mios Stroller Black Anna K $569. No code. Use code PAPER for additional $50 off = $519.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $385 Code PROTECT. SOLD OUT
Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater White/Silver $359 Code PROPEL. SOLD OUT
Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set $15 Code PSYCHIC. Deal post SOLD OUT

Terms & Conditions thanks to paraneoplastic

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  • had basically given up, but managed to snag one just now.

  • -3

    edit: removed link, I got redirected from the $99 banner.

  • +1

    damn..missed it.

  • +1

    Sold out 7 seconds.

    • +1

      not about the time I guess, its more like a lottery. Even if u jumped in a bit late, but u have luck, and u get it. I failed hard. Waste of time :(

      • I even used a direct url to buy it now. didnt make a difference, had it set to load that url at exactly 5:00:01 get the following message:

        This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

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    tried 7 times.. failed 7 times

  • Thought that was impossible?
    ClickFrenzy: Hold my beer

  • bloody ebay lottery gimmicks

  • +2

    Complete waste of my time :-(

  • +4

    Wasted my day…

  • -1

    OK I guss I save $99 .. being tried for the past 8 hrs.

  • andddddd it’s gone

  • +1

    and its gone

  • :(

  • bad luck

  • Missed every single one :))) Thanks ebay

  • +4

    FINALLY! Trying all day and got the W at 5pm, got the email confirmation and money taken from card.. phew!

    • +1

      Same Macca. Didn’t even have them in my cart. Buy now, entered code, then confirm and buy in one shot. Tried most of the day.

  • +1

    Well that was a waste of a day! Tried all recommended options.

  • +4

    Victim of the fake "Thanks! Your order was placed."

    • +2

      same here.. any chance of taking it up with eBay?

    • +1

      Same here

    • another victim here

  • Finally got it :)

    The mistake i was doing everytime was to click on Buy it Now. Finally tried 'Add to Cart' at 4 and got the item at 5'o clock.

    • +1

      The add to cart method doesnt always work. I tried it 3 times already previously using that trick and only now at 5 did it work… 16 total screens up with 8 fake order confirmations

  • +1

    all the zero feedback buyers , buying multiples to resell later I guess

    • Yep, totally sucks.. I wish they would have limited it to people who already had Ebay Plus but I bet that they will make more money back from all the new subs who forget to cancel before the free trial ends

  • +2

    Ebay the dodgy tactics salesman of the internet. Stupid tricks to get people to sign up along with so many dodgy 20% off gimmicks that are spam.

    To be honest I am sick of them and their ethics.

  • +4

    Missed it again, this is just bullshit, it was in my cart since 4 pm and I kept refreshing the cart every second but no luck! Good work to the lucky ones who got this deal.

    • +3

      Same. Waste of time…

  • +2

    Finallyyyyyy… got one 2 seconds after the first purchaser… Got hit with 8 total fake order confirmations before the actual one went through…
    Good thing I had a total of 16 checkout screens open to cycle through.

    Used 10% off ebay vouchers too so it only cost me $89.1

  • Its fake listing…with 1 second just said out of stock..not real..I was trying from 4:59 pm & suddenly it appeared 801 items sold from 701.

    • We managed to get one. Got it in the cart on the 4PM one but couldn't check out. Then only had to press one button at 5PM.

  • +1

    Holy crap. I actually got one. Pretty much at 5pm on the dot. Kept refreshing like crazy until it went through.

    Got the eBay email confirmation and they've taken my money.

    I feel for the ones who missed out.

  • +2

    GG! 0/800

  • +1

    Glad I had my current 1 year eBay plus cancelled. Just 2 more weeks to go and adios eBay plus!

  • I got to the checkout this time, if only it was at 4pm…For me that seemed to be longest time, 6-7 seconds it was available. Really hope they do another round

  • pls tell me tomorrow they will have this again coz i couldnt grab a pair i had to put my credit card information :( took me a minute next thing its bloody gone wow!

  • +1

    I can still click on "Confirm and Pay" at the checkout but I guess it's futile. Might just leave it hanging haha.

    • yep me too. maybe… tomorrow?

  • +1

    I managed to pick up a pair of SFA. I must be lucky

  • Waste of time to get EarPods!!!! It would had been great to get a pair for my daughters birthday:(

  • +4

    I had it at the checkout at 4 pm with code applied waited until 5 hit confirm and buy 5 on the dot , still didn’t work,
    I agree too that they poorly looked after long term members,

  • wasted time

  • They had 2 pairs selling at 4 and 5 minutes after 5pm. At 4pm this was 6 pairs. Wonder if the system is cancelling some orders.

  • +2

    What a marketing move , and inhumanity at its worst. So you have till now 23.000 clicks just from ozbargain, multiply that by 100 and you get approx figure. Ebay says airpods have been viewed by approx 5000 per hour, probably more but sh!Ty counter. All that for approx 700 airpods? So the ones that haven't bought them are expected still to make some kind of purchase due to frustration, fulfilment etc.

    • +4

      This is a bit dramatic isn't it?

  • At the 3pm mark I added to Cart, at 4pm I was able to add the code, and at 5pm I was able to mash the Confirm button.

    You can't really blame eBay or eBay Plus, it's limited supply vs lots of demand and a lot of luck.

  • +6

    Tbh I think at least 50% of these will be scalped. Pity ebay didn't limit it to existing members who have held ebay plus for a while.

    Glad I am canceling my useless membership :D

    • +1

      Yes exactly, should be available to paying members only or at least those who have had membership for a few months. Kick in the nuts to paying ebay plus members, but I guess their goal was pull people away from Amazon, not that it was hard.

  • +5

    Feel like the air pods are click baits. Tried every hour on the dot but failed to get a single pair. Ironically History showed lots of '0' and '1' rating buyers who got them :-( Should see quite a few coming up for resale next week…

  • Third 'This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.' of the day.

  • -3

    2 grabbed at 5:05, 2 more grabbed at 5:11. Some people are getting lucky!

    • Thanks Broden :)

      • At least know the meme… Broden buys out the store. This is evidently limited to 1 per (reasonable) person. Some people just seem to be salty that they were here complaining about missing out instead of refreshing like some hopeful souls.

    • screenshot ;p

      • +4

        I didnt get them though… I meant some people grabbed 2 airpods at 5:05 and another 2 grabbed em at 5:11. Not me?

        • Haha, got ya now.

          • @halo9: Meanwhile Marker below claims to have gotten 5, and im getting downvoted haha.

  • +1

    Can ARSEPODS do a better deal?

  • Well, what can I say? I have tried few times and eventually get nothing (even with following instruction other successful people have mention here), however, record shows that 801 people could somehow get it.

    So I think I need to congrats all who could be able to grab one. :)

    Enjoy it (^_^)

    • 803 actually.

      • oh that means 2 more items sold. strange =D

    • +1

      Likely no where near that number, no doubt many got 3-4 somehow (looking at the number of buyers with 0, 1, 2 feedbacks) ;-)

  • How is there 2 orders at 5:11 PM?

    • Looks like they randomly added 2 more as it shows 803 sold now.

    • I got the second last one at 5:11. Spammed till then in high hopes to win and fortunately it paid off.

    • It's likely that the person who tried to checkout with allocated stock either failed, or their payment method bounced etc.
      The stock then gets assigned to the next cart sessions, and the sale is then made.

      The trick is to Spam the Checkout button from 59minutes to 5minute past.

  • anyone know if this might happen again tomorrow?

    • +1

      No, please no.

      • +6

        Won't be wasting my time if it does happen.

    • +2

      $199 QC35 II's? (wishing)

  • Tried since 10AM and finally got one at 5PM. Was honestly going to give up after so many failed attempts but I'm glad I stayed till the end.

    • Applaud you for your persistence. Put it on your resume :P

    • I'm the opposite didn't get anything with the instructions provided lol.

      More than 100 people would have been using the same tactic so no guarantee.

    • That's almost 100% productivity during business hours . Good on you :D

  • +1

    Got charged 249 when I put in the code and clicked confirm & pay, any suggestions on what to do??

    • There is an "ask to cancel the order" option in your purchase history.

      • +2

        This is where someone else can come in and snap it up. Keep spamming those checkout buttons.

        • But how long will the refund process take until the stock will appear again?

          • @alliegrain: It can take up to 3 days for the seller just to approve my cancellation request

  • +7

    So I've been trying to get these from the very first drop of the day. My wifi speed is 100MB/s. I tried every single method. To my surprise, I was successful one time and given the "Thanks! Your order was placed." page. But after checking my bank statement, email and speaking with eBay support, I was informed that my order did not process fully.

    It's really the luck of the draw, however, eBay should have predicted this would happen.
    Shoutout to Gina, the very unhelpful eBay support member who after talking to her for an hour, she disconnected me from the chat.

    • +1

      Which payment method did you use?

      • Mastercard Debit Card

    • My order was placed too,
      But no confirmation email…

  • +5

    So it seems clear that this is all about getting more ebay plus due to the side by side promotions.

    I have seen many people complaining about the lack of actual commitment to ebay plus members who stay past the promotional dates. For me I actually think this gimmick has proven the point. Reading through comments here and seeing how many zero feedback buyers got these and other tactics people have used to score multiple sets to sell has lost my confidence in the benefit of ebay plus.

    Not being salty, I only tried once and is no skin off my nose. I just don't like their tactics and business ethic and as such am cancelling my ebay plus.

    Congrats to those who got a set….

    • +5

      Amazon Prime is miles ahead of Ebay "Plus".

      • yeah…I see that now. Also I like the way they operate a lot better than ebay.

        • Amazon has a way better way of handling website request. Ebay's seems like it is just playing catch-up.

  • haha, spent 1hr to create headless scraper bot. Guess how many pairs I got.

  • +14

    Good on you eBay. Felt like wasted time. What's the point if someone has to do 'Tricks' to get these deals, that too for hours. Sure, some gain, but mostly lose and often feel time got wasted.
    Just purchased some stuffs from Amazon which historically, similar products, I have been purchasing from eBay. For sure would continue to purchase from eBay but less often now. Way to Amazon….

  • Oh my god so frustrating, it bloody kicked me out of the checkout page at 4pm and said that it sold out and I didn't look at any of the useful tips that the pros were giving here. Damn. I'm just spamming the buy now button now hoping for a miracle because it decides to keep in the checkout page this time.

    It's on me but if it were bots, damn them to hell then. Congrats to those who got it though! I mean I can be frustrated at eBay but it's not like they're going to hand me them if I do complain.

    • +1

      absolutely, signed up yesterday to Amazon Prime, got about 3-4 very good useful deals and decent discounts, was a good experience didn't sell it in 7 seconds.
      Now I'm comparing too my experience with eBay Plus, with stupid games useless 3% discounts, and wondering why bother shopping there at all.

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