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Singapore Airlines: Tokyo Ret Perth $687, Melb $693, Sydney $696, Adel $697, Cairns $705. Hainan Airlines Bris to Osaka $589


5 Star Singapore Airlines are having a sale on flights to Tokyo, Japan. Travel in Feb - Mar/20. 5 Star Hainan Airlines are also having a sale on flights from Brisbane to Osaka. Travelling in Jul - Aug/19.

Singapore Airlines Flights

$687 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
25/Mar 08/Apr $687 View Flight
08/Feb 22/Feb $687 View Flight
18/Feb 03/Mar $687 View Flight
14/Feb 28/Feb $687 View Flight
01/Feb 15/Feb $687 View Flight
21/Feb 07/Mar $687 View Flight
31/Jan 15/Feb $687 View Flight
01/Feb 16/Feb $687 View Flight
26/Mar 08/Apr $687 View Flight
01/Feb 14/Feb $687 View Flight

$693 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
17/Feb 02/Mar $693 View Flight
18/Feb 04/Mar $693 View Flight
11/Feb 26/Feb $693 View Flight
17/Feb 03/Mar $693 View Flight
17/May 30/May $693 View Flight
10/Feb 26/Feb $693 View Flight
10/Mar 28/Mar $693 View Flight
09/Mar 28/Mar $693 View Flight
17/Feb 26/Feb $693 View Flight
18/Feb 26/Feb $693 View Flight

$696 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
25/Feb 10/Mar $696 View Flight
24/Feb 10/Mar $696 View Flight
26/Feb 10/Mar $696 View Flight
05/Feb 22/Feb $696 View Flight
18/Feb 08/Mar $696 View Flight
09/Mar 18/Mar $696 View Flight
19/Feb 10/Mar $696 View Flight
09/Mar 17/Mar $696 View Flight
18/Feb 10/Mar $696 View Flight
25/Feb 17/Mar $696 View Flight

$697 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
21/May 04/Jun $697 View Flight
23/Feb 08/Mar $697 View Flight
23/Feb 07/Mar $697 View Flight
21/Feb 03/Mar $697 View Flight
22/Feb 03/Mar $697 View Flight
22/Feb 12/Mar $697 View Flight
22/Feb 02/Mar $697 View Flight
23/Feb 03/Mar $697 View Flight
21/Feb 12/Mar $697 View Flight
23/Feb 02/Mar $697 View Flight

$705 Return Cairns to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
06/Feb 20/Feb $705 View Flight
20/Feb 05/Mar $705 View Flight
27/Feb 12/Mar $705 View Flight
07/Feb 21/Feb $706 View Flight
01/Feb 08/Feb $706 View Flight

Hainan Airlines Flights

$589 Return Brisbane to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Aug 22/Aug $589 View Flight
22/Jul 08/Aug $589 View Flight
29/Jul 15/Aug $589 View Flight
05/Aug 22/Aug $589 View Flight
12/Aug 29/Aug $589 View Flight
29/Jul 08/Aug $589 View Flight
05/Aug 15/Aug $589 View Flight
19/Jul 08/Aug $589 View Flight
09/Aug 29/Aug $589 View Flight
12/Aug 22/Aug $595 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • I just paid more than this for a one way ticket from Tokyo to Melbourne, as we're travelling all around Asia and didn't need return.
    Couldn't believe how expensive it was. Live and learn.

  • Any business class deals?

  • Any deals just to Singapore (from Melbourne) ?

  • +1

    Prices from Sydney are not good and the flight times are nearly double compared to flying direct.

    • Better to wait it out for a better early February flight, right?

      • Not sure about February flights, I usually go in May/June. We went this year direct with Qantas and paid less than these flights from Sydney.

  • Are we able to add a (?free) stopover in Singapore? Or is it only applicable if you book via Singapore Airlines website directly? Thanks!

  • the total duration of trip from/to Melbourne is 28 and 32 hours respectively… That's insane. You're essentially wasting a day. Plus you leave in the afternoon and arrive then NEXT day at night wasting another day. For $200 more you're better off with JAL and a direct flight overnight.

    • +1

      ^^ This. Direct flight = 10 hours on average, and on the date I looked at cost $836 on JAL, versus Singapore airlines cheapest for $693 with flight times of 16.5 and 21.75 hours. When I want to get somewhere, I'll happily pay $30 to $40 per hour to reduce the time I spend travelling (this is why direct flights are usually better, unless you get a great price for going indirect).

      So let's work out what you're earning/saving per hour = (836-693)/((16.5+21.75)/2-10) = $143/9.125 extra hours = $15.67/hour. I just don't think it's worth it to spend an additional hour (so on top of the already long 10 hour journey) of your life in an airport or in an economy plane seat, to save $15.67. It's just not worth the marginal cost/savings. If the ticket was cheaper, e.g. $540, making the savings around $300, then I could maybe see it. But this tiny difference for the huge detour? Nah. It's a false economy to not value your own time properly. Pay the $143 extra for the direct JAL flight, and get those 9 hours of your life back.

  • Hainan airline stuff up my mum's flight 3 times, 3 cancellations. Just FYI.
    Not a great personal experience here.

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