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[Amazon Prime] 25% off Select Le Creuset (Eg. 20cm $209.25, 22cm $245.25, 24cm $276.75, 26cm $303.00, 28cm $345.75) @ Amazon AU


Good prices on these. I'm a Staub fan myself.

Prices differ by a few dollars depending on the colour.

Free delivery if you're a Prime user (which I think you have to be to get the deal). If you're not, get a free trial.

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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    I’m more a Le Crofton fan

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      I bought an Aldi french pan as well after reading the raving comments but I have to say its no match to the Staub I bought, you will know what I mean when you own both, the name brands are more expensive for a reason other than just the name. As for my Aldi pan, a piece of the enamel layer inside just popped when I was heating the pan up exposing the cast iron underneath, and there are several chips already on the side of the lid, I used that for less than 5 times since purchase so for me, not a fan, I will stick with the name brands.

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    I'm a Lodge and Staub fan. Never had any of these Le Croissants. Checking it now.


    I'm looking for a dutch oven for baking bread. Are these suitable?

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      No, get a lodge cast iron combo cooker. The enamel and handle on these won't handle the max temp you need to bake bread.

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      Yes absolutely - I've been using mine to bake bread for a few years now and it has no problem going 250C or higher every week

      Having said that, the Lodge is cheaper and easier to use because you can use it upside down (means you don't need to drop in/pick up the bread


      Thank you both very much. Looks like I will go with the Lodge combo cooker. Price history looks like its been under $40 previously so I will hold out for that.