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Up to 100,000 Bonus Velocity Points with the AMEX Velocity Platinum Credit Card ($375 Annual Fee)


AMEX are offering a bonus of Up to 100,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points. This is an "Exclusive" offer that you can only get through PointHacks.

This Exclusive offer is now live and ends on August 12th, 2019.

Details include:

✅ Receive 85,000 Velocity Points when you spend $1,500 on your Card in the first 3 months, then earn an additional 5,000 Velocity Points each month you spend $500 or more on your Card during months 4,5 and 6 of Card Membership. (Up to 15,000 Velocity Points)

✅ One free domestic flight with Virgin Australia each cardholder year
✅ Two Virgin Australia lounge passes each cardholder year
✅ Two Sydney or Melbourne Airport American Express lounge passes per year
✅ 100 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits when you spend a minimum of $50,000 within your Card Membership year
✅ 1.25 Velocity points earned per $1 on all eligible spend except for government bodies
✅ 1 Additional Velocity point per $1 spent on selected Virgin Australia purchases
✅ 0.5 Velocity points per $1 on Government spend
✅ 0% p.a. on balance transfers for the first 12 months with 1% establishment fee - maximum balance transfer is $10,000 or 70% of your approved credit limit, whichever is less

  • $375 p.a. annual fee
  • Minimum Income: $65,000
  • Offer Expires: August 12th 2019

Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for the introductory offer.

View the full offer details & guide only at PointHacks.

This offer is only available exclusively through Point Hacks and not available through any other channel, including if you go to AMEX directly.

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  • +1

    Glad it came back.. I was checking amex site but only offers 50k..

    • Apparently 60,000 points if you’re referred by someone (it comes up in my app) - the difference is that the 60,000 points would be instantly credited to your accout by after meeting minimum spend ($3000) - this offer here will be 85,000 points credited after $4,500 spread across 3 months; then another 15,000 points after 4th, 5th and 6th month - ie you’d have to keep the card for at least 6 months before cancelling (if you’re churning points)

      • +1

        Receive 85,000 Velocity Points when you spend $1,500 on your Card in the first 3 months

        BTW I read this as $1500 over 3 months, not $4500 over 3 months.

  • Do you have to make a "direct spend" with Virgin Australia to get the vouchers?

    • I have this card. No you don’t have to make any VA transactions to get them. Plus they’re not vouchers, the lounge passes are electronically loaded onto your Velocity Account.

      • Can you send the vouchers to someone else?

        • +3

          "Complimentary single entry Virgin Australia lounge passes are not
          transferable, but may be used to enable other people (who are
          travelling with you) to gain access to the lounge."

  • OP, Any $0 annual fee for first year promo please?

  • +6

    The only issue with Velocity is availability of international flights, I haven't yet been able to find any seat to anywhere. However it is great for domestic flights.

    • +1

      I haven't yet been able to find any seat to anywhere

      Pretty sure typo haha. I assume you meant "I have yet.."

      and in which case, very much agree with your comment.

      The only thing I'd add is I've noticed availability on other airlines using Velocity, but part of the problem is that VA don't even have that large an international network.

    • I’ve been able to redeem points for 2x return flights in business class to New Zealand during Christmas both last year (2018) and the year before (2017). Flying the Sunday or Monday after the office closure period starts and returning a little over a week later both times.

      Maybe have a look at those? Wellington and Christchurch (from Brisbane) seemed to have good availability both times.

      • How far in advance did you need to book?

        • +1

          I booked in July/August for December both times

  • how much this 100k point worth?

    • Depends what you use them for, go to pointhacks and they have some breakdowns

      Gift card value ranges a little but 100k points gets you $347 in gift cardsish

      • -2

        I'm trying to figure out why paying $400 in fees and getting back $400 worth of points is a "deal".

        • +1

          You get a lot better value if you redeem them for flights.

    • +1

      I managed to make mine last some 6-7 or so domestic return trips from Melbourne to Adelaide last time I got it.

  • -3

    Are Amex cards even worth it? (Given you are paying a 1.5-2.0% surcharge on everything you purchase, on top of the high annual fee?

    E.G. Buy a $2000 TV and you'll be wacked and extra $40 in surcharges for an Amex purchase…

    • +3

      Shop elsewhere. So many retailers not charging a surcharge anymore.

      100% worth it.

      • yet so many still do, or just wont accept Amex at all.

        • Don't use them at retailers that surcharge them. Depending on your lifestyle, there is a chance that there are enough places that you shop at anyway that accept them. Some of the more common/generic places would be Coles, Woolworths, Petrol Stations, McDonald's.

        • Times have changed surprisingly since a few years ago when I last held an AMEX, plenty of places accept it now and with no surcharge.

          Unless you actually use an AMEX right now you're just speculating.

      • +1

        Not really, chances are you're paying the surcharge in other ways. At 1.5% to accept Amex, either all prices go up by 1.5% or don't accept Amex. Hence places like Aldi and Costco are like they are. Any low cost retailer can't justify it.

    • +2

      Rarely see any surcharges anymore. Jb Hi-Fi seems to be the only big retailer still holding on. Other than that, there are heaps of discounts and cashback deals constantly going. Lots of small cafes in Melbourne are all supported by AMEX, and you can get bonus points for going there. The app shows all the deals. Free travel insurance is great too if you travel a lot. I stupidly left my kindle on the plane once, and got that completely covered by it.

      • +2

        Yep JB HiFi is the one retailer I get surcharged for other than Aldi, and they surcharge all credit cards anyway. Some petrol stations also will surcharge so I just get my petrol elsewhere. Otherwise almost everywhere else I shop accept Amex without surcharge, with a few places simply not taking it at all (smaller cafes etc). Costco is probably the largest place to not accept the card.

    • +1

      It’s getting rarer for stores to charge surcharges nowadays. The only places I really see a higher Amex surcharge is booking direct with some hotels, some utilities like TPG Internet and third party payment providers like DEFT.

  • +2

    There must be very, very few Ozbargain members who have not held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period.

    • They won't let me have one now I'm self employed :'(.

    • +3

      There are always new people…

      There are always people newly employed, there is always a wave of people who are applying for their first card. There are new migrants to Australia, etc.

      As long as there is a constant flow of people, I think it's still possible Ozbargain are also picking up some of that flow.

  • +1

    I have one of these - have had it for four years, have never been able to find seats on flights. Cancelled a couple of months ago (annual fee charged in September), but they extended extra points for me to hold off. Never use the card because of the surcharge issue and some places refusing to accept them. (I know people above are commenting that most merchants have dropped the surcharge thing, but tbh I just got out of the habit of using it because I couldn't be bothered having to factor that in to decisions) If it suits purchasing patterns, it might be a decent card, but in my opinion not worth the annual fee for the points and "free" flights.

    • Can you only use the free flights if booking really early (i.e. at their cheapest price point) and/or are there other rules that prevented you finding free flights?

      • +1

        Technically you can book at the last minute before you fly, as long as there are still seats available. The two free flights on this card is really good actually, a lot better than some other cards offering free flights with some rather irritating 'rules'.

  • Would I be eligible if I have a supplement amex card ?

    • Yes you will be eligible as long as you haven't personally applied any Amex card under your name in the past 18 months

      (on a side note.. do also max out the number of supp cards if you can… you will know the benefit later :P )

      • Thank you b0b0. I will apply it now.

  • I gather you have to have the same card for the referral bonus to apply but I don't see a list here like I do for other (eg. David Jones) amex cards - anyone like to send me a referral code?

  • Does the free flight have to be in the cardholders name or can it be sold here in the classifieds?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found my answer in the classifieds.

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