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[Ex-Display] Sony KD75X7800F 75" 4K UHD TV $1588, Sony X85F 75" 4K UHD TV $1988 C&C Only @ JB Hi-Fi (Selected Stores)


Sony KD75X7800F 75" 4K UHD Android Smart TV $1588

Sony X85F 75" 4K UHD Android Smart TV $1988

Stock: QLD Cairns Central, NSW Brookvale - Website doesn't give all the locations that have stock left

Been watching 75" TV's for a while and just came across this tonight. DISPLAY MODELS obviously, hence the price. I just called up the local JB (I'm on the Gold Coast) and they told me another JB nearby had one of the X85F's so I just launched down this evening to put a deposit on it. Added extended warranty (5 years total) for some peace of mind.

Sony KD75X7800F 75" 4K UHD Android Smart TV $1588

Sony X85F 75" 4K UHD Android Smart TV $1988

Stock: SA Adelaide, SA Marion, NSW Sydney, VIC Melbourne

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    Cracker of a 1st post. Looks like all remaining stock are in the southern States. Sadly (for me) none in Qld except Cairns.

    • I put the deposit down on the X85F on the Gold Coast. They said there's an X7800F in Brisbane. That's just what was closest. Don't go by what the JB website says for stock remaining, just call around.

      • Are they open this time of night? thx for the heads up.

        • This one on the Gold Coast was open until 9pm.

          • @Mattimus789: Will prob have to round up the family and mobilize a call centre to snag one lol

            • @NovaPR: Yeah these will be gone in no time at all for sure

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    65inch e8 for a crazy $1888. Can only imagine what kind of image burn it has https://www.jbhifi.com.au/lg/lg-e8-65-4k-uhd-ai-smart-oled-t...

    • +1

      Hahahaha why did they make the price $1888? Trying to appeal to certain people. #desperation is what I call it

  • Great prices. Too bad I don't need another TV right now, already got three in use and two older ones in storage!

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    Not sure about buying a Ex Display…. with the TVs being on for at least 6 months with 8hrs per day on average. That's approximately 1344hrs of use.

    • +1

      Bought an Ex Display Panasonic 58" FHD Plasma about 7-8 years ago, still going strong. Made-in-Japan Quality ;)

      • I can't believe how many positive Panasonic Plasma comments have been on OzBargain over the years.

        They must be built like a tank!

    • +3

      Yea just risk vs reward.

      Probably better to buy one from a solid brand, sony, lg, samsung etc.

    • I guess it depends how long you want it to last.
      I bought a ex display 850b in 2015 and it's always been fine.
      I'm Buying a new TV next year so I won't be bothered if it dies early.

    • +3

      Don't forget you get full warranty from purchase date which is the same as a new TV.

      I've had a few Ex displays in the past and have always been excellent. YMMV

    • To me, they are used (highly used in fact) TV's with standard warranty.

  • Can't imagine that being on all day on 100% contrast and brightness

    • +1

      You can't imagine that, or you can't imagine this is a good buy? I'm confused

    • +1

      It would be
      They use the "store display" setting where everything is turned to Max and all processor draining imagine settings would be on.
      Basically running at full heat from 8 till closing

      • +1

        Oh so he said he can't imagine people buy this because it has been abused whole day for weeks

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    Are they all definitely ex display? As some are showing click and collect from Jb warehouse i.e is there a possibility still in box and sealed stock?

    • From what I saw from in store today, some are still BNIB just very old models which were marked at ex display prices.

      It will really depend but if you do buy from the warehouse prepare for it to be used but you can hope it's new.

  • I called earlier they had none only ex display

  • The no delivery bit is scaring me somewhat. Anyone know what recourse you have if you pick it up yourself but when you take the TV home it doesn't work, and they claim you busted it in transit?

    • -1

      Use phone to record video the journey store to home

    • +4

      Pray that happens so you get a brand new one.
      I've found JB Hi-Fi to be good with returns.

  • +3

    Extended warranties are the biggest scam in retail

    • -1

      I disagree. (ACL Rights aside). When it's time to upgrade, try on-selling your old tv without any warranty. Even if your old tv is still within manufacturer's warranty period, most, if not all, manufacturer's warranties are non-transferable to a new owner (read the T&C's). However, extended warranties from HN, GG, and JB Hi-fi ARE fully transferable and therefore make on-selling much easier and quicker - with a much better return. I've just upgraded my old tv and had no problem getting an excellent price on Gumtree. It still had 2+ yrs GG's extended warranty left. All it took was a phone call to transfer warranty to new owner. He was very happy.

      • Lol.
        T&C's are 100% superseded by consumer law.
        Extended warranties are junk for this exact reason.
        Know your rights.

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/deals/tv-home-entertainment/sony-b...

    They're clearing some Sony BR players as well. Would these be region free for BR and DVD??

  • If I buy this online, there seems to be no option of buying additional warranty. Help please.

  • +2

    At TV that's been on max brightness running 12 hours a day every day for the last 12 months.
    No thank you!

  • 75x90f is $2988

    Is it worth extra 1k?

  • Is the extended warranty worth it? I read somewhere under ACL/choice the TVs should be covered for 5 years anyway?

  • Thanks heaps op. The 65” version was 1288 ex display in this deal, I had bought this TV back in December for 1895 and now after three 28 degrees price protection claims it’s ended up costing me the 1288. All thanks to Ozbargain :)

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