Should I Book Now or Should I Wait? (Perth to Paris March/April 2020)

About to book flights Perth to Paris for end of March/early April next year with 2 night stop over in Doha flying Qatar, the flights are $1129. I paid $950 For Thai airways from Perth - Paris for travel in August this year. Should I just book the flight or wait for a sale that may come up or not have my specific dates? The dates are not flexible. Decisions!!


  • If it is Easter/school holidays I can't see the flights getting any cheaper.

    • We get back on the 3rd of April so it will be just before school holidays which start on the 9th. :)

  • have a thing at the top of the page which gives advice about the best time to buy a particular flight. I don't know how accurate it is though. ;)

  • I'd book now. That's a decent fare. You can only get cheaper if you invest a ton of time.

    • Thank you, I ended up booking the flights. Your'e right it's a lot of time to invest to possibly save $100