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Sony WF1000XM3 Silver $328.90 Delivered (Import) @ TechWarehouse via Catch


Not a bad price for the recently released WF XM3s. Silver only at this price. These are grey imports in case it matters to anyone - 14 day returns and warranty by TechWarehouse.

These things sound amazing and are best in class in some aspects. Not audiophile by any means but solid consumer quality sound. Cons so far:

  • not great for cycling or outdoors if windy - the mic noise makes them unusable; and
  • no water resistance.

Tobydeals have the black for $314 delivered or Tecobuy for $292 + delivery.



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    Not local AU stock.

    Seller: TechWarehouse (Shipped from Overseas)

    • Added to OP. 14 day returns and warranty appear to be provided by TechWarehouse.

  • Perfect colour to show off my earwax when sitting out of the charger

    • Black is prob worse for your earwax problem

      • +1

        I have a feeling this is true of huge wax chunks but not stains

        Black won't discolour
        This will

  • Be warned of this seller. If something goes wrong under warranty you are pretty much stuffed and Catch will side with the seller.

    • I got fake sennheisers, and I got a full refund after threatening to take the matter to the ACCC.

      • They can make fake Sennheisers? That would be pretty hard to look the same. Is that how you can tell? From the looks or from the sound?

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          There is a QR Code on the packaging to check for legitimacy dated 2019. Sennheiser stopped QR verification years ago. Since CX300-II have been discontinued, seeing '2019' on the packaging just screams 'idiot counterfeiters'.

          • @PlushToys: Oh wow. You know this pretty well. I guess most would have got away with it seeings not everyone knows about this.

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          Fake Sennheisers been around for more than 10 years. Mainly are MX400, MX500 and CX300

          • @siuol: First fake IEMs I got from eBay were Sennheisers.

        • Sennheisers must be one of the most commonly counterfeited audio product brand out there. They have been around since… forever, and probably on has been surpassed due to crazy number of counterfeit Beats since 2010s.

  • 14 day returns and warranty by TechWarehouse

    I'd say stay away.

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    If your a CBA staff member, the Sony store has it for $239.17 but on back order till August 8th

  • not great for cycling or outdoors if windy - the mic noise makes them unusable

    I've read in reviews that you can turn on wind noise reduction (this turns off noise cancelling though) - could you confirm?

    Regarding water resistance, I've been using the original WF-1000X regularly at the gym with no issues so far.

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      There are 3 modes that I am aware of: noise cancelling, ambient sound and ambient sound off. With ambient sound you can turn "voice focus" off in the Sony app which improves things however turning the ambient sound off is by far the best of the three. Unfortunately, it is still incredibly difficult to hear anything at any kind of speed say 15 km/h+, irrespective of whether there is any wind.