Anyone Have Issues with Expedia at The Moment?

Anyone have issues with Expedia at the moment? Can't process payments, tried a few options.

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Expedia Australia
Expedia Australia


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    Contact Expedia customer service
    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are calling from within Australia, you can reach us on 133 810*.

    If you are travelling abroad, you can reach us on the following numbers:

    From: Call this number:
    United States 1-877-299-4039
    Indonesia 007-803-011-4418
    Thailand 001-800-441-7806
    Canada 1-866-816-2929
    Germany 0800-724-0787
    France 805-542591
    Spain 900-816-744
    UK 0800-085-3497
    Italy 800-931-509
    Mexico 01-800-083-0985
    Other +61-2-8066-2745*
    All numbers are toll-free unless marked with an asterisk. Customer support can accept calls from TTY operator-assisted calls, although we do not have a direct TTY phone line at this time.


    I recently tried to buy airline tickets with another website and also couldn't process the payment using Paypal or entering the card.
    Then I remembered the (foreign) bank I was trying to pay with was closed for the weekend, and used a different account.

    You've included very little information about what problem you are actually seeing here and why you think it would be Expedia specifically.
    Maybe you also have a dumb bank? Is your credit card expired? Do you have money? Is your internet broken? Can you make a payment for a 20c piece of aliexpress crap?

    If it's none of these, better call them