[Price-Error] Sony WI-C600N Wireless Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones $39.95 (RRP $299) @ JB Hi-Fi

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Big discount on noise cancelling in ear Sony headphones. Not into neckband type headphones after trying some others but this deal seems too good not to share.

Mod Note: Confirmed as a Price error by JB Hi-Fi, post has been moved to the forums.

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    never mind, works now.

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    Price error?

    • Don’t think so. Website says “save $259”

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        That's an automatic field. If the price error were $399 it would say "save $-100"

      • Mine was reported cancelled. What about yours?

    • I think it is a pricing error. The current catalogue on their site says $149.

    • Confirmed to be a price error.

      Scans at $149 in store and head office has instructed stores not to process any orders placed with the wrong pricing. This happened before the stores opened so very little chance of anyone receiving their order. Refunds are already being processed.

  • Available in metro Melbourne, but not within 5km of cbd.

    Not available for delivery.

    Great deal if you live outside of city :)

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      5 km? Closest I see is albury

      • Not within 5km. City and south wharf were sold out.

        Further out there was availability: fountain gate, Doncaster, camberwell…but that may have changed now.

  • Not many stores with stock

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    Thanks, managed to score a pair!

  • No stock anywhere in sydney

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      Closest one is in Charlestown. Ordered one and planning to drive up there this weekend for short getaway as well. Good Price btw and thanks for posting.

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    Good price lads

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    very good, nearest shop is 265kms away.

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      Use the other OzBargain deal for 7-11 Fuel discount, for the drive.

  • Silver seems to be out as well.

    Tried the blue. Looks to be the goods.

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  • No longer available for Brisbane!!!

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    Managed to grab a pair. C&C at JB Fountain gate. Try other colors as no stock for blacks

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      Hi Bjay,

      Jbhifi told me its pricing error can you plz share your receipt so that I can chase them up

      • It was indeed a pricing error so no receipt. My order was cancelled this morning.

  • suddenly stock disappeared from vic metro

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    Grabbed a pair in blue, pick up from Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Thanks mate.

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      Hi noHup,

      JB told me its pricing error when I bought 2 online from JBcommercial,
      Can you please share your receipt so that I can chase them up..

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    Got a bad boy blue at Chermside Brisbane. Not sure how these go, but at such a steal, I'm sure she'll be right. Thanks for the deal.

  • Only see blue ones in Modbury for SA

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    Grabbed a pair of blue for delivery after missing out on black, cheers for the deal!

  • Any good for running in?

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      Neckband looks to me more suited to commuting rather than being active.

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    just missed out - still, many thanks OP

  • missed out only blue in regional nsw and metro brissy has one

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    Got a pair of the blue ones C&C BOURKE STREET MELBOURNE, thanks for the deal!

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    Got a pair, Thanks for sharing

  • And they're gone.

  • Damn, I'm seeing all colors sold out

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      Did someone miss out?

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    Missed out – serves me right for checking the reviews!

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      Always check reviews after you've purchased.

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        When the price drops that much, buy first - review later.

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    Managed to grab 2.
    For those who missed out, worth checking in store tomorrow morning.

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        LoL. I aint into it for making profit mate.

        1 for me and 1 for missus!!

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    Yes many of us.

  • What justifies the $299 RRP in the first place?

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      a) Sony brand
      b) Most ANC headphones are usually priced in that range

  • Worth giving a try to get it price matched at myer/david Jones.

    • it is sad that myer/david jones don't sell this.

  • Got the Silver one, kind of expecting they'll cancel my order though…

  • They’re scared the availability of WF1000XM3 NC truewireless pods.

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    been waiting here now in jb hifi maribyrnong for 12 mins, because it say's i can click and collect in 1 hour

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      48 mins to Go.

      Stay put…..

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    still available through the jb commercial website for the same price and available in all colours if anyone has access. literally just ordered a pair and set to pick up from jb broadway.

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      Are there more at broadway all any other store in Sydney

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        no idea, i ordered through the jb commercial site. just got an order confirmation through email and said to wait for email confirmation before heading to the store.

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      Hey, sorry what's the commercial site exactly?

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        Nvm I figured it out

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      You da real MVP!

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    Available at JB Commercial website…Just bought one…

    • How can I access the Commercial site??

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        I also would like a Business Authorisation Code if you have one "available"

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      Thanks. Put my order in for click and collect. FYI for others, you either get JB commercial from Westpac offer or from your work.

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        I only can see a limited selection of products on JB commercial accessed through Westpac. Can't see headphones other than one pair of Jaybirds… Is there a way to access more products??

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          Use the search function…

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            @Bippz01: I have - doesn't work for me. Tried a bunch of different keywords. A number of other sony products but no sony headphones. Can anyone share the JB commercial link for these headphones?

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              @angeange: Hmm. Did you try Sony WI-C600N ??

              It come up straightaway. Just scroll down the page…

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                @Bippz01: https://www.jbcommercial.com.au/familyandfriends/product/Sony_WI-C600N_Wireless_Noise_Cancelling_In-Ear_Headphones_(Blue)/41360



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                  @happydude: Thanks for the links. Tried each and got the same message: "SORRY BUT WE COULD NOT FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR" on the JB commercial site. Double checked I was authenticated into the site. Wondering if the site accessed via Westpac is a limited site - or at least mine - or I am going crazy

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                @Bippz01: Yes and just tried again. Doesn't come up. 24 other items do but no headphones. Scrolled all the way down….

      • Hi I am interested in the Westpac offer. I am currently with WBA, if you could share how to access JB HiFi commercial with Westpac offer that would be appreciated.

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      Mind ordering another one? I'll pay you $45. Thanks.

      • Price on Commercial website is now $212.06

  • It says in store only, does this mean they've sold out?

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      You're associated so could you check the internal system and let us know? :P

  • Ordered 2 thanks op

    • How? Where? Thanks.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

    • How did you?
      I could not see the option buy anywhere??

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    anyone kind enough to share their organisation code please?

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      Pretty sure you'll lose access to the site if you do that.

  • The price on the regular website is now $149

  • How do you access the commercial site?

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    Lol RRP at the time of "sale" $229.
    RRP after the "sale" period $149.

    How much profit margin do get keep :O

    • Isn't that illegal?

  • Godddamn missed it

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    Just got a call from JBhifi pacific fair.
    order cancelled.
    good luck to anyone if they're able to pickup their order.

    • What was there reason?

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        Headoffice notified them of a price error. Unable to release item. HO will contact me with regards to refunds. Quite a few refunds to go through apparently … Lol

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          Got a newsletter today and they are on sale at half price for $149…. Looks like pricing error. Got one myself but looks like will be getting a refund if they don't honour it

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    Has anyone elses got cancelled?

    • Mine did :(

      • Cancelled too

    • Yep!

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