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[eBay Plus] Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS NC Earphones (Pre Order) $339.96, Sony WH-1000XM3 $339.15 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay Store


Note that WF-1000XM3 is in pre-order, but local stock with local warranty. Only the silver is listed with eBay Plus currently. Black version may get eBay plus soon, so keep an eye on it.

ETA: End of August Dates subject to change.

Sony WF-1000XM3S Premium Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Platinum Silver | Digital Noise Cancelling with HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e and Dual Noise Sensor Technology | Truly wireless design with Bluetooth | Up to 24 hours battery life | Quick attention function provides flexible controls from the earphones | Contemporary design that will secure the headphones in place | 1 Year Warranty

$339.15 Sony WH-1000XM3
Credit to nismo for the WH-1000XM3

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  • This? Or wait for the Bose noise cancelling earbuds 700?


    • They're completely different products. Do you want headphones or TWS earphones?

      • +1

        Sorry, I meant the Bose earbuds, due to be released in 2020 :)

        Already have a qc35 gen 1 and happy to keep

        • +1

          Would be better to wait for the bose to see if there are any extra features over the Sony

    • I'm waiting for it. Bose's in-ear noise cancellation is still unmatched (QC20 has stronger noise cancellation than WF-1000XM3) although they've been overtaken for the over-ears. The previous WF-1000X also had quality control and bluetooth issues but this new set seems to have very solid bluetooth and audio quality.

      • +1

        Personally I prefer Bose over Sony as well

        But the wf-1000xm3 seems to have very good reviews and looks very sleek. I actually ordered a pair last week but got cancelled by JB..

        Currently sitting on the fence.. fingers crossed the Bose noise cancelling earbuds 700 won't be as bulky as the soundsport free :/

        • +1

          I got a pair of the Sony's and I'm amazed at the ANC for an earbud. I also have the WH xm3s and it is close as long as you get a good fit.

          Have a look at the classifieds. There are a couple of ppl selling it for less than this price.

        • +2

          Also another big reason for me is Bose's ear tips, they aren't really "in-ear" as they do sit on the outside rim of your ears like airpods. No other earphone is as comfortable. Yes I too hope they aren't as bulky!

          • @bonkers22: Yes, the Bose models like the QC20, QC30 and SoundSport Wireless are earbuds, unlike the Sony WF-1000XM3 which are in-ears that need to be jammed into the ear canal to get a good seal.

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    Bose costs a lot more and sound quality is not as good as Sony (Google reviews). I've been using 1000XM series headphones since they came out, so I'm biased 🙂
    Have bought every new model and on 1000XM3 all issues have been resolved.

    • What are you comparing the WF1000XM3's to?

    • So you only owned sony, and you are saying they are better. Interesting.

  • I have small ear canals. Airpods fit me however I won't be able to do strenuous activities without them falling out.

    Anyone with real world experience able to share?

    Ok maybe not ear canals but you know what I mean, the pocket where they sit in.

    • I haven't tried these in person, but I believe it comes with 3 different sizes of eartips?

      • oh that sounds very promising. Cheers!

      • +1

        7 different sizes. I also have small ear canals. Doable, but forever paranoid that they’ll fall out. Follow the instructions for inserting them and you should be OK.

        Source: have them

        • wow 7 sizes! cheers for that

          • +1

            @timetoquit: Three in foam (S, M and L), four in rubber (SS, S, M and L)

    • I have the previous model of these (WFSP700NB). I have pretty big ear canals but also use the largest earpiece size. I use them mostly for running, and they're the most secure headphones I've ever used.

  • Am seeing the black version is also eligible for eBay plus now. (update: now OOS)

  • If Samsung earbuds cost $150, is it worth double the price to get this Sony?

    • I own the galaxy buds but I use an iPhone most of the time, so sitting on the fence for buying a pair of Sony's.

  • Can anyone please advise what the microphone quality is like for this?

    • Very bad in public area. And the NC even filtered your own voice wiring calls. According to a review on YouTube.

    • I tried them at the Sony Kiosk in the middle of Chatswood Westfield. The mic quality isn’t great. I made a couple of calls to friends and they had trouble understanding everything I said.

    • I've made a few calls with them and haven't had any issues. I also have the WF-SP900 and these are an upgrade in call quality (and everything else) for that matter.

  • +1

    According to a review, the sound was very flat and phone call was just bad in public area. NC even filters your own voice. The only thing good was the NC is the best among all true wireless pods in the market including its previous gens.

    • +1

      You've watched a crap review then, because that doesn't sound like my experience (had for 2 weeks) and also many other article based reviews.

      • What other wireless devices are you comparing against?

    • I agree about the poor call quality, but not about the sound. I found the sound quality to be impressive and on par with the WH-1000XM3s. The ANC wasn’t quite as good as on the WH, but surprisingly close as long as you get a good seal with the eartips. I found it a bit fiddly getting the right fit though. Definitely not as straightforward as just putting on over-ear headphones.

  • +1

    So I got mine this week from Sony via corp deal at $239.17 Thru the Sony store. I have to say the noise cancelling is awesome. Only bug that annoys me is when I look down it thinks I'm taking one of the ear buds off so stops what I'm playing but it's a feature but you can turn off.

    • Hey mate.. Was this through CBA by any chance? I tried to PM you, but looks like you havent turned it on

      • Yep it's thru staff deals via the Sony store.

    • Any noticeable hiss from these when listening to podcasts? I've had a few pairs of truly wireless earbuds including my current Jabra Elite Actives and the left one hisses. It drives me nuts so I'm looking to return them for the Sonys

      • I don't really notice a hiss unless the room is dead quiet and it's not really hiss. It more of very slight thump if you can call it that, but you have to be really listening for them to notice it.

        Maybe a very low hummm if you can even call that. When stuff is happening I don't notice it. I noticed on my corded Bose sound sport 15 it had a hiss but these are light and day to those.

        • Thanks for this! Think I need to test them out to suss it for myself

      • It's probably a Self-Noise. From rtings

        What it is: The amount of noise created by the active electronics of the headphones (if applicable), measured from 300Hz-20KHz. Applies mostly to wireless and noise-cancelling headphones.
        When it matters: If too loud, it could become distracting when listening to quiet material like podcasts and audiobooks.
        Good value: <16dB
        Noticeable difference: 1dB

  • Anyone compared higher end TWS buds like this with cheap ones like the Haylou Gt-1 or Gcy t1? I got the later last week and I’m really impressed. I suppose you would hope a $300 pair would last longer, and have better performance, particularly on calls..

  • If anyone cares, here's a review from Whathifi: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/sony-wf-1000xm3

    Long story short, 5 stars.

  • Go through this comparison for Mic and ANC real time testing : https://youtu.be/Chvcxg4wRDE

  • I have the previous model of these (WFSP700NB). I use them mostly for running, and they're the most secure headphones I've ever used, and the sound quality is great.

    The main issues with them are the battery life (not really a problem for me because I don't tend to listen to music for more than a couple of hours at a time), and the noise cancelling doesn't too that much. It does work, it's good for constant background noise like fans, air con noise or traffic, but nowhere near as good as any over-ear noise cancelling.

    Looks like this model has addressed these problems, along with the charging case. Some reviews said with my model was hard to put them in the charging case (it's not once you figure out how, which takes about 20 seconds).

    • The ones you have aren't the previous model. They're entirely different. The previous model is the WF-1000X.

  • Don't expect to get your order anytime soon, been delayed by another month on my powerbeats pro preorder….

  • Tried these at Jaben, and I heard that the stocks are coming soon too! Great sound though…. But fit may be a lil big for some people…

  • Black ones are in stock and can be ordered now!