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NetGear Orbi Wi-Fi Satellite (RBS20-100AUS) $170 / NetGear Orbi Wi-Fi Router (RBR20-100AUS) $175 @ Officeworks / Harvey Norman


Unsure if this is a pricing error (probably) but Officeworks & Harvey Norman (thanks to johnno1987) has great pricing on Netgear Orbi AC2200 Router or Satelites. Perfect if you want to expand your reach.

Netgear Orbi Satelite > RBS20-100AUS | $170
Netgear Orbi Router > RBR20-100AUS | $175

Cheapest on StaticICE (including Officeworks this morning was $229) is $199.

Ironically the Netgear Orbi AC2200 Pack comes in at $369 and if you buy them separately as per this deal, comes in at $345.

However this is Ozbargain, so if you're looking for a fresh setup, get them to price match UMart @$299 or Harvey Norman @ $279 which brings the 2-pack down to $284 (UMart) or $265 (HN), you're welcome :-)

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  • Is that ironic?

  • Same price at Harvey Norman so doubt its an error.

    Pack is $272 on Amazon. Dont forget cashback.

  • I want a wifi extender in a three beddy apartment. Is this overkill for something that size?

    • +5 votes

      All you need is one quality wifi router

      • *A well placed quality wifi router

      • Agree. Do some speeds tests around the home to see if you any black spots to begin with. If so, try adjusting/moving the router first.

        I almost bought one of these thinking I needed one, then I did some testing and realised it was mostly in my head. Saved myself $300.

  • Got my Orbi via this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/449278. Highly recommend it. It was overkill for my apartment but we are moving into a house shortly so it will be great

    • That was a good deal - I saw it at the time and didn't stop long enough to realise how good it way…

      Anyone using this as the router for NBN HFC?

      Getting my NBN install done next week - will stick with my Archer D9 for now, but still considering switching to a mesh system…

      • I got it the week before they installed NBN HFC in my apartment. I’ve come from a 5 year old Nighthawk 7800. Before the install I’ve already noticed slight improvements in latency and videos from my NAS to mobile is much faster. Wait for a better deal l, Orbi is releasing Wifi 6 soon meaning those units will be on sale. Just don’t get the new model as past experience tells me there will be a lot of firmware bugs once the Orbi wifi 6 model is released

  • Excuse my ignorance, but am I correct in saying that the orbi router is a super strong modem? Or do I still need a modem and I use the router around the house to make the connection stronger?

    The reason I ask is I recently got nbn FTTC and am using the stock Aussie broandband modem. My house isn't too big but my PS4 is basically downstairs on the end of the house and the modem is upstairs on the other end of the house. The 5ghz speeds are good, but I do feel like they could be better. So I'm figuring out if I did buy the orbi wifi router would I need the Aussie broandband modem still?

    Thanks in advance

    • Router routes. It doesn't modem.

      You still need a modem if your connection currently requires a modem.

      Ps. I'm using the ABB modem into an overconnected RBK50 (too many satellites but it works.)

  • I’m using a dumb NBN modem bridged to a Netgear R7000 (Running Tomato), hard wired to two D-Link routers acting as dumb access points (independent SSIDs). Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to mesh these together?

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