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[Refurb] HP Pavilion 24" All-in-One PC - 24-R180a: i7-8700t, 2GB Radeon 530, 2TB+16GB HDD, 8GB DDR4- $599 Delivered @ HP Online


Found this and is the same as this deal but $200 cheaper.

23.8" 1080p touch-screen display
Intel i7-8700t 6-core 2.4-4.6ghz processor
2GB AMD Radeon 530 discrete graphics
2TB 7200rpm HDD + 16GB M2 SSD expandable
8GB DDR4 2400mhz RAM expandable
2 M.2 expansion slots

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  • +3

    Bought again just due to the price. Been happy with the previous one. Because I also had the Amex offer so I grabbed a couple of accessories and extended warranty..

    • Hi just a quick question since you go two of them. Do your ones emit loud fan noise at idle? It’s very noticeable for me. It’s around 60db with nothing running.

      • It does seem a bit loud actually.

        • You never noticed it till I mentioned it or? I use the phone app to measure it and its around 60db. Updated bios didn’t fix it. A call has been raised with HP, I hope it can be fixed. Otherwise returning mine.

          The noise is mechanical not from the video card.

          • @spc12go: I did notice the noise when I used it. My wife was the main user… Just tried again the noise is very clear. Let me know how you go. I bought onsite warranty hopefully this can be fixed.

  • I wonder how good a hackintosh one of these would make

    • An excellent one. Is hackintosh hard to install

      • depends on how compatible the hardware is

  • don't like their products design. looks good outside, but a mess inside.

  • +5

    16GB M2 SSD

    Might want to mention that's Intel Optane, as 16GB wouldn't store very much.

  • +2

    Just ordered. But when I go to look st my Past Orders on the HP site, it says my order is Cancelled. I got an order confirmation email, but haven’t received an email to say it’s cancelled.

    I’m concerned it might be cancelled by error, wondering if I should order another one to be safe.

    • +1

      Unless you don't mind possibly ending up with two units, I'd probably wait and give them a call on Monday to clarify.

      • Yeah, I just don’t want to miss out. Will wait though.

    • +1

      My order just went into "production" so I am not sure what happened in yours. Only ordered about 10 minutes ago.

      • +1

        Looks like it’s no longer Cancelled and has move to step 2 out of 4. Looking promising.

  • +7

    DOn't forget $30 cashback with CASHREWARDS

  • 2 m.2 expansion slot

    Ease of access?

    Nvme interface or sata

  • +1

    Damn.. Didn't save the HP Amex offer

  • +10

    Thanks OP got one.

    $999 - $400 discount = $599.
    + $121 3yr onsite wty + $30 wireless mouse = $750.
    - $150 amex offer and $37.50 5% CR cashback = $562.50 total. Bargain!

  • +2

    Thanks OP got one for the study. Don’t envision a lot of use as I love my surface pro. The kids might be able to use it

  • +3

    No stock

    • Yup. I missed out too :(

      • +1

        Back in stock now….

        • +1

          Lol. Curse me! Went to make a coffee and then missed it again

          • @soulspawn: I have got one in cart…But going to remove it…buy it if you can…

            • @pyramid: Thanks buddy. Appreciate it but I think it’s not my morning for ozbargaining :(
              I’ll keep checking in and hope they add stock through the day.

  • Better be quick, back in stock. Just bought one

    • Now it says:

      Currently out of stock

  • Amazing deal! Got one last time and wife is very happy with it.

  • +1

    Damn missed out

  • Can this be used as standalone monitor?

    • +1

      In general, AIO computers cannot be used as standalone monitors. They don't have video inputs.

      Since they are computers, you can workaround it using applications such as screen sharing, but it's not plug and play.

      • To the point.. thanks so much :)

        • As @kendogg mentioned, since it has HDMI in, the answer is yes. So this specific monitor does appear to support this capability.

    • +2

      Tech specs say yes has HDMI in.

      • great.. the motherboard image is really helpful

  • no hdmi or dvi or display port?

    • I want to know

      • kendogg found the spec..it has one hdmi in and one out ports on picture, so should be ok for connect another screen. just curious if it really can work as monitor since there is hdmi in…

        • It’s weird cause there is no mention of the B&O speakers in his spec but on the product spec it does mention it. Maybe different versions?

          • @Michaelz101: the spec matched the model number, should be same; also the cpu i7 8700t should be up to 4.0Ghz but website says up to 4.6Ghz.

    • +1

      It has HDMI in and HDMI Out ports.

  • +3

    Woow, been wanting to minimise on home space and get rid of my PC, and this seems like a perfect solution!!
    Hope they bring back more stock :(

    • Meaning HP needs to refurbish more :) ..

  • Just wondering how many people got this without the warranty?

    • +1

      I ordered it without any add ons. It says one year warranty as standard. Paid $599. I didn’t have AMEX offer though.

  • +2

    Have had nothing but bad experiences with HP in the past, not surprised they have refurbs lol

    • yer id stay well away from lemons..even u color it orange, its still a lemon!

  • +3

    Visited the page just then and got a pop up saying the following: "2342 people have purchased this product today." Surely this is impossible

    • Just told me 2071.. an hour and a half later

  • Hope they get some more online… been trying all morning for one, just missed out.

  • Amazing Deal but Missed it !!! WIsh it can come back again would Grab one for Sure.

  • The desktop 8700 nearly costs this much alone :O

  • Back in stock, I called them about these and they are back (at least for now)… order away guys

    "Hurry Low Stock *" now showing

    • And it's back out of stock again…
      I did get one though.

    • Thanks, got one.

      • Well done.

  • Noooo, missed out again

  • missed out again as well

  • It's delivering today. Hope Everything is Fine this time. :)

  • Recommend you just keep hitting the page when you can, I had it open on every device I had and refreshed it when ever I though of it.

  • Woo! Was randomly checking a few times a day for some reason (was bummed about missing it), and saw it was in stock! Got two for my workplace.

    Great deal

  • +2

    Mine is delivered and it is just like a brand new. I am so Happy. Thank you.

    • +1

      According to HP chat, no more incoming stocks 😥😥.. He sais the deal is over

      • Told me the same and it's come up twice again today since my online chat.

  • +1

    Just got 1 about 2 minutes ago, came up with stock available. Thanks OP.

    Looks like out of stock again now. Just keep checking throughout the day see if one becomes available.

    • Hey mate! Did your order progressed after "Processing" stage? I ordered about the same time as you when it was showing available but my order hasn't moved past Processing stage. Just contacted support and they say it's out of stock and ask me to wait. Hope it gets sorted out.

  • ETA for me is 31st July.. Wonder how many of these refurb units they have in stock.

  • Just read my email receipt and it says they don't deliver to PO Boxes, bit crazy it let me enter a PO Box when I ordered.

  • With all the bloat ware installed by HP how to do a clean Win10 re-install?

  • Looks like hp has taken down the product page

  • Just got mine and the desktop itself looks brand new…except for the cracked hinge that’s supporting the monitor….

    • How bad is it? Can you upload a photo?

      • Not stable in the sense that it’s tilted and it’s a clear break. I just called they can return and replace, refund or send a technician to repair. I chose the latter. The computer is new I’m certain of it and it’s physical damage which they can repair. The first option is good but given their is no more stock I’m worried they might offer me a lower grade replacement given I only paid $599 lol.

        • Can you upload pic? Be good to know what to look for

  • My order went through the processing stage fine but the shipping date has changed from 31/07 to 14/08 hope they have enough stock to cover all the orders

    • Mine did too, I'd say they're just gathering more stock.

  • +1

    Showing 17th Sep as an estimated delivery date (:
    Used Amex offer, already got credit $150 from Amex. Not sure HP will fulfill the order.

    • Same here, 17/09, contacted the rep online and was told they were unable to provide an ETA.

  • +1

    Received mine yesterday. I now have two of the same model. The first one had a tiny tiny dent on the top left corner whereas the second one looks new.

  • Got a phone call to say can't fulfill my order. Now cancelled. Dam!

    • Really? I got a phone call to say there's a 2-3 week wait. Had a choice to cancel for full refund or wait. I chose to wait.

    • Ya same with me too

      • You mean yours got canceled too?

        • Ya it got cancelled :(

          • +1

            @jogsan: They've now offered me this unit https://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx...

            I think I'll take it and bargain for extended warranty.

            • @jogsan: At the same price or $100 cheaper than the original order?

              • @happydragon: Nah at the original order for the i7 unit which was $599

                • @jogsan: I am in the same boat. Got an email from HP proposing for replacement or refund. I did not agree with that offer, i5 8400t vs i7 8700t wasn't "slightly compromised on configurations" in my opinion.

                  • @DBW: Ya I'm a bit undecided too, but I need a pc asap and i think it's still a pretty good deal.

                    • @jogsan: Fair enough, if they agree to offer extended warranty then it's still a good deal

        • +1

          Got the same offer, but declined it. Not great value.

          • @mickmac: Got an email this morning, the original order has been shipped. Hopefully the condition is not too bad though.

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